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Critical digital culture and media arts · Since 1993

Critical digital culture and media arts · Since 1993
Soichiro Michara – [Blank] Project, An Experience Of The Unfelt A changing sculpture of bubbles and a weirdly constructed bell catch the visitor’s eye when confronted with Soichiro Michara’s [Blank] project. The environment seems quiet, subtle and cryptic. But on closer inspection one realises that the components of the work, → Neural 46 extra – the first 20 years poster (70cm x 100cm) Neural #46 extra is the “first 20 years” poster (70cm x 100cm), with all the covers, and a QR code pointing to a pdf file narrating the history of the magazine (only for subscribers).

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Design Fiction – Near Future Laboratory One of our objectives at Near Future Laboratory is to help carry Design Fiction to maturity and any interrogation or critique from the public is a source of reflection and an opportunity for describing our understanding as to what Design Fiction is, how it’s best practiced, and in what ways it can evolve. We frequently receive requests from journalists, students, fellow practitioners and clients to describe Design Fiction and shed some light on our approach as a micro-multinational company. All the questions are legitimate as Design Fiction was, not a long time ago, still an emerging practice. We have gathered here a potpourri of the recent recurrent questions. Many thanks to their authors for their curiosity. This is the Q&A on our approach of Design Fiction as of Summer 2015.

lightrhythm visuals: news and events UK – ARCHIVE : a retrospective audiovisual compilation Jude Greenaway (a.k.a. Scanone) and the latest multi-platform digital release from Lightrhythm Visuals. A range of decorated international directors and animators provide a lush visual canopy for Greenaway’s soundscapes, concluding 5 years of work and unveiling a rich library of previously un-released treasures. The short films and […]more CA – Lightrhythm announces its 12th title “control machine ep” a series of 5 works works by the 3 times emmy award winning visual artist Brian Clark. “Control Machine is an assorted and contrasting collection of retrospective film works composed to a range of classical scores and modern remixes.

Italica- Rai Internazionale Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur Diese elektronische Ausgabe wurde erstellt mit Hilfe einer Original-Ausgabe des Haeckel'schen Werkes, das freundlicherweise von Prof. Dr. v. Sengbusch zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. WiFiShield The Arduino WiFi shield allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet using the WiFi library and to read and write an SD card using the SD library. The WiFi Library is included with the most recent version of the Arduino IDE. The firmware for the WiFi shield has changed in Arduino IDE 1.0.4. It is strongly recommended to install this update per these instructions

Episode 46: Tiger (7.1.2016) There are more tigers in captivity in America than wild tigers in the entire world. The exact number of captive tigers in this country isn’t known, because many of them live in people’s backyards or unaccredited zoos, and the legality of their ownership varies widely by state and even by circumstance. We travelled to Louisiana to see a 550-pound Siberian-Bengal tiger who lives at a truck stop, and the man who’s fought very hard to persuade Louisiana lawmakers he’s not a criminal. All photos from Michael Sandlin’s website

Mapping Festival 2011 Mr Scruff All night long – Set AV – Samedi 14 janvier @ Zoo/Genève MR SCRUFF all night long with his own Vj for a Audiovisual Set for a co-production between Zoo / Usine and Mapping Festival Saturday, 14th January 2012. All style music for everyone: Soul, Funk, Latino’s music, Jazz, R’n'R, but if you prefer Hip Hop, Reggae or House Music you can have it too. Opening 11pm Price 15.- chf all night longMore infos: MR SCRUFF, Dj, producteur, dessinateur et célèbre teadrinker, nous fera l’honneur de débuter l’année 2012 non pas pour le teatime mais pour un mix ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

U.S.O Project on Sound Exploration, Unseen Noises Library U.S.O (Unidentified Sound Object) Project is defined as a continuing evolving organism of sound. Created by Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi, two sound artists working on several fields and exploring sound in many inspiring ways. Perhaps you already know about their fantastic blog, where they share lots of great things, making the site a must for anyone interested on sound experimentation, film sound design, electronic music, sound synthesis, signal processing, etc. In the last year, Unidentified Sound Object started a new series of libraries aimed to sound designers and composers, starting with Hologram Room, a package of a wide variety of sources suitable for all kind of contexts and designed meticulously by the two sound sculptors. Today they’ve released their second package, which includes a fantastic collection of sounds created from electro-magnetic field captures. Electromagnetic informations are invisible and omnipresent.

HL1606 LED Strip The HL1606 is not a common chip for most people, so the best way to explain it is to say its basically a 74HC595 shift register. Like a '595 there is an SPI input and then there is a shift-output so you can chain them. The HL1606 has 6 outputs and they're specifically for driving LEDs. The most basic way to use them is to set each LED on or off. This means you can have up to 8 primary 'colors' on an LED: red, yellow, green, teal, blue, violet, white and black. There are some pros and cons to driving the strips this way… Pro: Very simple, easy and fast. Episodes — Lore Subscribe on iTunes | Google Play | Download File | Link for Podcast Apps Print your own postage and shipping labels from your home or office. Start your 4-week trial today, and claim your $110 bonus offer, which includes postage and a digital scale. Just visit, click on the microphone in the top-right of the homepage, and type LORE. Audible: Read on the go. Choose from over 180,000 amazing audio productions today, and begin your free 30-day trial membership with a free book of your choice by visiting

mischer'traxler ampelmann Ampelmann is a suggestion of a new pedestrian-traffic light. It reminds and encourages people to practice more sports. One jumping jack burns 7 kcal - how often do you wait? Preternatural The preternatural, as explored by these artists, disturb the ontological boundaries of art, nature and metaphysics. They exist within the folds of classificatory thresholds: both beyond and between nature and supernature; human and animal; vegetable and mineral; living and dead. The confusion between animate and inanimate is a primary concern, a surreality which unites with the preternatural’s love for reveling in the mysterious: bizarre fragments, unreadable words, objects of absurd scale, and distortions of the relativity of time and space flourish throughout this exhibition. by Celina Jeffery

Blog Imagine You Are a Baby Again – Alan Watts [Animated Video] For more HE original videos, check out our YouTube channel This is the Simplest, Most Effective Thing You Can Do to be Happier

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