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Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction
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The Best Ways To Attract More Songbirds To Your Property | All About Birds Compiled from The Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds, in association with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. With growing recognition that our climate is warming, native plants are the best choice for creating bird friendly habitats for the future. Native plants are adapted to temperature extremes of the past and they are the best bet for future changes because of their long history with local climates. PROVIDE A WATER SOURCE near protective shrubs during the summer months. CREATE A SONGBIRD BORDER along your property edge by planting trees and shrubs that meet the needs of birds throughout the year. CREATE A BRUSH PILE in a corner of your property. RAKE LEAVES UNDER SHRUBS to create mulch and natural feeding areas for ground-feeding birds such as sparrows, towhees, and thrashers. REDUCE YOUR LAWN BY AT LEAST 25% to favor meadow plants and taller grasses. CLEAN OUT OLD BIRD AND MOUSE NESTS from nest boxes in early spring. Photo by Josette Shachter Trappe.

C'est un monde sauvage: Photographies d'oiseaux en suspens The second in our series of It's a Wild World articles features a selection of beautiful bird photography. Having said 'beautiful', the bird world consists of some of the most beautiful looking and some of the strangest looking of God's creatures, and here we have attempted to showcase a mix of both. All birds look as they do for a reason, it may be camouflage or the males may be extremely colorful to attract females. Wherever you live in the world, almost without exception you can look out of your window and spot birds. I was fortunate enough last year to see a bird of prey swoop and attempt to catch a baby blackbird. My car engine distracted the hawk for a few seconds... just long enough for the blackbird to scurry off into the long grass and escape – lucky blackbird indeed! Stunning Bird Photography Shy Flying The Strike Angel On Guard Robin Posing Blue Tit It is Freezing Proud Bald Eagle Mr Mandarin Golden Pheasant The Owl of the Rising Sun The Egret and the Sun Toucan Bird Feathers Wide Open Bird

Michelle Jenneke 'Creeper' Is Everyone On The Internet Right Now While the innocence of 19-year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke's warm-up routine is debatable, there's no two ways about the slow-motion re-cut of it that went viral last week. Yes, her milkshake brought all the boys to the Web. And now that collective leer has its own avatar: the Creeper. Digitom Productions posted a spoof in which a lad (that's Canadian for "bro," right?) gawks and gesticulates while Jenneke gyrates on the starting block. Like millions of other people -- members of the sports blogosphere definitely included -- he's shameless, gross and totally predictable. But that's why it's funny, isn't it? The spoof, which contains some key moments from Jenneke's now famous IAAF World Junior Championships women's 100-meter hurdle heat, has been viewed more than 1.1 million times since it debuted on YouTube on July 21. Judging by the rest of the Digitom's YouTube offerings, this kind of thing is basically their wheelhouse.

Birds, Familiar: White-breasted Nuthatch, Life Histories of North American Birds, A.C. Bent The white-breasted nuthatch is a droll, earnest little bird, rather sedate and unemotional. He is no great musician and seems to lack a sense of humor. He has none of the irrepressible fidgetiness of the house wren, none of the charming happiness of the song sparrow; he appears to take life on a matter-of-fact level. It is a characteristic pose of the nuthatch, perhaps unique among birds, to stand head downward on the trunk of a tree with the neck extended backward, the bill pointing straight outward from the bark. Spring and Courtship. We may imagine what a changing color scheme is presented to the female bird, if, as his song invites her to do, she glance his way--the black of his crown and his rough raised mane, then the blue-gray of his back, then the variegated black and white pattern of his expanded tail, then, perhaps, at the end of his bow, a flash of ruddy brown. Nesting. Edward H. Mr. Thomas D. Francis H. William Brewster (1936) writes thus of the birds nesting in Concord, Mass

Oiseaux de paradis: 8 années et 18 expéditions pour des photos uniques! Photographie – Animaux : Le photographe, Monsieur Tim Laman a consacré huit années de sa vie à photographier des oiseaux de paradis. Hop photos! Or pour pouvoir capturer ces oiseaux, il a du passer plus de 2000 heures dans des abris créés de toutes pièces ou des positions plutôt difficiles à tenir … Comme vous le voyez sur cette photographie, l’appareil est niché entre deux feuilles qui sont cousues ensemble! Astucieux! Et ce stratagème a permis d’obtenir ça, par exemple : Et pour le bonheur des yeux en voici d’autres Je vous recommande vivement d’aller voir d’autres photographies sur son site >>> Clic Clic Clic WordPress: J'aime chargement… Connexe Rachid H? Photographie - Art: Il y a de nombreux photographes professionnels qui font des photographies fabuleusement techniques et puis, il y a les photographes amateurs dont la passion surélève leurs prises… Dans "Actu Art"

Blog — Birdchick And unless I'm just home for a very hardcore birding trip or survey, I generally try to avoid laundry, vacuuming, cleaning out the fridge, etc as much as possible and go birding. Last night I was biking through my patch and almost hit a Harris's sparrow that flew in front of me. I knew that if I went to bed before midnight and got up at 6:30am (or about) I'd have enough time to walk my local patch, get some birds and get cleaned up for a day at the park service. I was hoping to digiscope the Harris's sparrow but also I just like looking for sparrows in the fall. All those lovely combinations of brown, rufous, gray, buff and heck if I'm lucky enough to find a Nelson's sparrow, even pumpkin color. I did get some yellow-rumped warblers and palm warblers but there all kinds of great sparrows: Harris's still (though none were obliging enough for a photo, swamp, fox, white-throated, Lincoln's and quite a few song sparrows.

White squirrels are so rare, there are only four of them in the UK At Marbury Country Park in Cheshire, England, wildlife photographer Andrew Fulton made a one in a million discovery when he snapped a photo of a rare white squirrel. With over 5 million grey squirrels in the UK, this squirrel is a rarity given only three others have the same white fur. Their appearance is caused by a mutated gene – called leucism – that makes them snowy white but keeps their eyes colour black (meaning they don’t have seeing problems like albino squirrels who have pink eyes). Fulton, who had seen the squirrel a week earlier, waited patiently in the park to get a good photo. ‘It took me a while to find the squirrel even though I knew there was one in the park due to word of mouth and other people reporting it’, he said. ‘It was my first time seeing a white squirrel as they are so rare, but hopefully it won’t be the last’. Via Metro