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This Land is Mine

This Land is Mine

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004 "Mea Maxima Culpa": New Doc Exposes Horror of Catholic Child Sex Abuser and Heroism of His Victims This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: We turn now from an evolving story of child sex abuse in Britain to a long-simmering case of pedophilia here in the United States that involves the Catholic Church. A new documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney investigates how a charismatic priest in Milwaukee abused more than 200 deaf children in a Catholic boarding school under his control. TERRY KOHUT: I was afraid to tell my mother, because I didn’t think she would believe me. GARY SMITH: It was hard for me to communicate with my father, and so my dad would speak, and Father Murphy would interpret. AMY GOODMAN: Some of the courageous deaf men who later came forward to protect other children from Father Murphy—and to demand he be held accountable. Well, for more on this incredible story of how these men stood up to the power of the Catholic Church, we’re joined by the film’s director, Alex Gibney. Alex Gibney, welcome Democracy Now!

European history gif Join Now! Share Share on redditShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on tumblrMore Sharing Services2 Tools Save your favorites forever! Grab Your Code Tags: seriously this site is kind of slow Images You'll Also Enjoy Black Hearts Conrad Black Conrad Black is a controversial former media baron who renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord, and later spent time in an American jail for fraud. Cómo apostatar: La apostasía en seis pasos. - Coordinadora Feminista Federación Estatal de Organizaciones Feministas Soy una chica de Madrid que realizó la apostasía en enero de 2010 y he escrito este artículo explicando los pasos para tramitarla de maner efectiva según mi propia experiencia. Te aseguro que es un proceso rápido y sencillo si segues rigurosamente los pasos. Es pura burocracia pero la sensación de tener el certificado de apostasía en tus manos y sentirte oficialmente fuera de esta institución sexista, fascista y homófoba es inigualable. Te animo a que lo hagas. Puedes tenerlo en una semana con poco esfuerzo. PASO 1. Mucha gente se salta este paso y luego no consigue la apostasía. PASO 2. Tienes que saber dónde te bautizaron (lo sabrá tu familia más cercana). Alguno quizá te pregunte si quieres volante de bautismo (que es gratuito) o partida de bautismo. Puedes ir a recogerla o pedir que te la manden por correo. PASO 3. Es gratis y lo hacen en cualquier comisaría (mejor si es una de policía nacional). PASO 4. PASO 5. PASO 6. Es lo que aconsejo si las distancias lo permiten. PASO EXTRA.

European history for the lazy Engelhardt, Field of Nightmares [ Note for TomDispatch readers: This is part two of my series on how Washington helped create its enemies in the post-9/11 era. Part one was “ The Enemy-Industrial Complex .” Also, I can't resist mentioning that I -- and so TomDispatch -- was named "Truthdigger of the week" at the invaluable website To read Alexander Kelly's piece on TD and me accompanying that honor, click here . Filling the Empty Battlefield Jeremy Scahill, Blowback Reporter By Tom Engelhardt Chalmers Johnson’s book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire was published in March 2000 -- and just about no one noticed. After the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991, he was surprised to discover that the essential global structure of that other Cold War colossus, the American superpower, with its vast panoply of military bases, remained obdurately in place as if nothing whatsoever had happened. Talk about unintended consequences! Chalmers Johnson was, you might say, our first blowback scholar.

This Is What Winning Looks Like By Ben Anderson US Specialist Christopher Saenz looks out over the landscape during a patrol outside the village of Musa Qala, Helmand province. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) I didn’t plan on spending six years covering the war in Afghanistan. I went there in 2007 to make a film about the vicious fighting between undermanned, underequipped British forces and the Taliban in Helmand, Afghanistan’s most violent province. But I became obsessed with what I witnessed there—how different it was from the conflict’s portrayal in the media and in official government statements. In 2006, when troops were sent into Helmand, British command didn’t think there’d be much fighting at all. But with each year that followed, casualties and deaths rose as steadily as the local opium crop. In February 2013, on his last day at the helm of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John R. November 2012 – “Chai Boys” Lieutenant Will Felder, left, after speaking with a villager in the Baghran Valley in Helmand province. “Huh?”