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“I wonder how things would have turned out if these techniques had been available 40 years ago. A great step forward!” - Peter Zinovieff (Composer/Musician/ex-EMS Chairman) GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software company XILS-lab is proud to anno... “I wonder how things would have turned out if these techniques had been available 40 years ago. A great step forward!” - Peter Zinovieff (Composer/Musician/ex-EMS Chairman)


The Recording Revolution I’ve written before on expanding your inputs with ADAT, and how it’s a simple way to get more channels of audio into your ADAT equipped interface. Today, however, I want to show you exactly how to hook the darn thing up and specifically in Pro Tools how to set things up to work flawlessly. In… Read more » Some of you out there may own and use an audio interface that features an optical ADAT input. Learn How to Play Guitar Chords For the majority of songs you’ll play (I’d say all of them unless you’re a lead guitarist,) you’ll need to learn how to play guitar chords. I’m going to guide you through the most common guitar chords you’ll come across, which is a selection of the Open Major, Minor, Seventh, and Barre chords. If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, and have no idea where to start, check out my guide on Easy guitar chords for beginners.

3 Ways to Copyright a Song Edit Article Registering Your Song OnlineRegistering Your Song by MailKnowing What to Avoid Edited by Dman0875, Jack Herrick, Ben Rubenstein, Tom Viren and 64 others Under international law, copyright is the automatic right of the creator of a work.

Pensado's Place About Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and more!) talks all things music and audio in his weekly show, Pensado’s Place. Dave gives you insights into his career and teaches you how to get that “platinum record” sound for your own mixes. The show includes interviews with top music industry artists,engineers, producers, mixers, and record executives, as well as in depth tutorials in engineering and mixing. The Musician's Toolbox Learn Guitar Chords DVD: Learn Guitar From YOUR Perspective™ •You're smart. You must be. You're scouring the internet, looking for a good guitar product that's affordable, and that will give you the information you need to start playing the guitar. More importantly, you're looking for something that will be able to teach you accurately and quickly. You can spot fakes, hype and empty promises. •What this means is, we can be friends.

10 Essential Plugins for Building Your Band's Website WordPress is a great platform for musicians. Not only is it free for you to use, but there are plenty of plugins that provide functionality tailored towards musicians so that you can create the website that you need. Show off your band, list your gigs and tour dates, integrate with social media, post your music videos and plenty more. In this post, I’m going to take a look at some essential plugins for creating a complete website for your band. Gigs Calendar Being able to list your gigs is an essential part of having your website.

Drum micing:Glyn Johns technique Glyn Johns Technique Glyn Johns is a famous recording engineer. Born in England in 1942, Mr. Johns has recorded many well known musicians including Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Steve Miller, and The Eagles.

5 WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Music on Your Band’s Blog or Website 5 WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Music on Your Band’s Blog or Website Posted by Mike Wright — Filed Under: Fan Interaction, Marketing & Promotion WordPress makes it easy for bands and artists to connect with their fans through a blog or website. Artists are able to use a variety of WordPress plugins that help to make a site more engaging and interesting to fans. Human Hearing The human ear is an exceedingly complex organ. To make matters even more difficult, the information from two ears is combined in a perplexing neural network, the human brain. Keep in mind that the following is only a brief overview; there are many subtle effects and poorly understood phenomena related to human hearing. Figure 22-1 illustrates the major structures and processes that comprise the human ear.

Rapid Fan Formula - With A Free Product Rapid Fan Formula – Part 2 Rapid Fan Formula – With A Free Product Over the last few videos we’ve been looking at how you can convince other popular websites to help spread the word about your music with a financial incentive. But I think it’s also important to show you how you can use this same mindset to work with websites who would just prefer to give away your package for free to their audience. De-Essing Files This page will introduce how to use the Spitfish add-on to decrease the ess sounds in a file. If you find your file to be really essy (with strong S sounds), you can try using this tool. Download & Install the Spitfish Add-on The latest version of Fish Fillets (which contains Spitfish) can be found here. To install:

Music Marketing Cheat Sheets My name is Chris Rockett, and the five (5) “cheat sheets” I have assembled will put the odds back in your favor and give you the control you need to turn your music career into a REAL business. Here’s what you’ll get when you download these “Cheat Sheets”: Five (5) non-traditional strategies you can use to snipe fans from all over the world (starting from scratch)…Why you should collect contact information so that you can follow up with interested people for years to come.The best times to email your fans and what to say (HINT: It’s NOT what you think) and the messages you should avoid like the plagueHow to create a micro payment fan club that lets you make money in the same way spotify do it.How to beat “Music PR Firms” at their own game…and much, much more. Once you have these shortcuts in your arsenal, you’ll immediately become a more proactive, profitable musician…PLUS you’ll finally have the confidence to PULL THE TRIGGER on opportunities you might have let pass you by.

ZSound Acoustical Tuning Systems Ensemble System The ZSound Ensemble system, offers top of the line acoustic control for the uncompromising recording engineer. Complete packages available for 100 - 500ft2 rooms for critical listening spaces. Ensemble is available in four ranges of room sizes to ensure there is one that’s right for you. Click here for size layouts. The Ensemble system consists of absorbers, diffusers and bass absorber traps.