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Cliche Finder Have you been searching for just the right cliché to use? Are you searching for a cliché using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Just enter any words in the form below, and this search engine will return any clichés which use that phrase...

Radio for Writers Searching for your muse? You'll find it here! Writers FM broadcasts live across the Web, 24 hours a day. 10 Excellent Communities for Book Lovers When I was working on the post entitled The Best 10 Places to Find and Download e-Books, I singled out some websites that were supposed to be featured in that list and sat them aside. I noticed that these website deserve their own post because they offer something different . These are basically platforms where there is much of social interaction to them than others. In other words, they are like the traditional book clubs where readers would meet and discuss the books they have read. However, this digital version is different in that it is asynchronous and has no temporal or geographical boundaries. Excellent Articles on Writing Title & Description Tags Do you wonder what the big deal is about title and description META tags? Struggle with writing them? Think you can just shove a few keywords in and be good to go? Here are two great articles that will guide you in developing title and description tags that draw more visitors to your site. How to Control Your Listing Text in Google’s Search Results By John Metzler The listing text in Google’s search results can easily be overlooked by some webmasters in their SEO efforts. Don’t be in the dark over how your site appears to people who use Google.

How Social Media Shapes Offline Reading You can't go a day without someone declaring that the book is dead, whether at the hand of the Kindle, the iPad, or social media. And while those technologies are certainly vying for attention with the printed book, a lot of social media users still read them--and are even using social media to complement their reading. First to the social-networking-for-bookworms space was LibraryThing, a site launched in 2005 that attracted a passionate but modest user base. CALLIHOO Writing Helps Character Feelings You can describe your character's feelings in more exact terms than just "happy" or "sad." Check these lists for the exact nuance to describe your character's intensity of feelings. SF Characters | SF Items | SF Descriptors | SF Places | SF EventsSF Jobs/Occupations | Random Emotions | Emotions List | Intensity of Feelings

How to create and keep an art journal by aisling d'art ©2006 Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme. An art journal can be a record of your daily thoughts, a travel journal, an exercise or diet diary, a dream journal, a place where you jot down your goals or to-do lists, or... well, almost any record that you'd like to keep in a book or notebook. They become "art journals" when you add any kind of illustration or embellishment to the pages. These pages share ideas and tips for creating and keeping your own illustrated journal. How to create an art journal

YALSA reveals 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Robot 6 by Kevin Melrose| February 1, 2013 @ 9:00 AM |No Comments| The Young Adult Library Association has unveiled the 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, a list of 55 titles that cover the spectrum from biography and mythology to superheroes and science fiction. The finalists were selected by a committee from among 98 nominees recommended for readers ages 12 to 18. Writing Tools - Writing Tips, Skills, Techniques Writing Tools: WEbook Writing Secrets Improve your writing skills! WEbook Writing Secrets are writing tips and tools brought to you by experts in the craft. Whether you're looking for tips on fiction writing, poetry writing, essay writing, or just general writing tips, WEbook Writing Secrets has you covered. New writing tips are added all the time - so come back often. Know a secret we don't?

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