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Augmented Reality in Education: Shaw Wood Primary School uses Aurasma

Augmented Reality in Education: Shaw Wood Primary School uses Aurasma

CACCIA AL TESORO CON AURASMA Aurasma : des pistes pédagogiques Application mobile et service en ligne Aurasma ( c’est tout d’abord une application mobile permettant de « lire » la réalité augmentée réalisée spécifiquement pour cette application. Elle permet également de créer sa propre réalité augmentée. Incruster une image ou une vidéo sur un élément du réel depuis son smartphone ou sa tablette devient alors possible ! Cet ensemble "incrustation virtuelle – élément déclencheur (appartenant au réel)" constitue ce qu’on appelle une Aura. Avec l’application Aurasma, on peut ainsi créer, partager et lire des Auras [2]. Les utilisateurs plus exigeants peuvent également utiliser le service en ligne Aurasma Studio. L’outil, au fort potentiel, est disponible gratuitement. De multiples possibilités d’enrichissement Bien que les éléments virtuels, qu’on ajoute au réel, se limitent à trois types de média (images fixes, vidéos et animations 3D), les possibilités d’enrichissement sont multiples. … par la vidéo … par l’image

Worksheets for the digital age: AR interactive print Ever since schools started using copy machines in the 1960s, worksheets have been a perennial classroom favorite, beloved — by teachers anyway — for their convenience and their ability to foster independent work. For students, however, worksheets have their downsides. Static text on a page is seldom engaging for digital natives, who are used to having so many more dynamic options. But what if there were a way to combine the easy prep and independent work of a traditional worksheet with the engagement of digital tools and multimedia, such as websites, videos, 3D imagery and podcasts? As it turns out, there is a way. Ever hear of augmented reality? Although true AR may still be out of reach for most classrooms, there’s a new, more accessible experience called interactive print that you can use in your classroom right now. How does it work? Check out the sample images below. Pretty cool, huh? Digital literacy and differentiated learning DIY interactive print worksheets Choose an AR program.

Un liceo completamente digitale: a Cesena il primo in realtà aumentata Gioachino Colombrita, 58 anni, professore di diritto ed economia nel Liceo Monti di Cesena, ha una grande passione per le nuove tecnologie. Quest’anno, insieme ai suoi alunni della 1B, ha realizzato il primo regolamento d’istituto in realtà aumentata. In questa intervista ci spiega come è nato il progetto, gli obiettivi e gli sviluppi futuri. Quali sono gli obiettivi? L’iniziativa ha lo scopo di fornire a studenti, ai genitori, al personale della scuola e agli eventuali ospiti in visita nel nostro liceo, la possibilità di consultare il regolamento di istituto attraverso l’utilizzo del loro tablet o smartphone, in un modo innovativo ed immediato: con la realtà aumentata. Cos’è la realtà aumentata? Nonostante sia nata negli anni 50 e diffusa a partire dagli anni 80, questa tecnologia non è ancora molto conosciuta in Italia. Come funziona? Qual è stato il ruolo degli studenti? Sono orgoglioso di dire che tutti i contenuti sono frutto del lavoro e dell’impegno miei alunni della 1B.

Réalité augmentée en cycle 3 by Eric Hitier on Prezi Catchoom - Image Recognition and Augmented Reality 3 Free Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have never been more accessible for teachers and students. Of course, the technology isn’t perfect yet, and the content offerings can be hit or miss. But, considering how many students carry smartphones, and with cardboard-style VR viewers starting at about $15, it’s easier than ever to give kids immersive VR and AR experiences in class. In education, it’s easy to think of VR as more of a tool for training (think flight simulators), but the real learning potential lies more in its ability foster empathy in students. Walking in someone else’s shoes has always been a valuable exercise, even if it’s a bit abstract for kids. Where VR brings the world into our classrooms, I think of AR as extending elements of our classrooms outward. NYTVR – Virtual Reality Stories from the New York TimesA lot of cardboard-based VR apps today feel kind of experimental, and NYTVR is no different.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Entertainment Apps for Android / iOS platforms Entertainment section in android and iOS app stores gains more existence with augmented reality entertainment apps. It’s known that the entertainment apps come up to entertain smartphone users from boredom, and now by having virtual reality into devices, it can entertain you much more. 1. By Hunter Research and Technology, LLC Image Source: jason.odonnell Theodolite is a multifunction viewfinder with compass, GPS, rangefinder, two-axis inclinometer, tracker, geo-tag photo/movie camera, used by many engineers, sportsmen, geologists and others. Available on iOS platform. 2. By JoyPalette Co., LTD. Bring back dinosaurs in front of your eyes wherever you want. Available on iOS platform. 3. By Pixel Punch You become a paparazzi and need to take pictures of the celebrities trapped in the augmented reality world in your phone. Available on both Android and iOS platforms. 4. c.AR Midnight Status LLC Want to see an exotic luxury car in your garage, this app makes it happen. These 10 cars are 5. 6. 7. 8.

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Augmented reality has many applications, and many areas can benefit from the usage of AR technology. It was initially used for military, industrial, and medical applications, but was soon applied to commercial and entertainment areas as well. The mobile Augmented Reality (AR) world consists largely of two different types of experiences: Geolocation and Vision based augmented reality. Geolocation based augmented reality uses GPS, compass and other sensors in your mobile phone to provide a display of various geolocated point of interest. Junaio Junaio is one of the best mobile augmented reality browser. It is the first mobile Augmented Reality platform, which can avoid accuracy limitations of GPS and allows usage indoors by integrating LLA-markers. Android | iPhone | iPad Google Goggles