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Book - Natural Language Toolkit

Book - Natural Language Toolkit

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Просмотр темы - Почему стек Автор: mOlegДата публикации: 2009.05.21 публикуется впервые Почему стек Введение Почему-то есть люди, считающие, что "обратная запись", используемая в Форте является причиной использования стеков, а не наоборот. Для того, чтобы разобраться почему удобно использовать стек, и какие преимущества от его использования (а так же недостатки) возникают необходимо немножечко разобраться с тем, как работают вычислительные машины, какие проблемы возникаюти при их реализации, какие другие варианты кроме стека существуют. Любой алгоритм можно выполнить, используя всего четыре регистра: 2 регистра данных: ra и rb , указатель на выполняемую команду ip, и флаговый регистр f. OpinionFinder 1.x OpinionFinder 1.x Available versions OpinionFinder 1.x relies on many external software packages (e.g. SUNDANCE, SCOL, BoosTexter) which are neither built nor supported by our group. A book by C. J. van RIJSBERGEN B.Sc., Dip. Python: Inverted Index for dummies An Inverted Index is an index data structure storing a mapping from content, such as words or numbers, to its document locations and is generally used to allow fast full text searches. The first step of Inverted Index creation is Document Processing In our case is word_index() that consist of word_split(), normalization and the deletion of stop words ("the", "then", "that"...). def word_split(text): word_list = [] wcurrent = [] windex = None for i, c in enumerate(text): if c.isalnum(): wcurrent.append(c) windex = i elif wcurrent: word = u''.join(wcurrent) word_list.append((windex - len(word) + 1, word)) wcurrent = [] if wcurrent: word = u''.join(wcurrent) word_list.append((windex - len(word) + 1, word)) return word_list

Getting started — tweepy v1.4 documentation Introduction If you are new to Tweepy, this is the place to begin. The goal of this tutorial is to get you set-up and rolling with Tweepy. We won’t go into too much details here, just some important basics. Hello Tweepy import tweepy public_tweets = tweepy.api.public_timeline()for tweet in public_tweets: print tweet.text How to Prioritize Work: 7 Practical Methods for When "Everything is Important" One of the biggest struggles in the modern workplace is knowing how to prioritize work. Workloads are ballooning and everything feels important. However, the truth is that a lot of the work we do every day doesn’t really need to be done.

Open-source intelligence Open sources for intelligence[edit] OSINT includes a wide variety of information and sources: OSINT is distinguished from research in that it applies the process of intelligence to create tailored knowledge supportive of a specific decision by a specific individual or group.[3] Definers for OSINT[edit] OSINT is defined by both the U.S. Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. An Introduction to R Table of Contents This is an introduction to R (“GNU S”), a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is similar to the award-winning1 S system, which was developed at Bell Laboratories by John Chambers et al.