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In the Soviet Union, most of the schools didn't carry names, but rather they were numbered. In smaller cities, the number of schools didn't exceed a two digit number, but in cities like Moscow there could be more than a thousand schools, at least this is what comes out of their numbered "names". The schools could be called "School #1022", "School #111" etc. and when kids talked to each other, they referred to a number in order to identify which school they were visiting. Also, the schools were not divided into primary middle and high schools, they were just "schools" where the children of all school age attended. In Soviet times, they were forced to wear school uniforms, however by the early nineties most of the kids didn't wear them.

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PERSPECTIVES ON FUKUSHIMA » Nuclear Decommissioning Report I recently attended the Environmental Remediation Technologies Summit in Tokyo, Japan, along with colleagues from 32 other non-Japanese firms. The summit was facilitated by the U.S. Departments of Energy, Commerce, and State; with cooperation from Japan’s Ministry of Environment, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and officials from Fukushima prefecture. Foreign Relations of the United States : 1918 The Conclusion of the Peace of Brest Litovsk - The Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to the Secretary of State Foreign Relations of the United States : 1918 The Conclusion of the Peace of Brest Litovsk The Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to the Secretary of State File No. 763.72119/1583, 1534, 1557, 1565 The Consul General at Moscow (Summers) to the Secretary of State

15 Most Bizarre Beards and Mustaches - (weirds beards Every two years, the owners of the world's most elaborate facial hair come together for the World Beard and Moustache Championships. From 1990, the championships feature competition in a variety of categories that include everything from the delicate Dali moustache to the outrageous full beard freestyle. This facial-hair celebration is open to everyone and spectators are welcome. Connecting Bloggers IndyCar qualifying results: Simon Pagenaud, Chevrolet on pole at Mid-Ohio more... Fiat Chrysler ending its car production in U.S. more... What If Lego Was Flesh And Blood? Creepy Cosplay By Frank Ippolito more...

Early 1900s in Colour - All around the world All around the world - Franny Wentzel - Thursday, May 6th, 2010 : goo [previous] :: [next] In the early part of the 20th century French-Jewish capitalist Albert Kahn set about to collect a photographic record of the world, the images were held in an 'Archive of the Planet'. All countries - Climate Action Tracker The Climate Action Tracker reveals major differences between the ambition levels of countries when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the lead are the Maldives, who have proposed to become climate-neutral by 2020. Also at the high end of the scale are Bhutan, which proposes to stay carbon neutral and Costa Rica, which proposes to become carbon neutral by 2021 if international support is provided. They are followed by Japan, Norway, Papua New Guinea and South Korea, all of whom are proposing to reduce their emissions significantly.

Love is funny: Awesomely BAD engagement photos Every couple has their unique quirks that make them "perfect together" and all of these happens to come out, when they decide to POSE together. There's something about showing love through a camera lense that makes love oh so hysterical. Check it out..... When has one EVER fallen asleep half way in the Ocean??? EEE! Ee ah ah!! Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev Bio Robot Refrigerator As promised, here are the details on the Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator, a concept that has been making quite a splash in the blogosphere! In lay terms, the fridge is a concept where the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. A non-sticky gel surrounds the food item when shoved into the biopolymer gel, creating separate pods. The design features no doors or drawers, and the food items are individually cooled at their optimal temperature thanks to the robot.

World War II in Photos - Alan Taylor - In Focus National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest is still open, but the deadline for submissions coming up on November 16, 2015. Photojournalist Louie Palu spent five years covering the war in Afghanistan, from 2006 to 2010, and has released a new documentary film titled Kandahar Journals, based on his writings and experience as a combat photographer. “Tilbakeblikk” is the name of a joint project between the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and Norsk Folkemuseum. The project uses photographs taken of the same places separated by long periods of time to illustrate landscape changes in Norway. Images of people parading, trick-or-treating, partying, or getting scared silly in haunted houses, dressed in spooky or whimsical costumes—from the U.S., China, Germany, Spain, Japan, France, and more. Photographer Karen Marshall began photographing a group of girls in 1985—and hasn’t stopped.

FEATURES : PHALLIC LOGO AWARDS The game designers across the nation are playing is; can they design a logo and get it approved without the client realising it's a big spurting penis? We asked our readers to send in the best cock logos from around the world for our team of experts to evaluate. Now we present to you the very cream of the cocks. Who: Beauty salon in West London Pro: "I've just received a flyer through the door from them offering me a 10% discount on a facial." writes John Dinwoodie, "I do hope it's give rather than receive." Cons: Large bollocks makes us think think of tea-bagging. Cock mark: 78%

rian dundon – fringe life: negotiating modernity in chinas provincial grey zones Hover over the image for navigation and full screen controls Rian Dundon A view from inside the other new China play this essay This project re-examines China’s shifting cultural norms, economic transitions, and socio-political changes from within the context of its marginalized interior regions.

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