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The First Trillionaires Will Make Their Fortunes in Space

The First Trillionaires Will Make Their Fortunes in Space
What's the Big Idea? Just as explorers during the Age of Discovery established new trade routes in pursuit of resources such as gold, silver and spices, the future explorers of space will be chasing unimaginable riches. As Peter Diamandis told the International Space Development Conference, “There are twenty-trillion-dollar checks up there, waiting to be cashed!” These cosmic cash cows are so-called Near-Earth asteroids that contain a wide range of precious resources. Sure, this may sound a lot like the movie Avatar, in which the RDA Corporation mined the mineral unobtanium on the planet of Pandora. But this is no pie-in-the-sky idea. Peter Diamandis, who founded the non-profit X Prize Foundation to create a rewards incentive program to bring about "radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity," believes the enormous financial opportunities in space will spur innovation. What's the significance? Why Should I Care? Asteroids represent a dual threat and opportunity for humanity. Related:  investing

J's stuff - Christmas Windows While meandering along Bond St. here in London on my way to Dover st. market, the scheme at Asprey caught my eye. Well, OK the truth of it is actually, I got a glimpse of the tree below. I managed to just about capture it through the glass and as you are able to see it really is quite magical. I was therefore just a little disappointed with the trees in the store windows which, well, dull by comparison. Now, I will be careful here as Big Brother informs me that Asprey have been reading my previous thoughts, although I wouldn't say anything mean anyway. However, of course, the scheme is produced to their usual exceptional standards and I do love the silver birch (?)

UTC Aerospace Systems Supports Boeing CST-100 Vehicle CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UTC Aerospace Systems is supporting the development of Boeing's CST-100 Commercial Crew Transportation System, which won a $4.2B Commercial Crew Transportation Capability Contract (CCtCap) from NASA on September 16, 2014. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp. UTX, -0.07% UTC Aerospace Systems is responsible for the design, development, qualification and production of components for the Environmental Control and Life Support Subsystem (ECLSS) on the CST-100. This comprises major portions of the Air Revitalization System and the Pressure Control System, which includes the cabin fans, heat exchanger, a carbon dioxide removal system, trace contaminant control, valves and regulators, and a smoke detector. UTC Aerospace Systems is using state-of-the art tools and processes, including additive manufacturing to provide affordable, comprehensive design, integration, qualification and production for the CST-100.

5 Reasons to Care About Asteroids | Asteroids & Comets | Asteroid Exploration & Space Rocks Karen Rowan, Life's Little Mysteries Managing Editor | June 25, 2011 03:13pm ET Credit: Emily Lakdawalla/Ted StrykWhile missions to celestial bodies such like Mars or the moon may sound more exciting than a mission to a mere asteroid, scientists say we have much to learn from these irregularly-shaped rocks that roll through our solar system. Here are 5 reasons why we should care about asteroids: Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% Organic If there was ever a nation that could see the purpose behind organic, sustainable farming, it would be a nation that is composed mostly of farmers. Such a place does exist, and it soon may be the first nation to go 100% organic, paving the way for others to do the same on a global scale. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is known for a high level of citizen happiness, but it is doing something even more noteworthy in the near future. With Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley making a major announcement regarding the organic farming project at the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development which took place last month, the move has made national headlines. What this comes down to is no GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fluoride-based spray products, no Monsanto intrusion at all, and a whole lot of high quality food available for the 700,000 citizens of Bhutan. “By working in harmony with nature, they can help sustain the flow of nature’s bounties.”

List of companies for inquiry Dawn Sees Hydrated Minerals on Giant Asteroid NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has revealed that the giant asteroid Vesta has its own version of ring around the collar. Two new papers based on observations from the low-altitude mapping orbit of the Dawn mission show that volatile, or easily evaporated materials, have colored Vesta’s surface in a broad swath around its equator. Pothole-like features mark some of the asteroid’s surface where the volatiles, likely water, released from hydrated minerals boiled off. While Dawn did not find actual water ice at Vesta, there are signs of hydrated minerals delivered by meteorites and dust evident in the giant asteroid’s chemistry and geology. The findings appear today in the journal Science. One paper, led by Thomas Prettyman, the lead scientist for Dawn’s gamma ray and neutron detector (GRaND) at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Ariz., describes how the instrument found signatures of hydrogen, likely in the form of hydroxyl or water bound to minerals in Vesta’s surface.

Meet the Z-1, NASA’s next generation deep space spacesuit company profiles - bloomberg April 21, 2014 5:20 PM ET Aerospace and Defense Company Overview Virgin Galactic, LLC provides commercial spaceflight services through its passenger-carrying suborbital space vehicles. It develops its space vehicles. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Spaceport America Las Cruces, NM 88001 United States Founded in 2004 Key Executives for Virgin Galactic, LLC Chief Executive Officer and President Vice President of Operations for Virgin Galactic Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Unite Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2013. Virgin Galactic, LLC Key Developments John S. Feb 21 14 Virgin Galactic announced John S. Virgin Galactic, LLC Presents at The IBF Annual Corporate Venturing and Innovation Partnering Conference, Feb-10-2014 06:30 PM Nov 26 13 Virgin Galactic, LLC Presents at The IBF Annual Corporate Venturing and Innovation Partnering Conference, Feb-10-2014 06:30 PM. Virgin Galactic Flexes SpaceShipTwo's Unique Feather Mechanism in Second Supersonic Flight Sep 5 13

Billionaires and Futurists Plan Space Missions to Mine Asteroids for Metals It’s been long thought, especially in science-fiction, that once Earth’s dwindling metallic resources dry up, the human race would look to the stars for precious metals. While this has been posited for decades in science-fiction literature, this is the first time that futurists are actually planning missions to harvest asteroids from space for metals. Asteroids contain many tons of precious metals, and that’s why a consortium of wealthy, adventurous entrepreneurs have announced a new venture called Planetary Resources that plans to send swarms of robots into space to scout for asteroids containing precious metals. They state that there are plenty of riches available in the solar system, making the ones on Earth pale in comparison. There are long time-scales that need to be considered before any such venture might lead to astronomical profits, which is one of the main reasons why investors haven’t taken part in such undertakings before. [via Wired]

EU researchers create prototype for a server-free future internet Researchers at one of the world’s oldest universities, Cambridge, have come up with a prototype for a possible future internet infrastructure that does away with the need for servers. This could help solve the network capacity problems that arise out of the profusion of bulky online content such as video. The way the internet currently works, content is mostly delivered to client devices such as PCs and smartphones from powerful computers called servers, which are generally housed in data centers. This represents a centralization of computing power and storage that some argue is becoming outdated, what with the beefy processors and (sometimes) capacious storage devices we carry around in our pockets these days. The Cambridge University prototype would represent a dramatic revamp of that way of doing things. Fragments of the same data might be replicated all over the place, in order to make re-assembly as quick and efficient as possible. So what about data caps and battery life?

Millionaires bet on space travel Closer to a space vacation? CNBC's Jon Fortt and Jane Wells run down today's hot topics, including space travel, e-cigarette promotion in the U.K. and the maker of "Candy Crush" files for an IPO. Knight Frank also noted the rising trend for investing in space research, be it space travel or asteroid mining. (Read more: Precious metal hunters look to outer space) Bailey told CNBC that increasing numbers of wealthy individuals — defined in Knight Frank's report as those with at least $30 million in investable assets — had shown interest in the space industry over the last 12 months. "This is a risky sector," Bailey said. According to Space Affairs, established in 2000 as the "world's first commercial space agency", suborbital space flight will be a possibility for both businesses and tourists within years, rather than decades. "In the next few years, suborbital spacecraft will transport scientific payloads and passengers into space.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why asteroid mining can create a trillion-dollar industry Space mining start-up Planetary Resources has put together quite the infographic to explain how asteroid mining will create a trillion-dollar industry. The company says there are over 1,500 asteroids as easy to get to as the surface of the Moon. They are also in Earth-like orbits with small gravity fields, which make them easier to approach and depart. The most important aspect of asteroid mining is that those celestial bodies are platinum-rich. (Click on the image to see it full-sized) Amplats shuts mines, axes 14,000 jobs and sends platinum prices skyrocketing>> >> INFOGRAPHIC: Why asteroid mining is necessary>> >> Wanted: Colonists to build first human settlement on Mars>> >> Cecilia Jamasmie Email: Cecilia Jamasmie on Cecilia Jamasmie is one of the news editors at