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PostScript :: Character Bios Sasha Kovalev Gender: Male Birthday: February 3rd (16) Height: 6' Sasha is a shy but determined foreign exchange student from Russia. He was really into track and his girlfriend, Lana, until she broke up with him and he twisted his ankle at a county track meet. After pushing his recovery process and tearing a tendon past repair, Sasha decided to try for a new beginning in the USA. Sasha likes crime shows, trying new foods, and outdoorsy things. Misha Sokolov Gender: Male Birthday: October 25th (15) Height: 5' 4" Misha is a introverted blogger. Constantine Sokolov Gender: Male Birthday: May 15th (17) Height: 6'1" Constantine loves pick up lines almost as much as he likes taking facebook pictures. Colleen Newton gender: Female birthday: July 30th (16) Height: 5' 6" Colleen is an optimistic and endlessly energetic weeaboo.

Scary Go Round Comics by John Allison - April 1, 2016 Engaging The Enemy - Title and Credits “Engaging The Enemy” is a multi-chapter arc in the superhero comic The Young Protectors written and published by me, Alex Woolfson. Pencils are by Adam DeKraker and colors are by Veronica Gandini. I very much hope you enjoy it! Some navigation tips: At the bottom of each comic, there is a navigation menu giving you the choice to go to the First, Previous, Next and Last pages. Left Arrow: Previous PageRight Arrow: Next PageShift + Left Arrow: First PageShift + Right Arrow: Last PageShift + Down Arrow: Random Page

Ava's Demon JERKFACE A-HOLE – The comic diary of a teenaged girl dealing with the toxic combo of feelings and a sense of humour. Blindsprings - Valor Page Five Sleepless Domain - Chapter 4 - Page 2