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Fractal generator

Fractal generator
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Fractal Dimension Matlab Code Edit MATLAB M code in Emacs 1.0 Matlab-emacs Major mode for Emacs for editing MATLAB code, and running MATLAB in an inferior shell. Edit MATLAB M code in Emacs 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL). Freeware download of Edit MATLAB M code in Emacs 1.0, size 0 b. Cheapest-path decider 1.0 This is a tool(MATLAB code) to find out the least-weighing path in a maze containing coloured squares where every colour has its own specified weight/cost. Powerball speed meter 1.0 Powerballspeedm This is a Matlab Code to build your own speed meter for a Powerball using a coil of enamelled copper wire, an audio cable and a computer with Matlab. Powerball speed meter 1.0 License - GNU Library or Lesser General Public License. svmradiusmargin 1.0 Svmradiusmargin Matlab code for the novel algorithms presented in the paper Convex formulation for radius-margin based Support Vector Machines RSVMPlusl1 (RSVM^+_{\mu}), RSVMPlusl1WithoutMu (RSVM^+). Gafgui 1.0 Gafgui F2matlab

Benvenuto su CERCA VERONA Fibonacci Spiral Generator The Natural Intelligence Custom Fibonacci Spiral Generator allows the user to create his or her own large Fibonacci spiral images. Each spiral is based on a small tile image, either from those supplied with the application, or one which the user provides. The CFSG application provides a control console on which the user may vary the settings to produce the final image, including the spectrum shift, brightness change, number of spiral parts, etc. The output file is saved as a .bmp image, which may be further processed using other applications. While creating images with the application, the user may access a Help Screen containing additional information. The sample images below were all created using the CFSG application from the small tile images shown. To download a demo version of CFSG, click here. To order the Custom Fibonacci Spiral Generator (price US$30), email to make payment arrangements.

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