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52 Weeks of UX The user experience is made up of all the interactions a person has with your brand, company, or organization. This may include interactions with your software, your web site, your call center, an advertisement, with a sticker on someone else’s computer, with a mobile application, with your Twitter account, with you over email, maybe even face-to-face. The sum total of these interactions over time is the user experience. The interaction designer plans for these moments. User experience spans multiple practices. Web designers, traditionally secure in the role of page creators, now have a wider purview. SimpleWeb, simplifions l'internet UX Booth: User Experience & Usability Blog UsableMarkets — markets, design, usability, research everydayUX — Smashing UX Design — Usability, Psychology and Information Architecture Category: UX Design This category features quality articles on usability, information architecture, interaction design and other user experience (UX) related topics – for digital (Web, mobile, applications, software) and physical products. Through these articles, experts and professionals share with you their valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines, recommended best practices and great case studies. Curated by Chui Chui Tan. . Popular tags in this category: Freebies, Web Design, Techniques, Inspiration, Business A Guide To Validating Product Ideas With Quick And Simple Experiments You probably know by now that you should speak with customers and test your idea before building a product. Mistakes include testing the wrong aspect of your business, asking the wrong questions and neglecting to define a criterion for success. Read more... Building Clickthrough Prototypes To Support Participatory Design Read more... Creating Responsive Prototypes With Adaptive Views In Axure RP 7

InterfacesRiches.Fr Contextual Enquiry - A Primer Designers who don’t understand their users frequently develop products that are difficult to use and understand, do not meet real-world requirements, or provide irrelevant functionality. The best way to get to know users is to spend time with them, in their own environments, watching them do the things that your Website is going to support or enable. Of course, you can just go out and visit a few users informally, and that in itself will provide valuable information. To get the most out of such visits, however, you need to take a more formal approach. Identify appropriate users Schedule visits Conduct site visits and gather information Analyze what you have found so that you can use it effectively during design In this guide, we’ll look at each of these steps in turn. Contextual enquiry is one of the most valuable activities you can undertake, because it helps you understand users and their requirements with relatively little effort. ‘See no Evil’ — Designing in the Dark Strategy Materials

Creating Passionate Users My Favorite Graphs... and the future This blog has always been about optimism, creating better user experiences, helping users spend more time in flow, and learning. There are 405 posts here. More importantly, there are nearly 10,000 comments from y'all that add so much more to the topics, and from which myself and others have learned a great deal. I don't want the last thing people remember about this blog to be The Bad Things. So, I've moved my original "threats" post--something many people find very difficult to look at-- to a different web page -- rather than keeping it as a post here. But I want the thing people see when they come here now to reflect what this blog has always been about, so I'm including a few of my favorite pictures from the last two years here. I made no money from this blog -- it was always a labor of love. That leaves me with... what to do next? 1) Get a real job doing this, so that I can continue with the same kind of work, but without raising my own visibility.

30 Website Navigations that Make You Wanna Click It The navigation might be the single most important aspect of a web design’s usability. Without a navigation, you would be stuck on the home page for a very long time. I believe a navigation or menu must be easy to use, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, it helps to add a little flair to your navigation. It entices visitors to click and hang around your site a little longer. Billy Tamplin Burciaga The Swish Life Mission Bicycle Company Typejockeys Red Velvet Art MetaLab Authentic Jobs Icon Dock Morphix Design Studio Sushi & Robots Robert Alan Hull Digital Live 09 Artua Design Studios Internet Dreams Strutta Pirata London Tapbots Weightshift Guifx Owltastic inkd Bohemian Coding Think Orange Culinary Culture Light CMS Toggle atebits About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 1360 shares 25 Beautiful & Inspiring Navigation Menus The importance of a website’s navigation shouldn’t be overlooked. Read More 749 shares

Critical Considerations in Designing Mobile Medical Apps Author: David Lee Scher, MD While medical apps share technical features with the commercial apps that have become ubiquitous on smartphones and tablet computers, special considerations go into the development of health apps. Thus, developers of health apps need to understand the clinical perspective, which encompasses health professionals’ workflow, user interface experience, and interoperability. Security and privacy are also key issues—not to mention navigating the relevant FDA regulations. These considerations are important because nearly half of clinicians today use apps to collect data by the bedside, according to the HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey published in 2012. Health apps exist along a continuum, ranging from those designed solely for consumer use to those incorporated into a patient treatment plan. Combining custom hardware with smartphone software, mobile ECG technology from AliveCor (San Francisco) is an example of a product requiring FDA approval. Clinical Perspective

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