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The Dirty Secrets of George Bush

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush
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Director of Central Intelligence The 16-foot (5 m) diameter granite CIA seal in the lobby of the original headquarters building. The entrance of the CIA Headquarters. The Office of United States Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) was the head of the American Central Intelligence Agency from 1946 to 2005, acting as the principal intelligence advisor to the U.S. President and the National Security Council, as well as the coordinator of intelligence activities among and between the various U.S. intelligence agencies (collectively known as the Intelligence Community from 1981 onwards). The office existed from January 1946 to April 21, 2005, and was replaced on that day by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) as head of the Intelligence Community and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA) as head of the CIA. History[edit] Until April 2005, the DCI also served as the de facto director of the CIA, and he was often referred to colloquially as the "CIA Director". Porter J. Roscoe H. Allen W. Richard M.

Declassified: CIA Helped Produce Hollywood Blockbuster That Grossed over $100 Million By Carey Wedler The widely-celebrated and iconic 2012 film, Zero Dark Thirty, which detailed “the most classified mission in history” — one the U.S. government reported resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden — was developed and manipulated by the CIA, according to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Vice News. The report also shows the CIA provided classified information to the filmmakers. The documents reveal that throughout the filmmaking process, filmmaker Mark Boal was in close contact with Leon Panetta, who was the head of the CIA when the film went into development and production. The relationship between Boal and fellow filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, who made The Hurt Locker in 2009, began a year before the raid on bin Laden in Pakistan, when the pair sought to make a film titled Tora Bora about the CIA’s failure to capture him. The developing script for Zero Dark Thirty was continuously reviewed by CIA agents. Former counterterrorism official for George W. Image Credit

Yes the Church of Google exists – POLOLOGY There has never been a more interesting time in human history for religion. Thanks to the creation of the internet and the blossoming of cheaper and comprehensive communication technologies (…amongst other things) we are witnessing varieties of new approaches to spirituality and religion. This is what I personally discovered one night three years ago, when I landed on the website What I saw for the very first time was the satirical digital religion The Church of Google, aka Googlism. Screenshot of the Church Of Google 23.06.17 © Joanna Sleigh In an era marked by information saturation and social media, it is only natural that online forms of religious self-expression and representation have become an accepted aspect of religious practice and identity. What took me by surprise, for I had not seen it before, was that the Church of Google is a joke religion. “We as Googlists believe google is totally the closest thing to be called god. Works Cited:

George W. Bush military service controversy Controversy over George W. Bush's military service in the National Guard was an issue that first gained widespread public attention in the 2004 presidential campaign. The controversy centered on questions of how George W. Bush, who became the 43rd President of the United States in January 2001, came to be a member of the Texas Air National Guard, why he lost his flight status, and whether he fulfilled the requirements of his military service contract. Timeline[edit] George W. In November 1970, Lt. Air National Guard members could volunteer for active duty service with the Air Force in a program called Palace Alert, which deployed F-102 pilots to Europe and Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand. Bush's four-year part-time obligation to serve required him to maintain his immediate readiness to be recalled to active duty in the event of a national emergency. Acceptance into the National Guard[edit] Both George W. Flight performance and flight status in 1972 and 1973[edit]

The CIA: long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society Jon Rappoport Prison July 5, 2015 “Long ago, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the book that exposed the CIA’s MKULTRA mind-control program. He told me that in 1962, when MKULTRA supposedly ended, the CIA actually transferred the program to its Office of Research and Development, where it went completely dark. A CIA representative told Marks there were a hundred boxes of material on the ‘new’ MKULTRA, and he, Marks, would never see any of it, no matter how many FOIA requests he made.” “Plans for guiding the world can be formed and launched a long, long time before we see the results. Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society. Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA. The intention is there, in the record. A CIA document was included in the transcript of the 1977 US Senate Hearings on MKULTRA, the CIA’s mind-control program. The document is found in Appendix C, starting on page 166.

SNOW JOB: THE CIA, COCAINE, AND BILL CLINTON Part 2: The Money Trail How the CIA laundered millions in drug profits from Mena and paid for Clinton's 1992 election campaign. by John Dee In part one of this article, we examined a CIA-supervised cocaine smuggling operation based during the '80s in Mena, Arkansas. HIGH FINANCE There is one estimate that Barry Seal ran as much as $100 million worth of cocaine a month--$1.2 billion a year--through the Mena airbase. Former Mena pilot Terry Reed has testified that large sums of money were being laundered through leading Arkansas banks and bond brokers (a pattern of investment also being examined by a federal investigator just as his researches were abruptly terminated).[1] For a period, he says, satchels containing $10 million in laundered cash were airdropped weekly at the airfield. One business in the CIA's Arkansas network was Park-on-Meter, or POM Inc. Clinton, Bush and the CIA, (NY: S.P.I. BCCI's drug dealings stretched also into the Middle East.

The curious mystery of George W Bush's Vietnam war | World news On May 2 1973, Richard Nixon was still reeling from the Watergate scandal. American troops were on their way home from Vietnam. And outside Houston, in Texas, a 26-year-old named George Bush, a lieutenant in the National Guard, reported for drill duty as usual at Ellington air force base. That, at any rate, is the impression given by military payroll records released by the Bush administration on Tuesday. Apparently, however, Lt Bush's superiors at Ellington didn't see it that way. In an annual evaluation of his performance - dated, coincidentally, the very same day, May 2 - they conceded that they couldn't actually evaluate his performance, because they hadn't seen him for months. Which version is the truth? The events of three decades ago would normally not feature in an election year. At first, such stirring visuals served Bush well. Ii is hard to escape the suspicion that Bush got an easy ride through the guard. "He did not use political influence.

CIA Psychologists Sued For Developing Torture Techniques Based On Studies Of Abused Dogs By John Vibes This week, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against two psychologists that were responsible for integrating harsh torture techniques into a CIA program that was intended to extract information from prisoners. Many of the accusations against these psychologists come from the Senate report on CIA interrogations that was released less than a year ago. According to the lawsuit, psychologists James E. Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen developed a CIA interrogation program that was in violation of international law. The torture program included starvation, waterboarding, beatings and other techniques that would be considered torture under international law. Although the ACLU filed the lawsuit, they did so on behalf of three former CIA prisoners who were held captive and tortured in CIA prisons without any charges. “They claimed that their program was scientifically based, safe and proven, when in fact it was none of those things.

Thousands of Foster Kids Dead in Pedogate Horror; David Zublick [video] What better hiding place for pedophiles/rapists/murderers/organ traffickers than under the auspices of child protection and children’s care programs? That’s the biggest rock we need to look under for these vermin. And now child sex robots? ~ BP David Zublick Channel Published on Nov 27, 2017 Foster children in the for-profit care system are dying at alarming rates after being placed in the care of pedophiles. Children have been placed in homes with individuals who have been convicted of kidnapping and other serious crimes, with parents who have substance abuse problems, and in homes where caretakers have previously “failed” foster care placements. Also… As the truth further unravels on the depths of child abuse among the global elite, the mainstream media continues scrambling to convince the public that pedophilia is “normal”. Plus… Experts are warning that a “pedophile revolution” is coming as the market is flooded with realistic child sex robots. Like this: Like Loading...

The Smoking Jet Bush's Military Record Reveals Grounding and Absence for Two Full Years by Robert A. Rogers (ret. 1st Lt. Mission Pilot) October 4, 2000 With two years left in his six-year obligation to the Texas Air National Guard, 1st Lt. Robert A. Major Findings "I think that people need to be held responsible for the actions they take in life. ''I did the duty necessary ... From the beginning of his Presidential campaign, George W. But the first independent investigation of Bush's military record by a former Air National Guard pilot has revealed the following: Pilot George W. This in-depth investigation and analysis of Bush's apparent misconduct over the last two years of his six year obligation suggests that Bush did not fulfill all of his military obligations to the Texas Air National Guard and to his country, contrary to his repeated assertions. These issues are not trivial, nor are they ancient history. Avoiding Vietnam through Preferential Treatment George W. 1. 2.

CIA Manager Removed for Creating “Hostile Work Environment” Promoted to Lead Role in Drone Program By Melissa Dykes When I came across this story I’ll admit my first thought was, just how “abusive” does a person have to be and what exactly does it take to create a “hostile work environment” at the CIA of all places? Jonathan Bank, a man who was reportedly removed from his position as head of the Iran operations division at CIA headquarters due to abusive leadership practices which led to a hostile working environment for his underlings has now not only been reinstated at the agency, but given a position as deputy chief for counterintelligence at the Counter Terrorism Center (CTC). According to the Associated Press, the CTC “conducts the agency’s operations against al-Qaida, the Islamic State and other groups,” and Banks job involves supervising, “a team charged with protecting CTC operations by ferreting out spies, double agents, bad tradecraft and other security risks.” This article may be re-posted in full with attribution. You Might Also Like

The Undertold Story: The Vatican, the Mob, Super Ponzi Schemes and MORE By Gregory Paul | 3 July 2010 OpEdNews In the 1980s American news media both print and broadcast began to report on growing evidence that an alarming number of Roman Catholic priests had engaged in serial sexual abuse of children and teens, and that the church hierarchy had not only failed to properly address the situation, but in many cases engaged in racketeering to protect accused clerics and thereby minimize scandal and financial losses. However, coverage and investigation by the media and by the authorities was intermittent and insufficient, so it was not until after the turn of the century that the issue became a major national scandal. In part because charges were not brought soon enough few clerics have faced criminal charges. Another wave of pedophilia charges in a number of countries has yet again inspired a wave of public concern about the ethics of the Vatican, this time focused in Europe. Mussolini harshly cracked down on the Mafia. The suit continues. References 1. 2. 3. 4.

Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team? by Richard Hooke (with Jim Fetzer) This is not the first time and surely will not be the last that George H.W. Bush, former Director of the CIA and the 41st President of the United States, has been implicated in the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th president. In an earlier study, for example, “Was George H.W. That GHWB knew Malcolm “Mac” Wallace from Yale is especially stunning. ”Mac” Wallace was LBJ’s personal hit man and murdered as many as a dozen persons for Lyndon, including one of his own sisters, who was talking too much about his business to allow her to continue to speak. Even Jack Ruby, who was in the position to know, asserted that, if someone else had been Vice President, the assassination would never have occurred. Wallace went to work for Harry Lewis and L & G Oil. YouTube - Veterans Today - Why the Dal-Tex Matters According to The Warren Repor (1964), three shots were fired during the assassination. YouTube - Veterans Today - George H.W. by Richard Hooke Mrs.

Former CIA Officer Shares Details of the US Government’s War Against Whistleblowers 13th November 2015 By Dane Wigington Guest Writers for Wake Up World Many ask why there are not more whistleblowers coming forward to sound the alarm on the climate engineering occurring around the globe. Many use the “lack of whistleblowers” excuse to remain in denial about the all too obvious climate engineering atrocities in our skies. A former CIA Officer and anti-terrorism expert, Kevin Shipp held several high level positions in the CIA. Since leaving the CIA, Mr. More insight from Kevin and his motivation for coming forward is contained within his most recent communication with me, shown below. Dane.Attached is an exposé of the system classified agencies use to silence whistle blowers from revealing unconstitutional or illegal operations. In his book “From The Company Of Shadows“, Kevin gives a highly acclaimed account of what is happening behind the curtain of government secrecy. By Kevin Shipp for Kevin M.