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Ransom Trojan bounces back -

Ransom Trojan bounces back -

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Blog Archive » Identifying the country of origin for a malware PE executable Update 11/29/10: Added a short discussion about non-malware executables also. Have you ever wondered how people writing reports about malware can say where the malware was likely developed? Sometimes you get totally lucky and log files created by the malware will help answer the question. Given the following line from a log: 11/16/2009 6:41:48 PM –> Hook instalate lsass.exe

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Free Books A lot of people keep asking about a good list of programming books. Hence, we are building this list to save your time and to spread the knowledge. Some of these books will definitely help us to evolve our coding skills and thought processes for developing better solutions. We will do our best to keep updating this list, hope you find this list useful, here we go. Meta-List Top 10 Sources To Watch NFL Online For Free Football is the most interesting game among all sports and the thrill moves higher when it is National Football League. The league otherwise known as American Football League consists of thirty-two excellent teams from United States competing. Further divided evenly into two conferences – the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC), and each conference has four divisions that have 4 teams each. However, NFL is not only famous in US, but globally there are millions of fans waiting to catch up each game of this sport.

Possible new Twitter worm Looks like there is a new twitter worm out there. There are an increased number of messages like the following ones: Those short URL points to the servers providing the malware. The following are some of the malicious URL I could gather (CAREFUL: THEY ARE STILL ACTIVE): After clicking to the URL, you are sent to a faveAV web page: Complete Guide to Set Up a WordPress Blog and Make Money How to set up a WordPress Blog and Make Money image byMike Licht, Are you a writer?

Twitter Worm Unleashes Fake AV Attack Google's link shortening service, as well as code obfuscation with RSA public key cryptography algorithm are spreading malicious links via a bogus antivirus campaign. A Twitter worm is behind a new, fake antivirus campaign now in the wild. According to Kaspersky Lab security researcher Nicolas Brulez, the new worm "is spreading fast, using the '' URL shortening service to distribute malicious links." Nerd, Dork, Geek, Dweeb: What’s the Difference? Great White Snark provides a totally necessary and welcome diagram (h/t Rebecca Hersh). Since I prefer intelligence overall, think obsession has good, secondary value and find little to be recommended in social ineptitude but will accept it if required to support the first two, here’s the preference hierarchy, as I see it: Geek,Nerd,Dweeb,Dork.

Discount Shopping in New York City - Stores for Great Discount Shopping in New York City Just looking for some designer clothes at discount prices? Check out these great New York City stores that sell designer brands at a discount every day. Due to rough and tumble handling by the occasionally ruthless discount shopper, make sure to inspect any purchases for tears, holes and runs. Discount shopping gurus might also be interested in New York City Sample Sales.Stores are listed in alphabetical order AvaMaria Carberp Trojan Removes Antivirus Scanners, Other Malware from Host - Security A piece of banking malware is evolving more sophisticated capabilities to stay hidden on victims' PCs, according to several security researchers. The information-stealing malware Carberp, discovered last October, can steal a range of data, disguise itself as a legitimate Windows file and remove any antivirus software installed on the host, according to Seculert. As the latest banking malware to emerge, it has been changing very rapidly and adding on new features and capabilities, Seculert said.

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