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Initiative Handarbeit

Initiative Handarbeit
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Pop Art Poster: Become a pop icon! First time here? Welcome! We have a lot of fun stuff to play with like ourMotivational Poster maker, Magazine Cover maker, Pop Art poster, and much more! Play as much as you like—everything is free. Create a 9, 4, or 1-panel lo-fi, false-color version of one of your photos in the style of Andy Warhol's famous paintings of Marilyn Monroe. Beanie-Mütze selber stricken - in nur zwei Stunden: Strickanleitung für Beanie-Mütze Eine stylische Strickmütze kaufen? Kann ja jeder. Echte Trendsetterinnen stricken sich die angesagte Beanie Mütze selbst. Das braucht ihr: - 100 Gramm Wolle (z.B. - eine Rundnadel (3,5 - 5,5) - ein Nadelspiel (3,5 - 5,5) So geht's: 64 Maschen mit dem Nadelspiel anschlagen (= 16 Maschen pro Nadel). Mützen-Trends im Winter 2013/2014 Das Grundmuster: Für die erste Runde den Faden ungestrickt über die Nadel legen (= ein Umschlag), danach den Faden durch die folgenden zwei Maschen rechts stricken (= zwei Maschen rechts zusammenstricken). Tipp: Markiert den Rundenanfang mit einem andersfarbigen Faden. Für die zweite Runde mit einem Umschlag beginnen. Damit die Mütze nach oben hin enger wird, muss man danach glatt rechts stricken und wie folgt abnehmen: Es werden immer zwei Maschen rechts zusammengestrickt, d.h. in der ersten glatt rechts gestrickten Reihe haben sich die Maschen auf 32 halbiert. In der vierten Reihe auf das Nadelspiel wechseln und gleichzeitig Maschen abnehmen.

Thema anzeigen - Zweifarbiges Patent am Doppelbett möglich? Hallo Michaela, ich hätte auch einen Vorschlag, der allerdings ein wenig arbeitsaufwendig ist, dafür aber dem zweifarbigen Handstrick-Patent sehr ähnelt. Bild: Anschlag 1re 1li, Versatz P5. Man muss also immer, wenn der Schlitten links ist, die Einstellungen ändern. Zahlreiche Grüße Kerstin KH 965 mit KR 850 und KG 95, KH 270 mit KR 260, DesignaKnit-abhängig ----- Give me a fish, and I eat for today.

Knitting Patterns Click on each image to be directed to the pattern page. Häkelblumen - farbenmix-de Welcome to the heart of Here you will find: basic sewing tips, step-by-step photo instructions to all of our farbenmix patterns, detailed sewing instructions, a lot of design examples and many more. What is the best way to copy a pattern? What kind of fabric should I use? Hew do I insert a zipper? What possibilities are there to embellish clothes? We will try to answer all of these and some more questions. the team of Farbenmix Fish Hat - Winter 2008 Using desired color for fish lips, CO 90 sts onto double-point needles. Divide sts between needles and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist. Once first few rounds have been worked, place safety pin or split ring marker in work to indicate beginning of round. Work in stockinette st until work measures 1.5 inches. Shape Mouth: Mouth is shaped using short rows. Shape Body: Continue as follows, changing colors as desired. Work 4.75 inches in stockinette st. Tail: K 3 rounds. Row 1 [RS]: [K1, kfb] 5 times, k1. 16 sts. Replace held sts on needle and rejoin yarn with RS facing. Dorsal Fin: Lay hat flat, so that longest parts of short-rowed fish mouth are at center, and shortest parts are at side folds. K 1 row. Pectoral Fins: Mark a column of sts at each side of hat, centered over shortest parts of short-rowed fish mouth. K 1 row.

Creating Aran Style Tuck Stitch | Carl Boyd It is quite surprising the effect that transferring certain stitches to the ribber bed has on basic tuck stitch patterns. The examples I will be showing you have all been taken from Brother’s Stitch World but are all 12 or 24 stitch patterns. It is vital that end needle selection must be switched off for this technique. Sample 1 Sample 2 Punchcard 1 The first pattern I have chosen really demonstrates this technique. Sample 3 Sample 4 Punchcard 2 In Sample No.3 I have used Stitch World 259 a good basic tuck stitch which is really enhanced by the stitch transfer as shown in Sample No.4. Sample 5 Sample 6 Punchcard 3 Sample No.5 Stitch World 265 is another tuck stitch that lends itself to this technique as can be seen in sample No.6 which is greatly enhanced by a simple stitch transfer. With sample No.7 and 8 further interest could be added by cabling the stitches on the ribber bed on row 2 and every following 22nd row thereafter. Sample 7 Sample 8 Punchcard 4 Sample 9 Punchcard 5 Carl

Come indurire o inamidare i vostri piccoli lavori all'uncinetto - TUTORIAL Inamidare i lavori all'uncinetto e i pizzi risulta di estrema utilità a seconda dell'effetto che il nostro lavoro a crochet deve assumere. Qual'ora vogliate realizzare delle "miniatura" all'uncinetto vi sarà impossibile raggiungere certe risultati senza essere a conoscenza delle tecniche base per indurire i pizzi e, in generale, i piccolo lavori all'uncinetto. Ecco allora che potrete realizzare oggettini stupefacenti. Dalle infradito per bebè: Ad originali centrotavola: Per proseguire con curatissime bomboniere: Personalmente, per ora, ho inamidato solo piccoli lavori all'uncinetto destinati a diventare le principali componenti di orecchini di questo genere: o di quest'altro tipo: Ecco allora che, per poter far si che abbiano una consistenza più rigida è necessario inamidarli e metterli in forma. I metodi per inamidare i vostri lavori sono semplici ed econimici. Ci vuole solo un pò di pazienza nell'aspettare che asciughino. I tre metodi migliori, a mio modo di vedere le cose, sono: precisione.

Ugly bunny pincushion and bag charm (with patterns) Making a pincushion is a delicate task. Ofcourse, you don't want to make it so cute that you don't want to jab your collection of pointy things in it. On the other hand, you'll also want to make it look cool enough, otherwise you're reminded of your failed project every time you go crafting! My last pincushion suffered from the latter problem, so it was time to make a new one. So without much further ado, I bring you... The Ugly Bunny! And if you want to make your own ugly bunny, just grab a skein of obnoxiously colored yarn and get started! Ugly bunny pincushion Materials: - One skein of brightly colored yarn for the body.- Scrap of yarn in a contrasting color for the nose.- Scraps of yarn in black and white for the face.- A hook appropriate to the weight of the yarn. EyeR1: With white yarn, make 6 sc into a ring, sl st 1 and fasten off.Embroider on a pupil with black yarn. Reattach yarn in the 14th stitch of R25.R26: sc in next 12 st. Sew up the holes in the feet. Ugly bunny bag charm

who? It's a hat with owls! Yay! This is for my brother, whose mangyle will never be done. Certainly not for christmas. He always sends me pictures of owls, so i figured he'd appreciate it. Who? Materials:1 ball Nashua Creative Focus (I used half)size 6 circular needle and dpns (or however you want to do it)stitch marker4 small buttons for eyes (optional, you can use more, less, or none at all) sewing needle and thread Sizes:infant (child, adult) Note about sizing: I've only tested the adult size, please let me know about any problems with the smaller size and I'll be happy to fix them. Abbreviations:C4F: slip two sts onto cable needle and hold in front, k2, k2 from cable neeedleC4B: slip two sts onto cable needle and hold in back, k2, k2 from cable needle Directions:Cast on 92 (100, 112) sts, join in round and work in 2x2 ribbing for 1 inch.Switch to stockinette and work for 5 rounds, decreasing 4(1,2) sts evenly spaced in row 3. 88(99, 110) sts. Weave in all ends and block.

Pattern Making, Charting, Magic Formula, Diophantine Equation As you will find out, "The Magic Formula" is actually a layman's term for the "Diophantine Equation", named after a mathematician that came up with the equation. The term "Magic Formula" was coined by ALLES, who also wrote a text called "Charting by the Magic Formula". This text is an invaluable tool if you will want to chart your own patterns, it is not something you learn to do overnight either. It is a formula that can be used to figure out increases and decreases over a certain number of rows evenly. It can be used for other calculations also, but I will keep it simple here. Unlike most of my other sections on this site, this area can be useful for both hand and machine knitters. Off course you do not need to learn how to do this, there are tons of software packages out there that do this for you. Another invaluable tool to have is a text written by Shirley Paden, called "Knitwear Design Workshop, A Comprehensive Guide to Hand Knits".

häkeln : zizi's stricken und mehr Mein Ziel war es, während den olympischen Winterspielen etwas nach einer englischen Anleitung zu häkeln und das Doppelstricken zu versuchen. Beide Vorhaben sind zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit gelungen! Hier mein "Queen Anne Schal" Gehäkelt aus 50 gramm Rowan Tapestry Häkel-Nadel Nr. 6 Doppelstrick-Schal "Neue Galaxie" Gestrickt nach der neuesten (Kauf-)Anleitung von Danielas Maschenfantasie HIER (ravelry-Link) oder HIER (Direktlink) günstig zu beziehen! Verbrauch: 100 gramm Hot Socks Rainbow 100 gramm Zitron Trecking XXL schwarz Nadeln Nr. 3,5 Ebenfalls beendet habe ich eine Häkeltasche. Die werde ich morgen fotografieren - hatte ich heute einfach vergessen ... Einen Schal aus grauer Seide wollte ich auch noch häkeln. Nach einem Mustersatz musste ich jedoch einsehen, dass Seide zu verarbeiten im Moment nicht so günstig ist. Ich selbst weiss jetzt jedenfalls, dass mich auch englischsprachige Häkelanleitungen (wenn sie denn nicht zu kompliziert sind) nicht schrecken können ;o))