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Twig Science Films

Twig Science Films
"I really like the videos on earth history, they are short and to the point and show the important concepts that the students need to see...a picture is worth a thousand words." Rita Peskus, Science Teacher, Ronald Reagan Academy, USA "The quality of the videos is extremely high. I am impressed with the useful handouts, images and other accompanying materials. " David Scudder, Head of Science, African Leadership Academy, South Africa "With Twig all the fundamentals of science learning are in place. It is ideal for children from all over the world with a whole range of abilities." Karl Frearson, Chief Science Advisor to Twig World, Head of Science, Eton College, England "I cannot think of another video resource that has covered topics as well as Twig. I was blown away.

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Second Avenue No flash, no Harry, just great science – new 'Insight' Monday, 18 February 2013 11:38 It's not on digital pads and wasn't at BETT, but science teachers will love the new 'Insight' – Roger Frost 'Insight iLOG VideoLab': a 'broadminded approach to collecting data' - National Science Digital Library Welcome to IDS, Instruments Direct (Services) Ltd Math and Science Curriculum