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Projection mapping live performance art - The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

Projection mapping live performance art - The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk

Realfiction | Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 Scandinavian design has since the 1950s been equivalent to elegance and simplicity produced in high quality. The basic idea is to make useful and stunning products available not only to the wealthy, but also the common man who wants to enjoy the combination of beauty and function. By using modern production facilities and durable materials, Scandinavia has evolved to become one of the most respected and well-known regions for contemporary design. At first glance you will experience the minimalistic design of the Scandinavia series, but beneath the surface of the new Dreamoc is the advanced technology of our digital signage products, which gives you an exceptional and thrilling experience of 3D holographic projection, not compromising Realfiction’s basic idea of combining a physical product with holographic 3D content, which is the cornerstone of our product philosophy. Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 is the first four sided holographic 3D display from Realfiction. with physical products

Monochrome Breakfast Series En collaboration avec David Reiner, Sebastian Hierner et Karin Stöckl, la designer graphique allemande Fabienne Plangger a réalisé la série « Monochrome Breakfast » pour un projet d’études. Elle représente un déjeuner rouge, vert, jaune et bleu où tous les éléments sont de la même couleur. Leur site de collaboration – Site de David Reiner – Site de Sebastian Hierner Soundwave Bracelets This is such a cool idea. It’s a custom bracelet of a soundwave rendered in 3D. The bracelet is “designed” by the waveform of the message it encodes. And they’re a steal of a deal at $18. The bracelets are part of the Sound Advice Project, a teen anti-drug abuse initiative, geared at getting parents to talk to their kids. The idea is that, as a parent, you record some message to your child (“Drugs are bad, m’kay”) and he or she carries that message with them at all times. It doesn’t say anything on the site (that I could find) about recording messages/making bracelets that aren’t teen/drug-related. Editor’s Note: This post, from 2009, has suddenly gotten a resurgence of traffic. Update: The original designer of the bracelet has chimed in on the comments below and is still offering soundwave bracelets for sale and he has an Instructable showing you how to make them yourself. 2013 MAKE Ultimate Guide To 3D Printing Buy now! Just Released! Gareth Branwyn Related

Can't Cross A Virtual Wall by Hanyoung Lee Can’t Cross A Virtual Wall The Virtual Wall provides a barrier made up of plasma laser beams depicting pedestrians doing what they do best and any car that crosses that barrier suffers the consequences. Okay so maybe those lasers aren’t powerful enough to do any harm but the effect is enough to make drivers and pedestrians alike follow crosswalk rules to the tee. Designer: Hanyoung Lee Water Screens | EMF Technology Waterscreen Projection Show Just imagine a 25m high wall of water appearing from nowhere coupled with high power Video, slide, lighting and laser projections. The effects are truly amazing. We are probably one of the only worldwide suppliers that can offer a full multimedia projection and special effects package from our stock range. Water screen, Olympic London Closing Ceremony For many years EMF have been the industry leaders in the provision of high quality large water screens. Waterscreen Projection onto The Thames for The Watchmen Premiere Waterscreens are a completely different way of using an expanse of water to create a stunning effect for Product Launches, Theme Parks, Promotions, event and Innovate advertising. The water is sprayed up to create a semi-circular screen is semi- transparent and ideal for projection. Water screens are ideally sited in lakes, rivers the sea or in a bespoke basin supplied as required. Gillette Rainbar Waterwall Show Water screen video projection show

Bulbing par Studio Cheha Le studio Cheha basé à Tel Aviv, nous a contacté pour nous présenter son dernier projet. Une lampe LED innovante qui agit comme un véritable trompe-l’oeil car elle n’est qu’en 2D et semble éclairer une forme 3D. Bulbing est réalisée grâce à une image 3D en fil de fer. En transférant cette image sur des matériaux en 2D via un processus d’usinage laser, l’artifice apparaît. La base de la lampe est en contreplaqué de bouleau et le design variable de la lampe est réalisé à partir de feuilles de verre acrylique. On retrouve ainsi Bulbing qui signifie « ampoule » mais d’autres formes sont disponibles: ballons, crâne, spirale… Le studio a demandé un coup de main sur Kickstarter, la somme demandée a été rapidement atteinte, il semblerait que le projet soit déjà une réussite ! Pour en savoir plus sur Studio Cheha, cliquez ici. Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It

Pulsing fluidic heart micropump I made this vacuum driven, absolutely silent !! heart micro-pump as a byproduct of my playing with microfluidics. It works pretty fine as a pump, pumping some milliliters per minute, but I prefer to consider it as a first step towards a "gadget" such as a fake but cool heart rate monitor or a pulsing fluidic heart pendant, because of the natural looking "heart beat". Any other ideas are welcome. In any case it works on the same principle as a REAL HEART. To make this "micro-pump chip" you need - a CNC mill...if you don't have one but have a 3D printer instead maybe it will also work ...not sure. - a plexiglass board 3-4 mm thick - a PVC rubber sheet 1-2 mm thick - a few sharp CNC bits to mill sufficiently fine channels (0.2-0.3 mm wide). - transparent casting silicone such as RTV615 or Sylgard184 to cast thin silicone membranes. But enough of words let's see in more detail what you need to make it:

Zador Identity Voici l’identité de la marque Zador, fabricant de savons naturels faits à la main. La famille de savon Zador contient des ingrédients exclusivement naturels et existe dans 7 parfums différents (cacao, lavande, fleurs de cerisier, vigne rouge…). Une belle découverte photographiée par Balázs Glodi. It's a Sphere! The Inside Story of Nexus Q, Google's Music Hardware Gamble When Nexus Q is turned on, its LED light ring dances to the beat and rhythm of the music. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired SAN FRANCISCO — Sharing music with friends used to be intimate, even messy. Sometimes this led to the 40,000th playback of Zeppelin’s “Black Dog.” Now Google wants to update this conversation-based music discovery system for the digital age. Nexus Q, which begins shipping in July for $300, grants fully provisioned DJ rights to anyone carrying an Android device within Wi-Fi range. “The sphere is a zero primitive form.” – Chris Jones, Google “Everyone has the same playlist rights,” says Joe Britt, Google’s engineering director. Once your Android phone or tablet is connected to Nexus Q, you can delete someone else’s favorite song — even your host’s favorite song — from the community playlist (naturally, it’s called a queue). This unique sharing scheme directly ties into Google’s cloud. For all its polish, though, Nexus Q still faces problems.

Improve your Web-Design Lifestyle with these Cool Gadgets How do you imagine typical web designers of today? We could describe them as insatiable collectors of the latest gadgets and gizmos, always dressed in graphic tees like these, your go-to font of knowledge for all things tech, etc… You see them out and about on their eco-friendly bicycles for which they just couldn’t live without any of these accessories; they have a passion for design, coffee-table books, retro decor, and there may even be traces of geek chic up to their most personal possessions. One thing’s for sure, I bet you are nothing like this blatant, unfair, etc., etc. stereotype, but we guarantee you’ll love this selection of creative gadgets we have carefully chosen for you today. Wrenz Birdies Speakers View Source Light Ball View Source A fully GLOW-in-the-dark fixed gear bike! View Source

PRODUSE exclusiviste | Osmyum Ne bucurăm să-ţi oferim doar materiale de cea mai bună calitate care să dea consistenţă şi rafinament spaţiului pe care doreşti să-l amenajezi. Îţi oferim soluţii multiple pentru orice solicitare şi te consiliem profesional, la cerere. Considerăm că eleganţa nu este un moft, cu un atribut al bunului gust. PISCINE şi SPA Pardoseli PVC

Foxconn, Alibaba join SoftBank in global robotics push Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank is teaming up with Apple manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group in a global push to manufacture and sell robots for the home and workplace. Foxconn and Alibaba are each investing ¥14.5 billion (US$118 million) in SoftBank Robotics Holdings (SRH), for a stake of about 20 percent each of the company, with SoftBank holding the remaining 60 percent. SRH is a holding company for SoftBank's robotics business, which will begin sales of the carrier's Pepper communications robot for Japanese consumers on Saturday. The venture is aimed at manufacturing Pepper and distributing it overseas, though sales outside Japan would not begin until next year. "Pepper will be the first step," SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son said at an event where he was joined by Foxconn CEO Terry Gou and Alibaba founder Jack Ma. "Whether you like it or not, robots will be as popular as cars and will play a very important role in the next 30 years," Ma said.

How Do You Feel About This Tomato? Emotient Can Tell. The new Pixar film “Inside Out” posits that everyone’s brain is piloted by a team of emotions. When a character needs to be cheered up, one of her emotions walks up to a console, pushes a button and — Joy! She smiles. Okay, so maybe Pixar embellished the science a tad. But a machine-learning startup called Emotient is working to detect and analyze how people are feeling, even when they don’t know it. Emotient’s software reads the expressions of either individuals or crowds of people and then crunches what it sees into data for clients, such as advertisers. “With the men, the joy is starting to rise with the suggestive tomato, followed by the melons,” said lead scientist Marni Bartlett. Bartlett was indicating two graphs showing how frequent certain emotions became over the course of the ad’s 52 seconds. “Any advertisement can be a good advertisement, even if the reaction is negative,” he said. The company also boasts that it can read expressions “at scale.”