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Sustainable Community Living

Sustainable Community Living

Sustainable Design -™ Upgrade your home’s insulation and air-seal gaps and cracks sooner rather than later. This is one home improvement that will pay for itself relatively quickly and then continue to generate savings for as long as you live in your home. Even if a full upgrade is not in your budget this year, you can tackle several low- or no-cost improvements right now. Here are 10 tips to keep your home comfortable this winter. 1. If you have a sunroom or enclosed porch with a southern exposure, it can collect a great deal of heat. 2. In winter, a surprising amount of cold air can leak into your house around window and door openings, due largely to the fact that the framed (or rough) opening of a window or door is bigger than actual size of the window or door. 3. Baseboard and crown moldings that run along exterior walls are also sources of cold air infiltration. 4. 5. The tiny gaps between window sashes, jambs, headers, and sills and between the sash and the rails all add up. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Welcome to FIC | The Fellowship for Intentional Community website Healing Biotope I IslandWood What are your favorite signs of #spring? Festival of Frogs: four free events in #Woodinville and on #BainbridgeIsland in March & April. Are you a trained frog-watcher? Institute of Sustainable Building The Federation of Egalitarian Communities | A new way of living is not only possible, it is happening now!

Welcome to the ZEGG Community! - Intentional Community ZEGG In 1978 the community started with the idea of laying the foundation for a new culture free of violence, in cooperation with nature and all beings. To achieve this, we needed a strong process to create trust. This was the beginning of what today we call the ZEGG Forum. Meanwhile Forum has spread from our community into the world. Many communities in many countries have learned it from ZEGG's Forum trainers and are using it in their own community-building process. Transparency Creates Trust ZEGG Forum is a deep and intimate process for groups with up to 50 participants. The process helps everyone involved to go beyond politeness and beyond the common games of hiding and disguise. The Practicalities Forum participants generally take one of three vital roles; the presenter or protagonist, the facilitators and the "mirrors". The circle supports the presenter with their full loving awareness and presence. The facilitators play a major role in this process and need a profound prior training.

KOOTENAY PERMACULTURE INSTITUTE: Permaculture Design Courses & Consulting in British Columbia, Ontario and across Canada. Teaching Permaculture in the Kootenays and across Canada since 1991. The Kootenay Permaculture Institute is a centre for research and education in Permaculture & ecological living in British Columbia, Canada. Mandala Garden at Spiral Farm The Kootenay Permaculture Institute was started in 1991 with the vision to develop more research and education in Permaculture and ecological living in British Columbia and across Canada. The Institute is designing and implementing Permaculture principles and techniques on a ten acre farm in the Slocan Valley situated in the West Kootenay in British Columbia, Canada since 1993. The Forest Garden was also started in 1993, it is one of the oldest forest gardens in Canada. Permaculture Design Course Spring Course: June 8 - 21, 2014 Summer Course: August 17 - 30, 2014 at Spiral Farm in Winlaw, British Columbia This 13 day intensive course is the basic Permaculture Design Course covering the principles & techniques of permaculture design. Topics: Instructor: Ethics:

Sustainable Building Article Directory This directory links to hundreds of free sustainable building articles on the Internet. In many cases these links point directly to the article, saving time and effort searching through entire websites. Websites with lots of articles are listed under Major Sites. Enjoy! Search these articles: Adobe Adobe Adobe Newsletter Archives Adobe and Super Block Technology Some Thoughts on Adobe Codes Agricultural Fibers Agricultural Fibers Agricultural Fibers For Use in Building Components Agricultural Residues: A Promising Alternative to Virgin Wood Fiber Arundo Donax Biobased Structural Composite Materials for Housing and Infrastructure Applications Biocomposites from Engineered Natural Fibers for Housing Panel Applications Fiber Futures Leftover Straw Gets New Life Cellulose Insulation Blown-in Cellulose Insulation Cellulose Facts Cellulose Insulation Winning Market Share in Colorado Earthbag Building With Earthbags Earthbag Earthbag Dome Building The Honey House

LA Hippies Are Getting Arrested for Having Drum Circles For Los Angeles locals, Venice has always been a both cheery and dirty daycation spot. The beach is filled with decades-old locals who are mostly leathery hippies, peacefully maintaining it as their own, plus a permanently homeless population just looking for a grassy spot to get drunk and nap. Ever since the gangs of the 90s were priced out by techies and "creative professionals" creeping in from neighboring white-bread Santa Monica and yacht-bred Marina del Ray, there’s been a calm, commercial peace with the police, allowing the street vendors to hawk their handmade wares. Unfortunately, the anything-goes, free-love vibe also attracts drug addicts and loud party boys looking to get fucked up, with no regard for cleanliness or spiritual enlightenment via drumming. When I arrived, at 4:20 PM, the drumming was just picking up. Concentric circles of decreasing levels of involvement defined their participants. While two cops put him in handcuffs, the rest milled around.

AirDrop House: Sustainable Housing Solution For Flood-hit Areas - Green Diary Conceived by architect Andrew Maynard and his team, the AirDrop House is a sustainable housing solution for flood-hit areas. The tiny houses made from dried sponge-like material could be dropped onto the affected areas by standard military aircrafts. The instant floating abodes expand up to a seven meters diameter from original one-meter diameter as soon as it contacts water. It slowly soaks up water and swells into a self-sustaining temporary house. The floating houses come with embedded seeds that sprout over time to create a green roof – a food-producing covering. Via: Inhabitat

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