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The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal

The net's largest PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript and ASP script collection and resource web portal
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Online Code Repository The goal is to have working code for all the algorithms in the book in a variety of languages. So far, we have Java, Lisp and Python versions of most of the algorithms. There is also some old code in C++, C# and Prolog, but these are not being maintained. We also have a directory full of data files. Let know what languages you'd like to see, and if you're willing to help. Supported Implementations We offer the following three language choices, plus a selection of data that works with all the implementations: Java: aima-java project, by Ravi Mohan. Unsupported Implementations Implementation Choices What languages are instructors recommending? Of course, neither recall nor precision is perfect for these queries, nor is the estimated number of results guaranteed to be accurate, but they offer a rough estimate of popularity.

Сервис рассылок: email, sms, smtp, push | SendPulse Home page Richard Gruet @ Created Oct 8, 2001. Last updated on Apr 21, 2013 Welcome to this page, entirely dedicated to Python. A bit of propaganda I am a big fan of Python, a so called scripting language comparable to Perl but far more readable and elegant (in my opinion, no offense ;-) It is free and available for a wide variety of platforms. Eric Raymond, author of the famous essay on the Open Source movement "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" explains why Python is his favorite programming language there. Just try Python! Python Quick Reference This is a (relatively) Quick Reference for Python in a single long HTML page. If you want to print the Quick Ref, try first from your browser (I suggest to select styles Printing or Modern B&W). This version of the Quick Reference has been created by Stefan McKinnon Høj-Edwards from the PQR 2.6. Quick reference for Python 1.52 (HTML single page) OmniORBpy utilities ipy idlb idlb is a simple IDL definition textual browser written in Python on top of the ATT's omniORB ORB. Warning!

Check server: Check host - online website monitoring (the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library ::: (the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library [home] [zone] Based in part on over 3,000 newsgroup articles written by Python veteran Fredrik Lundh since 1995, this book provides brief descriptions and sample scripts for all standard modules in the Python 2.0 library. For more information on the book and the print editions, see (the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library. The edition (based on the 2001 O’Reilly edition) Individual pages: The Standard Python Library (HTML) Printable chapters: Preface1. Note: All chapters are distributed as PDF files; to read them, you need Adobe Reader (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat) or compatible software. Updates New Modules in Python 2.1New Modules in Python 2.2New Modules in Python 2.3New Modules in Python 2.4 (coming soon)New Modules in Python 2.5 (coming soon) rendered by a django application. hosted by webfaction.

An Introduction to DNS Terminology, Components, and Concepts Introduction DNS, or the Domain Name System, is often a very difficult part of learning how to configure websites and servers. Understanding how DNS works will help you diagnose problems with configuring access to your websites and will allow you to broaden your understanding of what's going on behind the scenes. In this guide, we will discuss some fundamental DNS concepts that will help you hit the ground running with your DNS configuration. After tackling this guide, you should be ready to set up your domain name with DigitalOcean or set up your very own DNS server. Before we jump into setting up your own servers to resolve your domain or setting up our domains in the control panel, let's go over some basic concepts about how all of this actually works. Domain Terminology We should start by defining our terms. Let's start easy: Domain Name System Domain Name A domain name is the human-friendly name that we are used to associating with an internet resource. IP Address Top-Level Domain Hosts

Python Help, Python Code, Python Tutorials, Python Programming It looks as if the Python programming language has grown up. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) just spent $3 million to help fund a start-up company that is exploring and improving Python’s capabilities in the areas of big data and analytics.Continue reading Python 3.2 is now available for download. Python 3.2, the youngest generation of the Python programming language, has just received its fourth alpha release. BlaB! - PHP/AJAX web chat systems Python Snippets and Recipes This is the page for various snippets, examples, and smaller python modules. Several of these recipes accompany blog entries or Python articles. Method Overloading Method overloading is a language feature typically found in statically typed languages, where which version of a method can be determined at compile time by the types and number of arguments. frommethodOverloadingimportMethodOverloading class SomeClass(object): __metaclass__ = MethodOverloading def __init1__(self, x=int, y=int, z=int): self.test = (x, y, z) def __init2__(self, string=str): self.test = string Piping Objects with Operator Overloading Functional languages and programming environments like Powershell often have first class syntax for piping objects between functions. listdir('.') >> notolderthan('2/3/08') >> prettyprint Painless Properties The syntax for creating properties with getters and setters in Python is more verbose than other languages (like C# for example). from__properties__importWithProperties Rich Comparison

Установка HTTPS сертификата Let's Encrypt | Сервер Вот наконец решил попробовать SSL сертификат от Let’s Encrypt. Сподвигло меня на это то что, купленный мной ранее сертификат от COMODO, на платформе Android оказывается считается недоверенным. А я ни сном ни духом об этом( Да и вобщем хрен с ним с тем сертификатом, стоил он всего 8$, и во первых не жалко, а во вторых, FireFox начал ругаться на то сертификат использует небезопасное шифрование 1024bit. Вообще что такое Let’s Encrypt? Проект Let’s Encrypt создан для того, чтобы большая часть интернет-сайтов смогла перейти к шифрованным подключениям (HTTPS). Прошу прощения за этот назойливый блок рекламы... ...ей я лишь пытаюсь окупить хостинг :) больше не показывать У сервиса есть несколько ограничений которые немного печалят, сертификат выдается сроком всего на 3 месяца, отсутствуют WildCard сертификаты. Теория заговора: хотя мне кажется все эти ограничения созданы искусственно с другой целью — оставить остальные центры сертификации на плаву. Как установить Let’s Encypt? . . . В моем случае: .

Swampy: Installation Instructions If you have Python and Tkinter, you can install Swampy from the Python Package Index. If you need help installing Swampy, Tkinter or Python, see the detailed instructions below. These instructions are a work in progress; if you have suggestions for improvement, let me know. The following instructions are for Python 2. Once you have Swampy installed, try out some of the examples is this tutorial. Linux Install Python To see if you already have Python, open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and type python on the Linux command line. Macintosh Install Python According to, Python comes pre-installed on Mac OS X, but due to Apple's release cycle, it's often one or even two years old. Windows Thanks to Jaymie for help improving these instructions. Python 3 Swampy for Python 3 is not available as a package. Swampy source for Python 3: import swampy.TurtleWorld You would just specify the module, like this: import TurtleWorld

М.Войнаровский. Легенды об атеизме Легенды об атеизме Мирослав Войнаровский Был в моей жизни период, когда я много времени посвящал вопросам религии, общался на религиозных сайтах. Судя по всему, этот период закончился, и я хочу подвести итоги. Серия «легенды об атеизме» представляет собой именно такое подведение итогов. «Легенды об атеизме» местами могут показаться довольно злой сатирой. Поэтому скажу сразу: текст предназначен для атеистов. Первоначальная идея была в том, чтобы помочь верующим понять атеистов. Чтобы расставить точки над i, я отвечу на пару сакраментальных вопросов. 1. Ответ: как к чудачеству. 2. Ответ: как к психическому явлению. Я думаю, что над религиозностью можно смеяться, и нужно это делать, если кто-то атакует атеизм. Начну с отвлеченного, нейтрального примера, на котором продемонстрирую один фокус. Что такое «бык»? А вот у биологов словом «бык» называется не только самец, но и весь этот вид «bos taurus taurus» («бык домашний»). А если подразумевать под быком опору для моста? Рассмотрим пример. 1.

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Python isn't just Java without the compile I've had several conversations recently where it's become clear to me that some people view dynamic languages like Python and Ruby as just Java without the compile step. Yes, one of the advantages of a dynamic language is the ability to drop the compile from the edit/compile/run cycle, but there is much more to it than that. [Update: Some corrections. Now let's not start a language war here; to be perfectly clear, I'm not calling Java a bad language nor am I impugning the skills or mental prowess of Java programmers, what I want to do is just introduce some of the abstractions that are present in Python and Ruby that are missing from Java. First-class functionsKeyword parametersDefault parametersTuplesParallel assignmentEfficient multiple return values ContinuationsUser-defined operatorsClosuresMeta-programming Let's look at each of these abstractions in detail in Python. First-class functions You can define a standalone function, it doesn't have to be a member of a class. Continuations