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DNSCrypt project official homepage

DNSCrypt project official homepage

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DNSCrypt Background: The need for a better DNS security DNS is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Internet. It’s used any time you visit a website, send an email, have an IM conversation or do anything else online. While OpenDNS has provided world-class security using DNS for years, and OpenDNS is the most secure DNS service available, the underlying DNS protocol has not been secure enough for our comfort. Privacy tools You are being watched. It has become a fact that private and state sponsored organizations are spying on us. is here to give you the knowledge and tools to defend yourself against global mass surveillance. Over the last 16 months, as I've debated this issue around the world, every single time somebody has said to me, "I don't really worry about invasions of privacy because I don't have anything to hide."

Encrypt DNS Traffic In Ubuntu With DNSCrypt [Ubuntu PPA] This article was posted a while back but I've decided to repost it because there's a new PPA that you can use to install dnscrypt-proxy in Ubuntu (14.10, 14.04 and 12.04) and also, some parts of the article needed to be updated. DNSCrypt is a protocol for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver, preventing spying, spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks. To use it, you'll need a tool called dnscrypt-proxy, which "can be used directly as your local resolver or as a DNS forwarder, authenticating requests using the DNSCrypt protocol and passing them to an upstream server".

DNSCrypt Windows Service Manager - Simon Clausen Description This little program will assist in setting up DNSCrypt as a service, configure it and change network adapter DNS settings to use DNSCrypt. It is built on the idea behind dnscrypt-winclient and includes a few elements from this program. Snowden-approved: The ‘Citizenfour’ hacker’s toolkit One of the interesting reveals at the end of Citizenfour, the recent Academy Award-winning documentary about Edward Snowden, was the thanks it gives to various security software programs. The information that Snowden leaked two years ago continues to reverberate today, and it kicked off renewed interest in data security, privacy, and anonymity. Based on the closing credits in the movie, we’ve put together a guide to some of the major security software programs and operating systems available.

DNSCrypt DNSCrypt encrypts and authenticates DNS traffic between user and DNS resolver. While IP traffic itself is unchanged, it prevents local spoofing of DNS queries, ensuring DNS responses are sent by the server of choice. [1] Installation Scapy Security Power Tools was out in August 2007. I wrote a complete chapter on ScapyI can give trainings on many subjects (Scapy, networks, shellcoding, exploit writing, etc.). Contact me directly: Secure Mobile Apps To achieve our goal of a comprehensive, privacy- and security-focused communications solution, Guardian is driven both by internal development and the open-source community at large. In cases where a viable, vetted, and usable product already fills the communications needs of our target audience, we will recommend apps that work. Our Apps Our apps are available on Google Play, Amazon, our F-Droid Repository, or download the APK directly from us.

DNSCrypt (Puppylinux wiki) DNSCrypt provides increased DNS Privacy and security by encrypting traffic between the user and a DNS resolver. DNS Crypt Can add Robustness to the DNS System DNS Crypt enhances DNS robustness because 1. encrypted Traffic is harder to spoof and also since 2. the resolver can reduce the load on DNS servers by providing caching functionality. For More details see: DNS_Vulnerabilities_and_Mitigation DNS Crypt can be used to help subvert censorship & Increase Privacy DNCCrypt can also be used to get around domain name censorship.

wifite - automated wireless auditor Get the latest version at What's new in this version: support for cracking WPS-encrypted networks (via reaver) 2 new WEP attacks more accurate WPA handshake capture various bug fixes Version 2 does not include a GUI, so everything must be done at the command-line. Wifite was mentioned in the New York Times' article "New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users" from February 16, 2011. Here is a link to the article. 5 "DISPOSABLE" Web Accounts to Keep Your Identity Safe Fed up with spam? Tired of telemarketing calls? Feelin’ paranoid about identity theft? … Here you’ll find a bunch “throwaway” web tools that can help you out. Disposable email account Mintemail – Instant disposable email for any “˜fishy’ registration form or sign-up.

DNSCrypt DNSCrypt is a protocol for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver, preventing spying, spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks. For installing on Mintpup and other Dog-based OS. You need PPA enabled. Here's the installation steps : $sudo add-apt-repository ppa:anton+/dnscrypt Then apt update and apt install dnscrypt-proxy