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What's The Harm?

What's The Harm?

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Massage Therapy rubs me the wrong way Massage Therapy rubs me the wrong way Massage therapy? Pranic healing? List of common misconceptions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This incomplete list is not intended to be exhaustive. This list corrects erroneous beliefs that are currently widely held about notable topics. Each misconception and the corresponding facts have been discussed in published literature. Note that each entry is formatted as a correction; the misconceptions themselves are implied rather than stated. Hard Truth/Wake Up America   Alternative News Welcome To Hard Truth/Wake Up America If you are happy in your life and content with what you have been taught and you feel that you have a grasp of what's going on in the world, then leave now. What is it they say? "For ignorance is truly bliss". Wrong!! It's dangerous.

Strategy for the marine environment This directive establishes common principles on the basis of which Member States have to draw up their own strategies, in cooperation with other Member States and third countries, to achieve a good ecological status* in the marine waters for which they are responsible. These strategies aim to protect and restore Europe's marine ecosystems and to ensure the ecological sustainability of economic activities linked to the marine environment. Europe's seas may be divided into four regions (with possible subregions): the Baltic Sea, the North-East Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Seneff Claims GMOs Cause Concussions Seneff Claims GMOs Cause Concussions You read that headline correctly. Stephanie Seneff first came to skeptical attention when she published a study claiming that vaccines were linked to autism. She trolled through the VAERS database and, as David Gorski noted, “tortured the data until it confessed.” Last year she published a paper in which she claimed glyphosate caused autism, claims which I addressed almost a year ago. Critical thinking Critical thinking is a type of clear, reasoned thinking. According to Beyer (1995) Critical thinking means making clear, reasoned judgements. While in the process of critical thinking, ideas should be reasoned and well thought out/judged.[1] The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking defines critical thinking as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action

xkcd (know your meme) About XKCD is a webcomic created by Randall Munroe, an ex-NASA robotics expert and programmer. The series’ main subject matter revolves around math, science and Internet culture and features characters drawn as stick figures. All comics published on the site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. History alternative health practice A health or medical practice is called "alternative" if it is based on untested, untraditional, or unscientific principles, methods, treatments, or knowledge. "Alternative" medicine is often based on metaphysical beliefs and is frequently anti-scientific. Because truly "alternative" medical practices would be ones that are known to be equally or nearly equally effective, most "alternative" medical practices are not truly "alternative," but quackery. If the "alternative" health practice is offered along with scientific medicine, it is referred to as "complementary" medicine or CAM, complementary and alternative medicine, or integrative medicine because it integrates good medicine with quackery. Alternative medical treatment is slowly achieving acceptance in mainstream health professions.

Here be Dragons: Caring for Children in a Dangerous Sea of sCAM Here be Dragons: Caring for Children in a Dangerous Sea of sCAM As a pediatrician working in a relatively sCAM-inclined region, it is not uncommon to find myself taking care of patients who are also being followed by so-called alternative medicine practitioners. This often creates a major obstacle to providing appropriate care and establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust in the provider-patient/parent relationship. It usually makes me feel like I’m battling invisible serpents in a sea of sCAM. While these double-dipping parents utilize a variety of sCAM providers, including naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, and a smattering of “holistic healers”, most are taking their children to one of a few “wellness” centers near my practice where they are seen by actual medical doctors practicing so-called “integrative medicine”. Many of these children have vague, chronic, usually non-specific complaints that are difficult to explain and thus to treat.

Critical Thinking On The Web Top Ten Argument Mapping Tutorials. Six online tutorials in argument mapping, a core requirement for advanced critical thinking.The Skeptic's Dictionary - over 400 definitions and essays. The Fallacy Files by Gary Curtis. Best website on fallacies.

Internet Energy Usage Outpaces Gains in Efficiency MongabayWaking Times Energy efficiency gains are failing to keep pace with the Internet’s rapid rate of expansion, meaning that global web use is consuming an increasing share energy, warns a new perspective published in the journal Science. Noting that the world’s data centers already consume 270 terawatt hours and Internet traffic volume is doubling every three years, Diego Reforgiato Recupero of the University of Catania argues for prioritizing energy efficiency in the design of devices, networks, data centers, and software development. “As the Internet evolves, it is apparent that energy efficiency needs to be addressed,” he writes. Recupero highlights two approaches for improving efficiency: smart standby and dynamic frequency scaling or CPU throttling. “The former will allow unused parts of a network device to be put into very low power states, where only very basic functionalities are performed. CITATION: Diego Reforgiato Recupero.

How TV's new queens of healthy eating are serving up hogwash Wearing nothing but a black lace bra and matching skimpy knickers, the woman gazes down the camera lens with a come-hither look. In the next shot, she's on a beach in a cut-out swimsuit slashed to her navel and provocatively arching her back. Another shows her apparently nude, her modesty covered only by her arm, her fingers raised seductively to her lips. It's a stark contrast to the wholesome image Jasmine Hemsley, one half of healthy eating gurus the Hemsley sisters, presents today.

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