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By Diatom Studio

By Diatom Studio
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Laser Cut Metal Pendants: Fire Lily by Amichai Oron When all traces of natural light have disappeared from the sky, the Fire Lily fixture really does offer a sense of fire as the inner bulb glows against its metallic cage. The Turquoise Fire Lily has an ethereal quality and how stunning would this fixture look in a Seaside decor? The yellow Fire Lily is the perfect modern accent piece to hang above a pair on night tables. The shadow effects on the ceiling would create art high above the bed and the yellow pops of colour during the day would be a fun addition to any room.

asymptote architecture Knoll A3 Office Furniture System Knoll International, New York Date: 2002 'His and Her' Laser Cut Keyring I love to design and make things - It's my passion! This is my entry for the Full Spectrum Laser Contest. If you guys like my work and enjoy what I do, please show your support and vote for me :). I have many more design ideas that could easily be realised with the addition of a laser cutter or SLA machine. I wanted to design and make something that used the laser cutting process but was also highly functional - if you built this you could definitely use it day in, day out! Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Home » Lighting » Light up your Flight(s) of fancy with this clever laser lamp Created by Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf, the Flight Lamp AKA the Laser Lamp is fashioned after the silhouette of the popular toy airplanes made of balsa wood. The exterior and form of the lamp appear like they have nothing in common with airplanes apart from the hood which vaguely resembles a fuselage. But we still think that’s as good a common ground as it gets on lamps inspired from airplanes. To bring the association even closer, however, the designer chose aircraft plywood to make the lamp evoke the same feeling as the toy airplanes do. Made of 4 wooden dowels, the Flight Lamp was crafted out of plywood that was laser cut to perfection and a long lasting, cool running light fixture from an exit sign.

38 Fun Office Furniture Pieces By: Laura McQuarrie - Published: May 23, 2014 Modern workplaces have ditched strict hierarchical layouts and have opted for open, flexible spaces and sometimes even include fun office furniture. Since the office is a place that most working individuals spend the majority of their time, it may as well be an environment that fosters fun, creative thinking and collaboration. Meetings are still very much an important part of the workplace, but the way they are conducted has changed drastically over the last decade—instead of going to a designated meeting room, people can pick up and move to a meeting table with much greater ease. Now meeting tables are often combined with ping pong tables or swingsets to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and impromptu brainstorming sessions. When it comes to working individually in terms of fun office furniture, playful pods offer a much better alternative to being stuck in a cramped cubicle.

+ table series by fraaiheid mar 17, 2013 + table series by fraaiheid the ‘+++table’ – the largest version of the series composed of three worktop panels fraaiheid is an amsterdam-based brand led by three architects: daniel aw, sjoerd schaapveld and rikjan scholten. their first product to go to market is the ‘+table’ series, which was developed from their working experience in dutch construction and their desire to make innovative products which easily appeal to a public who wants to add a little bit of fraaiheid-’beauty’ in dutch)-to their lives. with the +table they created a design table for a non-design price that can be put together in three minutes. it is made from a single sheet of CNC-cut laminated birch plywood which is finished with a layer of coloured hpl (high pressure laminate) for extra protection. assembled without the requirement of any other material or tool at all, just three minutes of old-fashioned manual labour by the consumerto construct it. detail of the way in which the ‘+table’ slots together

Laser-cut lamp This is a lamp designed by Asli and Gokcen (with Burak Kilic) and fabricated by laser cutter. It was designed as an assignment for the digital fabrication course directed by Marta Malé-Alemany at IaaC ( Institue for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya). The design is a light-bulb-holding piece for a laser cut lamp installation which was composed of 9 different types of distorted pipes. Stereo screens by Texaa® Stereo screens Stereo screens may be suspended from the ceiling at various heights or mounted on a freestanding base and are designed to provide a high level of sound absorption for large open spaces. They are covered in removable fabric envelopes and offer a simple, easily transportable and effective way of marking out quiet zones or closing off individual spaces.Used in combination, they provide inspired means of sculpting interior spaces by creating an acoustic shield. Stereo screens 296 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 296 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 296 x 2, 396 x 50 mm 1, 596 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 596 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 596 x 2, 396 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 1, 196 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 1, 796 x 50 mm 1, 196 x 2, 396 x 50 mm - Suspended between ceiling and floor with through cable fixings - Suspended from the ceiling with 2 or 3 vertical cables - Screwed to the ceiling - Floor mounted in a modular system - Floor mounted personal screens - Mounted or clipped to a table A modular system of acoustic partitions

CNC Panel Joinery Notebook I’ve been collecting clever ways of slotting flat stock together since I first read Nomadic Furniture back in 1999, well before the advent of the accessible hobby-class CNC tools that today make manufacturing parts like these pretty easy. Now, the world is full of people designing models, project enclosures, sculpture, furniture, and all kinds of other cool stuff to be assembled from parts made on laser cutters and CNC routers. I keep expecting a definitive book or website to emerge that covers the “bag of tricks” in an organized way, but so far, I haven’t found it.