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By Diatom Studio

By Diatom Studio
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Laser Cut Metal Pendants: Fire Lily by Amichai Oron When all traces of natural light have disappeared from the sky, the Fire Lily fixture really does offer a sense of fire as the inner bulb glows against its metallic cage. The Turquoise Fire Lily has an ethereal quality and how stunning would this fixture look in a Seaside decor? The yellow Fire Lily is the perfect modern accent piece to hang above a pair on night tables. The shadow effects on the ceiling would create art high above the bed and the yellow pops of colour during the day would be a fun addition to any room. In today's kitchens full of stainless steel appliances, pale woods and white countertops, the cream version of the Fire Lily would be an artistic statement of subtle pattern over a bar in a row of 3. The red globe of blossoms reminds me of an autumn breeze, swirling blossoms and leaves across my garden path. Orion tries to connect order and chaos, logic and emotion within his designs and the randomness of these precise geometric designs does just that. Armichai Oron

meubles en carton marie krtonne asymptote architecture | knoll page Knoll A3 Office Furniture System Knoll International, New York Date: 2002 Client: Knoll International, New York Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture Project Director: Noboru Ota Design Team: Noboru Ota, Jose Salinas, Birgit Schoenbrodt, Renate Weissenboeck, Hannah Yampolsky Engineer: Knoll Product Development, East Greenville, PA Fabrication Consultants: Tip Sempler, Bill Shea From the outset, the Knoll A3 project was a complete revaluation and overhaul of the conventional—and some would say outmoded—office cubicle. Free Workbench Plans – The $175 Homemade Workbench | DO IT: Projects, Plans and How-tos Written by mike on January 17th, 2012 Build this DIY workbench for cheap! Need a workbench for your shop, something solid that will likely last longer than you will? Something you can do serious woodworking on? Mount a vice? Or, seeing as you’re the type that wants to build stuff, why not skip buying something pricey and build the very workbench you’ll be using for your future projects? The free plans are available via PDF, with an accompanying set of notes on the Popular Woodworking website. Related posts:

Carton Ondulé de France | Carton Ondulé de France Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Home » Lighting » Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf, the Flight Lamp AKA the Laser Lamp is fashioned after the silhouette of the popular toy airplanes made of balsa wood. The exterior and form of the lamp appear like they have nothing in common with airplanes apart from the hood which vaguely resembles a fuselage. Made of 4 wooden dowels, the Flight Lamp was crafted out of plywood that was laser cut to perfection and a long lasting, cool running light fixture from an exit sign. Once assembled, the lamp can be used as a reading light or even a clever tall light depending on the user’s need. Via: Coroflot 38 Fun Office Furniture Pieces By: Laura McQuarrie - Published: May 23, 2014 Modern workplaces have ditched strict hierarchical layouts and have opted for open, flexible spaces and sometimes even include fun office furniture. Since the office is a place that most working individuals spend the majority of their time, it may as well be an environment that fosters fun, creative thinking and collaboration. Meetings are still very much an important part of the workplace, but the way they are conducted has changed drastically over the last decade—instead of going to a designated meeting room, people can pick up and move to a meeting table with much greater ease. When it comes to working individually in terms of fun office furniture, playful pods offer a much better alternative to being stuck in a cramped cubicle.

ReUse Warehouse Construction material accounts for 38% of the waste stream in the Houston area. The Building Materials Reuse Warehouse, a component of the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department, benefits the community by providing space for excess building materials that would otherwise be dumped in local landfills. We accept material from individuals, supply companies, and builders, and make it freely available for reuse by any non-profit organization. More than one-third of the waste stream in the Houston area is made up of construction and demolition material, much of which could be diverted and re-used. The City of Houston Building Materials Reuse Warehouse is just one of the local organizations working to keep reusable building materials out of the landfills and to put them into the hands of those that can use them. HOW DOES IT WORK? 9003 N. View CoH Solid Waste Management Dept. I-45, exit on Crosstimbers, turning west on Crosstimbers. Read more about their award here... Pickup: Shopping:

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