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TinEye is a reverse image search engine. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version. TinEye TinEye is a reverse image search engine. TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. TinEye regularly crawls the web for new images, and we also accept contributions of complete online image collections. Company Profile TinEye is brought to you by the good folks at Idée Inc., an advanced image recognition and search software company. PixID – Editorial image monitoring for the news and entertainment photo industry. Idée is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Canada and we are hiring. TinEye Contributors Our goal with TinEye is to connect images and information and to make sure that images can be attributed to their creator.

Istanbul: City of Seeds: Observatory: Design Observer Mobile It was generous of the The Building Information Centre (YEM) and 34Solo to host an xskool event in their city last week. Our starting premise, after all, was that Turkey’s 30 year long construction boom is losing momentum. True, the sound of jackhammers was pervasive in Istanbul during our visit – but the cold winds of the global crisis are making themselves felt. Back in 1995, Mayor Erdogan of Istanbul declared that a third bridge would be “murder” for forests and reservoirs around the city. What drives this ecocidal policy? Trouble is, just because a property bubble is Too Big To Fail does not mean it will not fail. A Next Economy: Already Here This is where xskool comes in – as a kind of social seed exchange of the next economy. In her book Life Rules, Ellen LaConte describes they ways that “nature unfolds the future from what is here now”. It was encouraging to discover just how many many intriguing social lifeforms flourish across Istanbul already. Centre and Hinterland

Explosive Q&A App Formspring Goes Multiplayer One of the things that could make casual, social Q&A sites even more fun is "multiplayer" features that allow you to interact with groups of more than one person at a time. Formspring has just added such a feature. The site now lets you pose the same question to more than one friend at a time. For example, I was going to ask my friend Jenna what her favorite restaurant in the city is, but I remembered that Bob and Gordon are also big-time foodies. You'll be able to ask these questions of multiple Formspring users as well as your friends and followers on other social networks, including Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr and Twitter. Formspring's growth has been nothing short of meteoric lately; in fact, we've been told that this app has just passed the 14 million users mark. For example, Formspring recently gave users the ability to export questions and answers to WordPress and MySpace. Do you use Formspring? [img credit crystaljingsr]

Current Anti Gravity Inventions and Experiments Each page of this section contains information on anti gravity devices or machines that are currently in use or being tested. This company below allows you to pay for anti gravity, in other words they take you on a flight on G-Force-One their aircraft. They then make you go weightless for about a minute or more, they do this by making special flight maneuvers. Gozerog-How Does Parabolic Flight Work? Weightless Flight (also known as Parabolic Flight) is achieved aboard ZERO-G's Boeing 727 aircraft named G-FORCE ONE. The maneuver is somewhat like a roller coaster in that the plane is initially pulled up to approximately 45 degrees 'nose high'. The weightlessness experienced by everyone inside the airplane is actually equivalent to the type of "free fall" you experience when sky diving. In addition to achieving zero-g or weightlessness, G-FORCE ONE can also fly a parabola designed to offer Lunar (1/6th) or Martian (1/3rd) gravity. Page 1 2 3 4 5 6

30+ Unique & Minimal Business Card Inspiration For Designers So it has been a while since we featured some amazing business cards – so we have some fresh ones here for you – some of the best we’ve seen in 2012 so far! Today we have some EPIC Minimal card designs – really clean and beautiful in a simple and effective way. We also have some super crazy and unique designs that use CONCRETE & METAL now that is “Heavy” haha. We also have some great origami inspired ones. So I hope this inspiration for designers will help you guys on your projects! If you are designing cards for your clients, or you are making some cards yourself and print those bad boys out to show off, whatever it is your doing, I hope these cards inspire you to think outside of the box, and stand out of the crowd! These business cards are made of concrete! Wow, these are made of metal! Origami!? What is your favorite type of business card?

The $1b new town where nobody's home An artist rendering showing the $US1 billion scientific ghost town that will be developed in Lea County near Hobbs, New Mexico. Photo: AP A scientific ghost town in the heart of southeastern New Mexico oil and gas country will hum with the latest next-generation technology - but no people. A $US1 billion city without residents will be developed in Lea County near Hobbs, officials said, to help researchers test everything from intelligent traffic systems and next-generation wireless networks to automated washing machines and self-flushing toilets. Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb said the unique research facility that looks like an empty city will be a key for diversifying the economy of the nearby community, which after the oil bust of the 1980s saw bumper stickers asking the last person to leave to turn out the lights. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez speaks during the announcement of the ghost town. Advertisement The investors developing CITE were looking for open spaces. Gov.

Search Engine Land (sengineland) Xcode - Developer Tools Technology Overview Xcode 5 does more than ever to help you create high-quality apps. It automatically configures your apps to use the latest Apple services, manages images in a unified asset catalog, and helps you design stunning interfaces for iOS 7 and OS X. It also makes it easy to analyze your code, monitor performance, and test your apps, and with access to continuous integration built right in, your team can create better apps than ever before. Automatic Configuration Xcode 5 automatically configures your app to enable Apple services such as iCloud, Passbook, or Game Center, directly within the IDE. Test Navigator Test-driven development is easier than ever with the new Test Navigator which helps you create, edit, and run unit tests. Bots for Continuous Integration Xcode works closely with OS X Server to easily create bots that continuously build your app, execute your complete test suite, and run the Xcode static analyzer to find potential bugs. Auto Layout Debug Gauges Source Control Asset Management

InDesign * Numérotation des pages, chapitres et sections Pour plus d’informations et d’instructions, cliquez sur les liens ci-dessous. Numérotation des sections et des chapitres Déterminez le type de numérotation que vous voulez utiliser pour votre document ou livre. Pour les longs documents, vous pouvez assigner des numéros de chapitre. Un seul numéro de chapitre peut être assigné par document. Un document InDesign peut contenir jusqu’à 9 999 pages, mais les numéros de page peuvent aller jusqu’à 99 999. Pour plus d’informations sur la numérotation de base d’un document, reportez-vous à la section Numérotation de base des pages. Pour définir un numéro de chapitre mis à jour automatiquement Vous pouvez ajouter une variable de numéro de chapitre à votre document. Remarque : les numéros de chapitre ne peuvent pas être insérés en tant que préfixes lorsque l’on génère un index ou une table des matières (par exemple, 1-3, 1-4, etc.). Si nécessaire, créez un bloc de texte à l’emplacement où vous voulez que le numéro de chapitre apparaisse. Panneau Pages

The City As Engine: Energy, Entropy And The Triumph Of Disorder : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture hide captionAdam Frank stands atop of the Wilder Building in Rochester, N.Y. Carlet Cleare /WXXI Adam Frank stands atop of the Wilder Building in Rochester, N.Y. Cities may be the defining element of human civilization. The path from hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic era 25,000 years ago to the high-tech, high-wonder jumble we inhabit today runs straight through cities. As our cities have become more complex the physics embodying their behavior and organization has also become more nuanced, subtle and profound. About a month ago I walked down the streets of my hometown of Rochester, N.Y., to discuss a street-level view of physics and cities. Instead of just basic machines, the city becomes a vast interconnected system designed for turning energy into work. Before we hit the second law, it would be good to remember the first law, which tells us energy is always conserved. In a city you see this every day, all day. The second law is something else entirely. But it has its darker side, too.

The Future of Question and Answer Sites Since the early days of the Internet people have been gathering around common interests and sharing knowledge. The early bulletin board services, Usenet, and message boards provided a great place to get advice form people who were passionate and knowledgeable about any subject imaginable. Today, there are many places online where you can pose a question. While everyone waits for Facebook to unveil their anticipated “location” feature to compete with Foursquare, Gowalla, and Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has begun previewing a new component to the site: Facebook Questions. Using Facebook Questions users can pose a question to the Facebook community. As seems to be the case with many of Facebook’s additions, Questions is being launched on the heels of several other Q&A sites. Just coming out of beta, Quora takes a middle approach. Whether one format catches on or all continue to grow and change, it’s going to be a lot easier in the future to get help or advice for almost any problem.

Death Star Planetarium Popular images - 2 / best Page 184034 Free Images Next Page Language Bahasa IndonesiaČeštinaDeutschEnglishEspañolFrançaisItalianoNederlandsNorskMagyarРусскийPolskiPortuguêsRomânăSuomiSvenskaTürkçe日本語한국어简体中文 Service Forum About Us API FAQ Terms Blog © 2014 Pixabay - Free Images Free photos Free clip arts Free vectors Future Of Facebook”? About a week ago, word started getting out that Facebook is beta testing a new “killer app” called Facebook Questions. For beta testers, the Questions feature appears in the left-hand column just below Events and Photos. It lets you ask and answer questions to and from your extended circle of friends. A few days ago, Facebook opened up the private beta further and is now taking applications for anyone who wants to enter the beta. Facebook is taking its Questions product very seriously. It puts the Questions product on par with Photos and Events. As a beta tester, your job will be to ask great questions and provide great answers about your favorite topics. All you have to do to become a beta tester is submit three sample questions, such as What are the main differences between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer? In one fell swoop, Facebook is about to take on Yahoo Answers, Google (via recently acquired Aardvark), LinkedIn (notice the reference to job recruiters?)

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