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The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

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America today parallels Nazi Germany The resemblance of America, today, parallels that of NAZI Germany in almost every way By Tony Elliott (INTELLIHUB) — We got to this point beginning with the George H. W. Bush Administration’s vision of a New World Order. Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team? by Richard Hooke (with Jim Fetzer) This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president. In an earlier study, for example, “Was George H.W.

State Department and Intelligence Agencies Ask For Criminal Investigation in the Clinton Email Scandal In a major development on the Clinton email scandal, the New York Times is reporting that the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence community have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a personal email account while secretary of state. We have previously discussed this story and the insistence of Clinton that she did nothing wrong in maintaining a private email system and that none of the emails were classified. I disagreed with both premises as well as expressed great skepticism over Clinton’s insistence that she was really not trying to control her emails and insulate them from review but rather simply did not want to carry around two phones. According to the New York Times, investigators believe that Clinton’s email archive contained “hundreds of potentially classified emails.”

Bush Buys Ranch in Paraguay: Planning Escape? According to Wonkette, this story is being covered by papers in Cuba, Venezuela and Argentina, but has not yet hit the American presses. The Paraguayan Senate voted last summer to "grant U.S. troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction." Immediately afterwards, 500 heavily armed U.S. troops arrived with various planes, choppers and land vehicles at Mariscal Estigarribia air base, which happens to be at the northern tip of Paraguay near the Bolivian/Brazilian border. More have reportedly arrived since then. Perhaps our government continuity plan is to be carried out in Paraguay? Wonkette also reports that Jenna Bush has just returned from an announced ten-day secret diplomatic mission to Paraguay where she met with the President and the US Ambassador, a former military man stationed in countries such as Honduras and El Salvador where the US ran covert operations.

Director of Central Intelligence The 16-foot (5 m) diameter granite CIA seal in the lobby of the original headquarters building. The entrance of the CIA Headquarters. The Office of United States Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) was the head of the American Central Intelligence Agency from 1946 to 2005, acting as the principal intelligence advisor to the U.S. President and the National Security Council, as well as the coordinator of intelligence activities among and between the various U.S. intelligence agencies (collectively known as the Intelligence Community from 1981 onwards). The office existed from January 1946 to April 21, 2005, and was replaced on that day by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as head of the Intelligence Community and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA) as head of the CIA.

Michael Jackson's Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax - NODISINFO Michael Jackson’s Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax Deaths are either real or fake. With fake ones there is always a pattern of fraud and deception. Maze in a Mirror: Is the Heart of Armageddon in Paraguay? ¿Qué Pasa? Keywords: Water, Gas, Vaccines, Arms, Drugs, Military, Monsanto, Agenda 21, Coup Translation: What the hell is going on in Paraguay and what does it mean for the world? In my blog, "The Foreseeable Drought and Its Propaganda" I compiled some emails and blogs I did, dating back to last October, on the global drought I saw developing. I didn't re-read them closely until now and just noticed an excerpt from a blog I posted on January 15 of this year concerning the alleged George W.

George W. Bush military service controversy Controversy over George W. Bush's military service in the National Guard was an issue that first gained widespread public attention in the 2004 presidential campaign. The controversy centered on questions of how George W. Bush, who became the 43rd President of the United States in January 2001, came to be a member of the Texas Air National Guard, why he lost his flight status, and whether he fulfilled the requirements of his military service contract. Timeline[edit] Codex Magica - 21 Magical Signs of the Jewish Cabala —The Six-Pointed Star, Babylonian Witchcraft, and the Hollywood Perdition of Jerry Seinfeld and Associates He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here... Ezekiel 8:6 Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists

Blueprint for World Domination I. Introduction Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, once stated there are two classes of financiers: 1) Those who profit from war and use their influence to bring about war for profit, and 2) “constructive” financiers. Ford Motor Co., along with about 100 other major U.S. banks and corporations, belongs to the first group (see C. Higham’s Trading with the Enemy).

The curious mystery of George W Bush's Vietnam war On May 2 1973, Richard Nixon was still reeling from the Watergate scandal. American troops were on their way home from Vietnam. And outside Houston, in Texas, a 26-year-old named George Bush, a lieutenant in the National Guard, reported for drill duty as usual at Ellington air force base. That, at any rate, is the impression given by military payroll records released by the Bush administration on Tuesday. Apparently, however, Lt Bush's superiors at Ellington didn't see it that way. In an annual evaluation of his performance - dated, coincidentally, the very same day, May 2 - they conceded that they couldn't actually evaluate his performance, because they hadn't seen him for months.

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK By Andrew Emett Nearly 50 years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI and Memphis Police Department have sparingly released information implicating themselves or members of their agencies in facilitating and directly causing the untimely death of Dr. King. Although the Justice Department officially claims James Earl Ray assassinated MLK, a civil suit later determined that a Memphis cop was involved in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader. During a rainstorm on February 1, 1968, two black sanitation workers in Memphis lost their lives when the truck’s compactor accidentally triggered.

How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis Posted by Robert Lederman February 9, 2002 Note: This article's author, John Loftus, is a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor, the President of the Florida Holocaust Museum and the highly respected author of numerous books on the CIA-Nazi connection including The Belarus Secret and The Secret War Against the Jews, both of which have extensive material on the Bush-Rockefeller-Nazi connection. The Smoking Jet Bush's Military Record Reveals Grounding and Absence for Two Full Years by Robert A. Rogers (ret. 1st Lt. Mission Pilot)