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What Students Can Actually DO With An iPad

Online, in workshops, and even with friends, I frequently get asked What can the iPad actually do? as a sort of challenge to the worth of the device. I would rather that they ask, What can you actually do with an iPad? So last week, in preparing for the New England Reading Association Conference and the NYSCATE Mobile Learning Summit , I decided to change my approach. However, before addressing that question, I asked not only WHY iPads but WHY Technology ? I want my students to communicate in complex and modern ways. What does this tangibly look like in the classroom? I want my students to demonstrate their knowledge of the parts of a story. Learning Objectives: In addition to learning the story elements, students learn… To write a constructive review To assess the credibility of an author or source To create a sense of visual hierarchy for their information To document their sources Project: Book Posters – students create a movie-style poster to advertise their book.

New iPad App May Be The Future Of Collaborative Online Learning One of the biggest problems many people have with Khan Academy and YouTube Edu is simply the format. It’s not the fault of Khan or YouTube … it’s just that the passive video format is just that. It’s passive. A San Francisco-based startup called Net Power & Light Inc. wants to change that. Net’s software is called ‘ Spin ‘ which essentially turns passive video watching into interactive group learning. Right now, Spin lets you remix and interact with content from Harvard, Stanford, TED, and the National Geographic Channel. “Teachers felt web-based learning wasn’t giving them the full experience,” Tara Lemmey, Net Power & Light’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview. So How’s It Work? The App Screenshot The Spin software lets you, like any video player, fast-forward, rewind, skip chapters, and pause videos. Start the video, get your group to join in, watch a bit, then discuss. Get The App “The global class is the next stage in the experiment,” Sandel said. Prof.

10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Lenny Gonzales By Terry Heick When it comes to deciding how or whether to use iPads, schools typically focus on budget issues, apps, networking logistics, check-in and check-out procedures, school and district tech-use policies, hardware precautions, and aspects of classroom management. But it’s also important to think about instructional use, and to that end, consider the following questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Also worth considering: How can parents, families, and local businesses be involved in procuring, managing, or integrating iPads in the classroom? These kinds of questions can help you get the most out of the iPad’s use in your classroom. This post originally appeared on TeachThought, where Terry Heick is the director of curriculum. Related Explore: iPad, Mobile Learning

How to guides Smarter Learning Ideas to innovate and inspire YouTube Twitter RSS Feed Category Archives: How to guides Guided Access in iOS6 – Video courtesy of @cultofmac Sep 19 Posted by smarterlearning Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Posted in How to guides 1 Comment Restricting access to particular features on the iPad. Mar 20 2 Comments Apps elearning General How to guides iPad iPhone presentations Resources Science Apps Science Resources TES Resources Tutor Time Apps Create a free website or blog at Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. Join 2,955 other followers Powered by %d bloggers like this: How Students Can Create Their Own e-Textbooks On An iPad Two of the most powerful apps on the iPad may be completely invisible: iBooks and the Camera Roll. However, when used together, they have the potential to create powerful learning experiences and dynamic projects. Dynamic Math Portfolios In July, Greg Kulowiec and I taught a workshop on Creating Digital Course Content. One of our participants, a high school math teacher, initially set out to create his own textbook. However, as we started exploring BookCreator, he realized that the real value may be in the students creating their own collection of books over the course of the year. For each chapter covered in the text book, his students could create an eBook. We then discussed workflow and how the students could “turn in” their books. Science Lab Book Collection In August, I worked with a middle school science teacher at Ascension Episcopal School in Lafayette, LA. This year, since her students would be 1:1 with iPads, she would have them create their own collection of lab books.

Molecules | Sunset Lake Software Molecules is an application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once. The combination of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad's unique multitouch input system and the built-in OpenGL ES 3-D graphics capabilities enable you to feel like you are manipulating the molecules themselves with your fingers. New molecules can be downloaded from the RCSB Protein Data Bank ( an international repository of biological molecules and their 3-D structures, or NCBI's PubChem, a public database of compounds. Molecules can be downloaded directly to your handheld device and stored there for later viewing. Molecules is free and its source code is available under the BSD license. Related posts

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Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control' Mobile Learning | Feature Using iPads With Mixed-Ability Students, Teachers Must 'Give Up Some Control' By Kim Fortson09/12/12 The power in today's classroom, according to Amanda Allen and David Lopez, who introduced iPads to their Los Angeles school, is no longer in the teacher's hands. In 2010, when Allen and Lopez helped to pioneer the implementation of 1-to-1 iPads at St. "Technology is too powerful not to use," said Allen, a primary school teacher at the time. St. A Control Issue Allen and Lopez both note that the iPads allowed teachers to cater to mixed ability students, or students of multiple learning levels, with varying learning styles, at the same time. "The biggest challenge was giving up some of the control and being OK with the fact that it might not go perfect the first time, but knowing that we were going to figure it out," Allen said. To achieve these outcomes, both Allen and Lopez gave their students great freedom in the way the tablets were used.

Five Awesome (and Educational) iPad Apps for Kids Five Awesome (and Educational) iPad Apps for Kids Posted by Heather Liban on Sept. 19, 2012 I have an iPad. I must say, it is one of the favorite gadgets I have ever, ever, ever owned. I use it for email. I use it to read books. My kids also play with the iPad. Here are some of my favorite (education) iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone apps for kids. Stack the States (.99 iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) Geography has always been difficult to teach my kids. Bobo and Light (4.99 iPad) This is a awesome science interactive book that takes iPad’s amazing graphic capabilities and turns them into a roller-coaster ride of science! Oregon Trail (.99, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) Did you play this game as a kid? Presidents Vs Aliens (.99, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone) This game makes learning about the president's so much fun! Chicktionary (.99, iPad) My eight year old came home from school talking about this game.

Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide! How to Use Augmented Reality in Your Classroomthis post is read best via a desktop due to the embedded video content Augmented reality allows someone to add another layer to an existing image. For example, imagine holding your phone over a poster on the wall as if you were going to take a photo of that poster, and then instantly a video starts playing to offer you additional information about that particular poster. After watching the video below, I knew I had to figure this augmented reality thing out. Aurasma is the app I use to create augmented reality. Sharing Aurasma with My Husband's Colleagues Not only is augmented reality amazing, it's also free and easy to do. While waiting for our table to be called for dinner, we were discussing the nice decorations displayed around the reception hall. His colleagues began instantly brainstorming how this could be used for their business. Augmented Reality Vocabulary The following definitions are not from any specific source. Step 1: Step 2: