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Teen Girl Site About Teenage Girls Love Relationships Body Life Sex

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Midwives Use Rituals to Empower Mothers We have watched a shifting of birthing protocols over the past few years and a restoration of the role of the midwife. This is obviously controversial although from this item it appears that what is needed is a more active merger of the two methodologies and the elimination of any divide. Without question no birth should ever be other than minutes away from emergency support.

Values: where tech and handmade converge The tools will change. Your values can stay the same. Tweet this! A friend of mine recently said this at a tech conference talk, but I think it’s applicable in so many places. True Facts Facts - interesting, provocative, well-seasoned One out of ten children in Europe are conceived on an IKEA bed. Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes. Midwives use rituals to send message that women’s bodies know best CORVALLIS, Ore. – In reaction to what midwives view as the overly medicalized way hospitals deliver babies, they have created birthing rituals to send the message that women’s bodies know best. The midwife experience uses these rituals to send the message that home birth is about female empowerment, strengthening relationships between family and friends, and facilitating participatory experiences that put mothers in control, with the ultimate goal of safe and healthy deliveries less focused on technological intervention. These are some of the findings from an Oregon State University researcher and licensed midwife who witnessed more than 400 home births in order to document an extensive list of practices utilized by midwives to express the symbolic difference between home and hospital births. In a study now online in the journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Melissa Cheyney, an assistant professor of medical anthropology at OSU, charted specific rituals used by midwives.

DIY Chan Luu Bracelet My goal this holiday season was to really try my best to make some homemade gifts. So far I’m doing pretty well with my wreath, some burlap covered candles, some personalized coasters and this past weekend I gave a try at some jewelry. You may have noticed how wrap bracelets are everywhere lately. Chan Luu bracelets are extremely popular these days.

30 Very Funny Books By It's a dreary day, so I thought I'd indulge myself and come up with a list of my favorite comedies. A caveat, however: this is not a fancy English-professor-y list of the finest, most exquisitely crafted, most erudite or intellectually sophisticated works on paper in the language. This is a list of the books that make me laugh until my mascara starts to run.

Alpha-Fetoprotein Blood Test Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - In which situations are high blood levels of AFP seen? on MedicineNet What tests are available for measuring AFP? Several assays (tests) for measuring AFP are available. Generally, normal levels of AFP are below 10 ng/ml. Moderate levels of AFP (even almost up to 500 ng/ml) can be seen in patients with chronic hepatitis. Moreover, many patients with various types of acute and chronic liver diseases without documentable liver cancer can have mild or even moderate elevations of AFP. What is the sensitivity of AFP for diagnosing liver cancer? 25 Handmade Gifts Under $5 If your gift list is long and your budget is small here are some great Handmade Gifts that you can make. Keep in mind that handmade items are not just beautiful but special… I love to give them and I love to receive them. In my opinion they are the best!

12 Items a Lady Should Keep in Her Purse- MotorCity Moxie Several years ago, I enjoyed purse shopping. I stayed with the fashionable handbags, purses, pocket-books or whatever you like to call it. As of late, purses have become burdensome. Oftentimes, they hurt my shoulder, and they turn into big hole for me to get lost in. Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening Also Known as Alpha-Fetoprotein Test (AFP) MSAFP is a screening test that examines the level of alpha-fetoprotein in the mother’s blood during pregnancy. This is not a diagnostic test. 24 - THE DIRTY - Dirty Laundry - {the blog} Friendship Day is 8/7. So I'm going to try my hand at making some friendship bracelets for a few of my friends that have helped me SO much with Dirty Laundry over the past several weeks. I'm going to try to make some snazzy ones! Here is my inspiration. 1. Hand Printed 'Insanity' Braided Cuff BraceletThis bracelet is made with hand printed fabric and super soft sued.I just LOVE how it all comes together.

Wayne State University Physicians Group What is alpha-fetoprotein screening? Alpha-fetoprotein or AFP screening is a blood test for pregnant women, which is most commonly ordered in the second trimester around 16 weeks. It can be used to look for a problem in the baby's spine or other conditions, such as certain birth defects. Hanging String Balls Whattya need? BalloonStringScissorsGlueJar How do I make glue string balls? Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling.