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Dashboard and Metrics for Startups

Dashboard and Metrics for Startups
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Skimm démocratise le QR Code Alors que le NFC peine à trouver sa place dans le paiement mobile et que son absence sur l’iPhone 5 ne va pas lui faciliter la tâche [1], d’autres solutions se profilent à l’horizon. C’est le cas de Skimm, une start-up fondée en janvier par deux anciens étudiants de Sciences Po Paris et qui compte désormais 10 salariés. Le principe de fonctionnement est assez simple : les particuliers téléchargent l’application Skimm sur leur iPhone [2] et les commerçants la version pro [3] sur leur iPhone ou sur leur logiciel de caisse. Pour l’instant, Skimm a été lancé en partenariat avec 15 grandes écoles et universités parisiennes et est accepté dans une cinquantaine de commerces au cœur de Paris.

Does a UI walkthrough mean they blew it? Last year, an article was making the rounds proclaiming: If you see a UI walkthrough, they blew it Having been continually assaulted by shouting tutorials I was firmly in this camp. It makes sense at face value, since this is should be a good litmus test for simplicity and conveying purpose. My mind was made up, and I vowed to not make the same mistakes. Our story begins with a suggestion — “let’s start an app club.” A month later, we did some initial testing of the mobile app we were building with users. People had seen paper prototypes, and we had talked some focus groups through the initial on-boarding of the app. Wizards and tutorials are a pain to build and even more annoying to maintain. Given that we’re still defining interactions on a mobile touch device, and given our lack of attention I believe it’s okay to give a pass to mobile apps that are trying to bridge this cognitive gap and keep us on track. Coach Marks Microinteractions Progressive Reduction

Logiciel de gestion de projet rapide, facile et efficace Confluence - Team Collaboration Software Single source of truth Transparency and organization are key for modern teams. Confluence gives you a central place to keep your team's work organized and accessible, making it easier to find the information needed to keep work moving forward. A better way to work High performing teams work together to maximize productivity. Made for every team Teams change and teams grow. Confluence has an extensive set of features that will let your team hit the mark. See more features

Créer vos sites mobiles et applications avec les leaders du m-commerce Responsive Navigation Patterns Update: I’ve also written about complex navigation patterns for responsive design. Top and left navigations are typical on large screens, but lack of screen real estate on small screens makes for an interesting challenge. As responsive design becomes more popular, it’s worth looking at the various ways of handling navigation for small screen sizes. Mobile web navigation must strike a balance between quick access to a site’s information and unobtrusiveness. Here’s some of the more popular techniques for handling navigation in responsive designs: There are of course advantages and disadvantages of each method and definitely some things to look out for when choosing what method’s right for your project. Top Nav or “Do Nothing” Approach One of the easiest-to-implement solutions for navigation is to simply keep it at the top. Pros Cons Height issues- Height matters in mobile. Responsive navigation breaking to multiple lines on small screens In the Wild Resources The Select Menu The Toggle In The Wild

PutzAtelier Tipps zur Reinigung und Pflege rund um Haus, Haushalt, Kueche Business Software, Business Management Software – NetSuite Diseño Emocional 2.1. Objetivo general.2.2. Objetivos específicos. Introducción al concepto de diseño emocional. Definición del diseño emocional. Objetivo principal del diseño emocional. Principales características del diseño emocional.3.4.1. Fortalezas y debilidades del diseño emocional.3.4.5. Principales exponentes del diseño emocional. Conclusiones. Notas bibliográficas. Introducción al concepto de metodología del diseño emocional(ingeniería Kansei). Definición y origen de la ingeniería Kansei o ingeniería de lasemociones.4.2.1. Principales objetivos de la ingeniería Kansei. Primer objetivo: Diseño centrado en el usuario. Segundo objetivo: Consolidación empresarial. Tercer objetivo: El factor ecológico. 4.3.4. Principales características de la ingeniería Kansei.

How to Clean Windows: Tips for Washing Windows & More The sunshine is here {yay!} and when we look out at the beautiful spring day we don’t want to see fingerprints, smudges, or mildew. Today we are learning how to clean windows! First we are going to start with washing our windows and wiping down our sills. Here’s what you need:BucketA few drops of dish soapSqueegee2 rags This is a super easy way to wash windows. For this tutorial I had to use my large pot because I couldn’t find my bucket anywhere! Step 1: Wipe down the entire window with soapy water. Step 2: Use the squeegee to wipe the water off. Pretty gross! When you are finished with each window wipe the window sill clean with the wet, soapy cloth. For the window tracks you will need:Q-Tips {if yours are as bad as mine you will need a lot}A small cup of white vinegarPaper towels I had not cleaned them, since we moved in last June. Step 1: Dip your Q-tip in the white vinegar and wipe out the grime. Step 2: Run the Q-tip along the whole inside of the track… Seriously gross!!!