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TEFL Resources & Activities for English Teachers

TEFL Resources & Activities for English Teachers
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Learn English for Free with elllo! Conversation ESLAmerica.USTHE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WEBSITE WHERE EVERYTHING HAS SOUND! American English Teachers for You Beginning ConversationsBeginning Low Phrases for Conversationeslgold.comBeginning High Phrases for Conversationeslgold.comEnglish Speaking Basics Italkenglish.comEnglish Speaking Basics II talkenglish.comEnglish Speaking Basics IIItalkenglish.comBasic English Listening Lessonstalkenglish.comA Fun What a Busy Breakfasttrainyouraccent.comCalling to Report a Medical Emergencyeslfast.comCommunicationfocusenglish.comDaily Lifeeslfast.comDating eslfast.comDriver's Educationtrainyouraccent.comEatingfocusenglish.comEmotionsfocusenglish.comFashionfocusenglish.comFriendshipfocusenglish.comHealthfocusenglish.comVoting eslfast.comHousingfocusenglish.comLifefocusenglish.comLunchtrainyouraccent.comMemoryfocusenglish.comMoneyfocusenglish.comRestaurantvideo.about.comRestaurants trainyouraccent.comBeginning My Family Are You Married?

Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans English as a Second Language (ESL) Lesson plans & ideas for teachers: eslflow index & home page Learn English Online with Free Business English Lessons | BusinessEnglishPod Online English resources for teachers | British Council Free English language teaching resources If you are an English language teacher or ELT professional, the British Council has lots of free resources to support your work. You can download free lesson plans and classroom materials; get tips, articles and information about professional development, conferences and qualifications. Also, you can join discussion groups and access training materials. Visit the TeachingEnglish website for more resources and materials. Lesson plans If you are an English language teacher looking for materials, the British Council can help you with regularly updated lesson plans and classroom materials. English teaching resources If you are a busy English language teacher or trainer looking for support and development materials for your classroom, we can help you with the collection of free materials, updated regularly from the British Council website for teachers. Phonemic chart Articles Classroom activity Literature in English language teaching Teacher training courses

Learn English - English Conversation - Learn English 247 untitled BACK in September, as Germany struggled to cope with the politics and logistics of the greatest influx of refugees in modern history, France decided to put on a show of European solidarity. French bureaucrats, armed with Arabic translators and loudspeakers, chartered three coaches and set off for the German city of Munich. The idea was to fill the vehicles with refugees and drive them over the Rhine to France, thus easing Germany’s load. The French had planned to fetch some 1,000 asylum-seekers. But in the end, only a few hundred could be persuaded to climb on board. The pattern was a familiar one. The refugee exodus finds France on Europe’s sidelines again. Up to a point, the eclipse of France over refugees is the product of geography and history. It would be wrong to suggest that the French have quietly agreed to be Europe’s bit-players. The sound of silence

Search TES Resources There's been a murder! This exciting, engaging investigation activity allows students to control the direction of their own learning, through speaking, listening, discussing, and reasoning. I initially created these resources to provide something interesting for the students to engage with for their Functional Skills Speaking and Listening discussions, but it has since been used across Citizenship and PSHE departments, as well as by form groups, as a catalyst for social and moral discussions.

ESL Printables: English worksheets, lesson plans and other resources