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Doorless Showers: How to Pull Off the Look

Doorless Showers: How to Pull Off the Look
For those who have experienced the thrill of outside showers – curtainless, doorless showers are certainly the next best thing. There is something exhilarating about showering without a barrier – to lather up, rinse and let all reserve wash right down the drain. In fact, after experiencing this type of shower just once, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing things this way all along. Brown tiles bathroom with door-less shower Doorless showers are nothing new – but they are taking off as one of the more daring home décor fads. 1) Firstly, keep placement in mind. Door-less shower with penny tiles flooring and walls 2) Secondly, carefully consider your showerhead. Fancy bathroom shower with no doors 3) Thirdly, make sure you have considered your drainage. Modern bathroom with doorless shower 4) Lastly, remember there are other options. Doorless shower in modern bathroom White and bright bathroom with doorless shower Oriental bathroom with doorless shower design

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Amazing 3D Drawings Fredo’s artwork looks like it comes to life from a piece of paper. It is outstanding! See also: “Pencil Art: Turn on the Light.” Photos © Fredo Link via Bored Panda MDS: tamaranzaka house oct 03, 2012 MDS: tamaranzaka house ‘tamaranzaka house’ by MDS, tokyo, japan image © toshiyuki yano all images courtesy of MDS the ‘tamaranzaka house’ by tokyo-based practice MDS explores the habitation of typically ignored parts within a residential building to maximize the high land prices of tokyo, japan alongside the decreasing size of structures to comply with stricter codes. visible from the approach to the dwelling, a single window within the solid concrete exterior reveals a desk and chair which has been positioned to place a computer on the hardwood floor. placed above the attic’s rafters amidst the pitched ceiling, a loft is filled with daylight through the nearby skylight. ground level entry image © toshiyuki yano ground level bedroom image © toshiyuki yano stair to first level images © toshiyuki yano generated gaps become storage images © toshiyuki yano (left) recessed lounge area (right) lifted platform creates voids above the floor plate images © toshiyuki yano section

The Best Couch Ideas For Your Home This collection will help you to find the best couch for your home. Pineapple Mango Vitamin C Booster Smoothie Pineapple Mango Vitamin C Booster Smoothie After I’ve run 5 miles or finished the most grueling yoga class, and I’m hot, tired, and on empty, smoothies go down so easily. Especially the kind that taste like a tropical vacation. I’m blessed to live in San Diego, and it’s been in the mid-70s the past few days during the middle of the day. It still gets cold enough at night that we have to turn the heat on, but for a few glorious hours in the middle of the day, it’s picture-perfect. That’s when I run or do yoga and after a hard workout, I don’t like heavy things but need something to recharge. This sweet, creamy, citrusy, vegan, Vitamin C-packed smoothie is so refreshing and hits the spot. I try to incorporate as much Vitamin C into my diet as possible. I love both pineapple and mango and have a dozen other smoothie recipes that use one or the other, but it’s a favorite combination I never tire of. Since I have to wash my blender anyway, I make double the amount I need. Print Save Ingredients:

Modern Small Apartment With Delightul Details Advertisement Looking planning solutions for tight spaces? Development of a small apartment with a modest surface is always a challenge for anyone. The experience and professionalism of designers, but also the original concept, creativity and imagination put their stamp on the work done over time. It displays interesting features that range from the floor plan and sculpted-wooden volume that contrasts very well with beautiful minimalist furniture. Design Team: Jordan Parnass, Darrick Borowski, Danny Orenstein, Sean KarnsPhotography: Frank Oudeman, Sean Karns

Glow in the Dark Tiles Definitely in the running when I build my olympic-sized pool at Chez DudeCraft. via IIHIH Utilizing “Dead” Space Under Stairs Get inspired by the following photos and make the space under stairs a desirable place. Cool Gifts for Guys, Best Gift Ideas for Guys login 0 items 888.365.0056 . live chat wish list & registry. check order status Find the best gift ideas for men, women and kids at UncommonGoods. Story & Mission Community Support Connect Sign up for our weekly emails! Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 12am ET Sat & Sun 8am - 11pm ET Address: Brooklyn Army Terminal 140 58th Street, Building B, Suite 5A Brooklyn, New York 11220 Site Map | Terms & Conditions Made in NYC ©2014 UncommonGoods™ LLC Choose one or more options below to find your perfect gift.

The Contemporary Hillside House by SB Architects The Contemporary Hillside House by SB Architects Designed by San Francisco-based SB Architects, an international firm well-known for the design of site-sensitive resort and mixed-use projects around the world, and built by well-known green builder McDonald Construction & Development, this home is a statement of what is possible combining “high design with high sustainability.” Nestled in the hills of Mill Valley, California, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, Hillside House has just received certification as the first LEED for Homes Platinum custom home in Marin County, and one of only a handful in Northern California. Photograpghy by Mariko Reed. The four-story home – clad with beautiful, sustainable Western Red Cedar siding – is set on a steep hillside site that provides for a very vertical design with living and private zones situated on multiple separate floors. About Richard Barker Adelto Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel?

Crafty Bedside Table Designs We selected these unusual bedside table ideas which we believe you will find useful.