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Pantone Canvas Gallery

Pantone Canvas Gallery

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PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments How do I record my iOS app? Please click here for instructions on how to record your iOS app. How do I record my Android app? 33 Abstract After Effects Templates In art, abstract uses the form of visual language, color and line creating a composition that exists with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Abstract creates interesting and unique artworks that catches the eye of viewers. When abstract is used as an after-effect, a new type of artwork is created.

16 tips to improve as a graphic designer Graphic design is a field that is quickly changing, both creatively and technically, and while it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus improving and pushing the limits of our creativity. While in design school, it was easy to surround myself with inspiration and engage in activities that helped my understanding of effective design. Once I graduated I feared losing it, since I was no longer surrounded by a learning environment. I made it a point to continue educating myself as much as possible and become more active in the field of design.

Flat Long Shadows: Step-by-step Tutorial, Resources and Examples Within the flat design trend on the rise at the moment, especially in this world of the web, one thing that stands out is the use of long flat shadows, particularly for small UI elements and icons. These shadows have a characteristic 45º angle below the horizontal axis and a gradient color close to the background shade can be applied. This technique is by no means new. It has always been a widely-used resource in photography to emphasize shapes and transmit different emotions to the viewer. We'll show you two different ways to achieve this long shadow finish with Adobe Illustrator.

TMI&R » Inspirations Buck – Flex Alert Hands Nice animations, nice illustration, nicely done. Dumb Ways to Die Dumb Ways To Die is a simple concept, executed brilliantly with charming illustration, witty animation and a soundtrack which will lodge itself in your head for the rest of the day. It’s perfect for a viral campaign and for all it’s humour, the key message of rail safety isn’t lost. from fftf Poster Child Prints Blog Here’s number Twelve, the final print in PCP’s 12×12 Tim Timebomb Series by Tim Armstrong. “Not To Regret” is based on original artwork Tim created for his project, Tim Timebomb & Friends. These hand-pulled silkscreen prints are crafted in Los Angeles using the finest paper and archival inks. Prints are limited and once they sell out they will not be reproduced!

UI vs UX: what’s the difference? UI is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reigns. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse, and rope your cattle. At least that’s what they used to say in the olden days. Rather, that is what I wished they’d say. Despite how simple that may have sounded, there are many complications and misconceptions when it comes to the differences between UI and UX design, and they cause the design community to go into quite a stir whenever they are brought up. An interesting note to that is that I’ve found the people who work at jobs with titles such as Interaction Designer to get paid more simply because they know and act on the differences between those two fields (typically harnessing a little of both).

50 Cool Moleskine Art Samples That'll Fuel Your Creativity Inspiration July 27, 2011 Why doodles look better on moleskines, we might never really know. What we do know is that this particular notebook has fueled, if not revived, many artists’ love for traditional sketching. Even artists who have long practiced digital arts seem to be enamored. Looking into some of the most creative sketches online, we’ve discovered how great they truly are!

Lacoste Courses vary each term and may be offered in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, film and television, photography, digital imaging, historic preservation, performing arts, art history, architecture, liberal arts, French language and culture, and other topics. Courses are taught in English. Full degree programs are not offered at Lacoste. Students find that their time at Lacoste is fulfilling in so many different ways. Not only are they immersed in the Provencal French culture, landscape and artistry, but opportunities abound for them to travel to destinations both near and far.

Life Below 600px Some people would have you believe that you aren't reading this. Why? Because it's not 'above the fold'. Above the fold - a graphic design concept that refers to the location of an important news story or a visually appealing photograph on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper.

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