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Internet Security Tools LAPTOP Magazine - Product reviews, tech news, buying guides, and Bruce Schneier: We need ‘cyberwar hotlines’ to match nuclear hotlines Security expert Bruce Schneier has called for governments to establish ‘hotlines’ between their cyber commands, much like the those between nuclear commands, to help them battle against cyber attacks. Cyber security is high on the national agenda, and is regarded as a top threat to the UK’s security. It is also top a concern for other nations around the world. Last month, the EU announced plans to cybercrime centre by 2013, and it agreed with the US to set up a working group on cybersecurity. Meanwhile, NATO also adopted its Strategic Concept Charter, which outlines plans to develop new capabilities to combat cyber attacks on military networks. Schneier, writing in the Financial Times, said that a hotline between the world’s cyber commands would “at least allow governments to talk to each other, rather than guess where an attack came from.” He said that this would be a starting point and that more importantly, governments need to establish cyberwar “treaties”.

☠ Bluetouff's blog | Sous les octets, la plage … Style Forum - Discussion of Men's Clothing, Streetwear, Denim, Health, & Lifestyle Blog Archive » Identifying the country of origin for a malware PE executable Update 11/29/10: Added a short discussion about non-malware executables also. Have you ever wondered how people writing reports about malware can say where the malware was likely developed? Sometimes you get totally lucky and log files created by the malware will help answer the question. Given the following line from a log: 11/16/2009 6:41:48 PM –> Hook instalate lsass.exe We can use Google Translate’s “language detect” feature to help up determine the language used (click to enlarge): Of course, it’s not often we get THAT lucky! A more interesting method is the examination of certain structures known as the Resource Directory within the executable file itself. For the sake of example, here’s some images showing you just a few of the resources embedded inside of notepad.exe: (using CFF Explorer from: ) Now it’s important to note that an executable may have only a few or even zero resources – especially in the case of malware. Not exactly. -Gary Golomb Locale

Wireless Networking Hiding our Cyberwar from Congress The AP noticed something troubling in Michael Vickers’ response to the Senate Armed Services Committee questions on his nomination to be Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence: the government did not include descriptions of its cyberwar activities in the quarterly report on clandestine activities. The Senate Armed Services Committee voiced concerns that cyber activities were not included in the quarterly report on clandestine activities. But Vickers, in his answer, suggested that such emerging high-tech operations are not specifically listed in the law — a further indication that cyber oversight is still a murky work in progress for the Obama administration.Vickers told the committee that the requirement specifically calls for clandestine human intelligence activity. But if confirmed, he said, he would review the reporting requirements and support expanding the information included in the report. But there seems to be some interesting carving out of programs to hide from Congress.

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