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CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu – Tutorialzine

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu – Tutorialzine
Martin Angelov As you have probably heard by now, CSS3 animations are a powerful tool, which enables you to create animations which run without the need of applying additional scripting to the page. What is even better, in the next generation of browsers we will have even more powerful tools, including 3D transformations (already present in Safari). But what difference does it make for us today? So today we are making something practical – a simple CSS3 animated navigation menu, which degrades gracefully in older browsers and is future-proofed to work with the next generation of browsers. The XHTML The menu is organized as an unordered list. demo.html <ul id="navigationMenu"><li><a class="home" href="#"><span>Home</span></a></li><li><a class="about" href="#"><span>About</span></a></li><li><a class="services" href="#"><span>Services</span></a></li><li><a class="portfolio" href="#"><span>Portfolio</span></a></li><li><a class="contact" href="#"><span>Contact us</span></a></li></ul> The CSS Related:  Laboratoria

Loading spinner animation using CSS and WebKit It’s hard to stifle a smile any time I get a glimpse of the future thanks to WebKit-based browsers like Safari and Chrome (and their mobile counterparts on iOS and Android devices). That happened today when I discovered a way to make an iPhone-style spinner without any images, just CSS. First attempt I have been working on a project that targets mobile WebKit browsers so it was natural to explore using -webkit-animation to handle the image rotation. This is how it looks in a browser: Image mask rotation demo The examples in this post all target WebKit browsers so I’d suggest you fire up Chrome or Safari for viewing the demos. It felt like a win to use a single-frame PNG image instead of an animated GIF but it didn’t look right. CSS-only, no images After several failed attempts to make the animation step-based, I still couldn’t get the effect right. Each of the twelve bars is rotated 30° from the one previous and given an animation delay equal to 1/12 of a second. Make it scale

When WiFi doesn't work: a guide to home networking alternatives If you live an old home or building, you already know the limits of WiFi. Despite the improved range of 802.11n coupled with improved throughput at greater distances‚ WiFi doesn't work magic. Buildings with brick or stucco-over-chicken-wire walls resist the charms of wireless networks, as do houses with thick wooden beams, cement elements, or with rooms spread out over many levels or floors. Don't get me wrong. I've been extolling the virtues of WiFi as a way to avoid tedious wiring and pointless tethering since 2001. Speed may also be an issue. Wired home networking alternatives can consistently perform from 25 to 95 percent of raw data rates of 85Mbps up to 1Gbps, depending on the technology and other factors, even with multiple simultaneous users. The contenders for home wiring There used to be four alternatives to WiFi, which have gradually faded and specialized as wireless issues were solved. Ethernet remains the gold standard. The firms that offer this service had a quandary.

Nifty Modal Window Effects A set of experimental modal window appearance effects with CSS transitions and animations. View demo Download source Today we want to share some ideas for modal window effects with you. There are infinite possibilities for transitioning the appearance of a dialog box and we wanted to provide some ideas of how to show dialog boxes and provide some inspiration. The idea is to have a trigger button (or any element) which will make a modal window appear on click using a simple transition (or animation). Please note: this only works as intended in browsers that support the respective CSS properties. There are some knows issue with using visibility/opacity for iOS < 6 Mobile Safari, so this probably won't work on older devices. The structure of the modal window consists of a main wrapper and a content division: <div class="md-modal md-effect-1" id="modal-1"><div class="md-content"><h3>Modal Dialog</h3><div><p>This is a modal window. For some effects we will also add a class to the html element.

Sencha Animator - Create CSS3 Animations with Ease The Sencha Web Application Lifecycle Management platform simplifies the challenges of managing the software development lifecycle of web applications. Now you can seamlessly design, develop, and test data-intensive web applications and deliver the right user experience, on the right screen, at the right time. Sencha Platform for Web Application Lifecycle Management The Sencha portfolio of products and services forms an integrated, modular platform for managing the lifecycle of your cross-platform web applications. Sencha products can be deployed separately or together to form an end-to-end solution. With the Sencha Platform you can prototype, develop, theme, debug, and test your web applications on any device running any browser. Design The Sencha platform helps you accelerate your web application development efforts with out-of-the box theming capabilities across all applications. Learn More: Ext JS | Architect | Themer Develop Learn More: Ext JS | Sencha Test | GXT Test An Open Platform

7 Places to Find the Code You Need A recent thread on SitePoint’s forums discussed how best to learn from other people’s code. For many people learning by example is the optimal way to pick up a new programming language, idea, or technique. But finding that ideal piece of code to look at and learn from isn’t always easy. The seven listed below are the top places we could find that will help you locate the piece of code you’ve been looking for. Popular open source code repository and version control web service GitHub launched a new Code Search feature today. Krugle claims to search over 2.5 billion lines of open source code, making them one of the largest source code search engines on the web. Koders, which claims to search over a billion lines of code, seems to be a favorite among Ruby programmers. Codase is the little guy on the block, weighing in at just 250 million lines of code searched, according to the site. Last, but certainly not least, is Google Code Search, the grand daddy of all code search engines.

ScrollMagic ♥ Demo 50 Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates - Noupe Design Blog Oct 18 2010 Design templates help build an identity for any particular website. Since the techniques are changing very rapidly within the industry, one must be updated all the time. Many designers download the pre-built CSS templates to explore more. At many stages, designers seek help in the form of inspiration that would help them get back to their creativity track. Or they just want to learn a thing or two about the structure of web-sites and build their own projects on top of “bulletproof” templates. To keep you moving throughout your creative adventure, we have gathered some cool and absolutely Free CSS and XHTML Web Layouts. Free and Useful CSS/(X)HTML Templates HTML5 and CSS3 ( Demo | Download ) JeansWebsite ( Demo | Download ) Lawyer & Attorney ( Demo | Download ) Ornare ( Demo | Download ) iPhone App ( Download ) StudioClick ( Demo | Download ) Darkness ( Demo | Download ) MYportfolio ( Demo | Download ) 2 Breed ( Demo | Download ) WesternShop ( Demo | Download )

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck Ok, I have a confession to make. I have spent almost my whole life– 31 years–  caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me. I can’t take it anymore. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is different. We’re going to talk about the cure. Do you wonder if someone is talking shit about you? Well, it’s time you started not giving a fuck. FACT NUMBER 1. Yes, it’s really happening right at this moment. What people truly respect is when you draw the line and say “you will go no further.” Right. Regular people are fine– you don’t actually hear it when they’re talking behind your back. Thankfully, that’s not actually true. FACT NUMBER 2. This stuff is crazy, I know, but it’s cool, you’ll get used to it. How liberating this is may not even hit you yet, but it will. You know when they say “the best revenge is a life well lived”? So not giving a fuck is actually a necessary precedent to create a good life for yourself. STEP 1.

Responsive Web Design - Learn to Code Advanced HTML Lesson 4 The Internet took off quicker than anyone would have predicted, growing like crazy. Now, for the past few years, mobile growth has exploded onto the scene. These days it is hard to find someone who doesn’t own a mobile device, or multiple, connected to the Internet. With the growth in mobile Internet usage comes the question of how to build websites suitable for all users. Responsive Overview#responsive-web-design Responsive web design is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device and every screen size, no matter how large or small, mobile or desktop. The responsive web design term itself was coined, and largely developed, by Ethan Marcotte. Responsive vs. For some the term responsive may not be new, and others might be even more acquainted with the terms adaptive or mobile. Responsive and adaptive web design are closely related, and often transposed as one in the same. Flexible Layouts#flexible-layouts Relative Viewport Lengths Flexible Grid Viewport Scale

715 Awesomely Simple and Free CSS Layouts Frustrated with the quality of free CSS templates online but aren’t quite to the level of building your own? Tired of spending hours trying to customize lame pre-fab designs? Today we bring you over seven hundred freely downloadable CSS templates that focus on providing you with only a basic layout to build upon. Who Are These For? Many of you have been in the design game for years but are only now just beginning to create websites and code them by hand. However, the biggest problem that many new developers come across can simply be to get their basic layout to work in CSS. The simple downloadable layouts below will provide you with a rock solid foundation on which to build your sites and provide great examples for learning how to create your own. Why Not Full Templates? If you run a quick Google search for free CSS templates, you’ll find a million. I think it’s much more useful to download a few super basic CSS layouts that are as simple as possible. Primary CSS: 22 Layouts “No CSS hacks.

How Web Accounts Get Hacked Hacking into an e-mail, Facebook, or other account is often a crime of opportunity. That is not to say talented individuals with advanced knowledge are not a threat, but it can be easier than you think to expose your password. For those that have had their account compromised in the past, one of these methods could have been used to get your password. The following is a short list of simple things you may not think about. In each, an opportunity is created... one you want to avoid. 1. A recovery e-mail account is method a lot of systems use to help you get back into an account that you have lost the password for. Check your recovery e-mail account every three months or so. My advice is to check this account before reading any further if you have not done so recently. 2. An easy way to get hacked is to give a site your e-mail address and then use the same password at that site. 3. Pay attention to your surroundings. 4. 5. Trust the computer you are using as much as you trust the owner.