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Multiple Intelligences Apps for The iPad

Multiple Intelligences Apps for The iPad
Howard Gardner is an internationally recognized leader in the field of developmental psychology. He has prolifically authored several books and journal articles on the nature of intelligence. He is best known for his theory of multiple intelligences (Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice ). Gardner defines intelligence as the ability to solve problems in a given context. Consider a 12-year old Puluwat in the Caroline Islands, he says, who has been selected by his elders to learn how to become a master sailor " under the tutelage of master navigators he will learn how to combine knowledge of sailing stars and geography so as to find his way around hundreds of islands. Gardner argues that there are at least 6 kinds of intelligences : Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Musical, Linguistic, Mathematico Logical, Visual Spacial. Related:  Teacher Info

Great iPad Apps to Organize, Grade, and Assess Students Learning Gone are the days when teachers used to entirely depend on the use of traditional grading books to keep their students grades and manage rating systems.Now technology has made it way easier for any teacher to have an electronic gradebook with more features than the traditional one and above all accessible anywhere with internet connection. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already reviewed some web tools that allows users to create and manage their gradebooks.Today, however, we are going to provide you with some iPad apps that can do almost the same job. With these apps you can : grade your students papers on the go organize your classes document student learning report to parents calculate percentages for assessmentsmake spreadsheets and charts and many more.. Check out this list and share with us your suggestions or further recommendations : 1- Teacher Kit " TeacherKit is a personal organizer for the teacher. 5- Grade It " Grade It! 6- Teacher Tool One

The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning Mobile learning is here to stay. Students and teachers alike can build entire libraries of apps and web tools that let them learn and do, well, anything. We’ve covered this just about every day and love finding new resources to share. So, if you haven’t yet, follow @edudemic on Twitter ! Our friends at Online Universities took a recent list of top iOS apps that ran on Edudemic and turned it into a handy visualization that any teacher could refer back to in a time of need. Brain Exercises Take advantage of these games, puzzles, and other brain teasers to build general cognitive skills needed to process and retain necessary information. Brain Blast – Flex Your Brain Muscle : Engage with some fun little brain teasers — mostly math-related — to keep the memory hot and the cognitive process chugging along. Quizzes and Flashcards Math Overcome math anxiety — or indulge the love — through some of the iPhone’s diverse selection of tools to help that mind crunch some tasty, tasty numbers. Science

Dropbox resources for teachers In Voionmaa high school we use Dropbox in many ways. Teachers have their own account for sharing files, some teachers also share files with each other. Every teacher has also iPad and Dropbox is a useful tool for iPad users. Links for more: 20+ Tools To Supercharde You DropboxThe ultimate Dropbox toolkit guideDropbox a multi tool for educators62 things you can do with Dropbox10 tools for getting most from Dropbox10+ apps for DropboxFacebook groups adds Dropbox integrationThe Complete Dropbox for Educators by Jeffrey Thomas bloomsapps Using Blooms Taxonomy in education is a highly effective way to scaffold learning for the students. With the recent popularity and pervasive nature of iOS devices in school districts it is essential for educators to understand how to implement Blooms in the classroom using the apps that are available. While this list is by no means fully comprehensive, it will assist educators in getting started when implementing iOS devices in the classroom. This site will change almost daily as it will be updated with new and exciting apps! If you find any that you have worked with in your classroom please email or tweet @bloomsapps or @dmileham75 with your suggestions. Two Links to some iTunesU courses relating to iOS Integration: 1 iPad by Erie 1 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services ( Movie Making\Digital Storytelling Camera to PDF Free - cool little app that turns your device into a scanner. LiveBinders: I would be remiss if I didn't post this.

Retail careers can be made by playing the numbers Ken Kuschei has always loved numbers. But when he took on a job in retail analytics with Longo's two years ago, he raised his skills to a whole new level. 'I'm the one who gets to go through all the data Longo's collects, then I analyze it, and pull out patterns and opportunities to serve customers,' says the director of consumer insights for the Vaughan, Ont.-based grocery retailer. Having previously worked as a business analyst and then with a loyalty program provider, he considers his jump to retail to be a lucky career break. 'I've always had a natural curiosity for numbers and reports and seeing how things are doing. But when Kuschei looks for new people to join his team, there's more on his wish list than an affinity for numbers. 'One of the beauties of this field is that there are a lot of different skills that add value. The Queen's School of Business in Kingston for example, is launching a 10-month master of management analytics program next summer.

7 Great iPad Writing apps Writing is the backbone skill in literacy learning0 There are actually several free web tools that teachers can use to easily develop and boost their students writing capabilities. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already reviewed many of them but today we are going to explore those web apps that we can use on iPad for the same purposes : developing writing skills. As you know, we give priority to free technology be it apps, web tools or anything else that can be of some benefit to teachers but sometimes we run out of options and are left only with paid apps such as the case with the list below. We tried hard to look for free apps that corresponds with today's topic but in vain. Anyway, here is the list of the some of the best writing apps for iPad , check them out . 1- Pages Pages is the most beautiful word processor you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. 2- My Writing Spot 3- Clean Writer 4- Writers App You're writing a new novel? 5- Chronicle for iPad Chronicle is simple.

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use . EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we’ve seen firsthand how they approach iPad integration. While we’ve witnessed many effective approaches to incorporating iPads successfully in the classroom, we’re struck by the common mistakes many schools are making with iPads, mistakes that are in some cases crippling the success of these initiatives. We’re sharing these common challenges with you, so your school doesn’t have to make them. 1) Focusing on content apps The most common mistake teachers make with iPads is focusing on subject-specific apps. It simply didn’t occur to him use the VoiceThread app to record his students speaking Latin, or perhaps create a collaborative discussion of Cicero. And we don’t introduce a single subject app. 2) Lack of Teacher Preparation in Classroom Management of iPads It doesn’t.

10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Lenny Gonzales By Terry Heick When it comes to deciding how or whether to use iPads, schools typically focus on budget issues, apps, networking logistics, check-in and check-out procedures, school and district tech-use policies, hardware precautions, and aspects of classroom management. But it’s also important to think about instructional use, and to that end, consider the following questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Also worth considering: How can parents, families, and local businesses be involved in procuring, managing, or integrating iPads in the classroom? These kinds of questions can help you get the most out of the iPad’s use in your classroom. This post originally appeared on TeachThought, where Terry Heick is the director of curriculum. Related Explore: iPad, Mobile Learning

Bloomin' Apps This page gathers all of the Bloomin' Apps projects in one place.Each image has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, Android, Google and online tools and applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.I have created a page to allow you to share your favorite online tool, iOS, or Android app with others. Cogs of the Cognitive Processes I began to think about the triangular shape of Bloom's Taxonomy and realized I thought of it a bit differently.Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used when necessary, and any learner goes in and out of the each level as they acquire new content and turn it into knowledge, I created a different type of image that showcased my thoughts about Bloom's more meaningfully.Here is my visual which showcases the interlocking nature of the cognitive processes or, simply, the "Cogs of the Cognitive Processes". IPAD APPS TO SUPPORT BLOOM'S REVISED TAXONOMYassembled by Kathy Schrock​ Bloom's and SAMR: My thoughts

10 Surprising Features Of Finland’s Education System 5 Ways Schools Are Already Using 3D Printing 8.17K Views 0 Likes We've already looked at MOOCs, tablet computing, gamification, and learning analytics. 4 Free Ways To Start Your Own Blog 7.47K Views 0 Likes Blogging is a digital skill that every teacher and student should have.

Blackboard Mobile™ Learn Top 25 Mobile Apps in Academia Everyone seems to talk endlessly about the role smartphones and other mobile technologies play in today’s classroom, especially when it comes to the best apps to get teachers organized and keep students learning. Higher ed has not inoculated itself against the spread, and ranks from the university president down to the lowliest of fresh meat tote around a smartphone or a tablet these days. Some, of course, benefit the faculty more than others, and the following prove pretty popular among professors these days. Dropbox:Thanks to the magic and wonder of cloud computing, professors on the go can access their files from other devices they’ve connected to their personal networks, meaning they never leave an important digital document at home!

Is Content Creation the Next Wave of Mobile Learning? Students use their mobile devices to access course websites, syllabi, and learning management systems. They also check their grades, register for courses, and purchase textbooks. Oh, and they read, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and play Angry Birds. What they don’t do — at least, not yet — is create content. On mobile devices, the scale is decidedly tipped in favor of content consumption. Why use Mobile Devices to Create Content? To John Neff, staff development specialist at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois, it’s because mobile devices open up a whole new way of learning for students who have grown up with them and will continue to use them in some form for the rest of their lives. That’s why he and his colleague, Anthony Marcasciano, an instructional technologist, are something like evangelists when it comes to using mobile devices to create content in the classroom. How to Find the Right Apps for Content Creation Some Things to Think About BYOD vs.

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