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México - Reformas a las Leyes de drogas en América Latina Panorama de las leyes y políticas de drogas en México México es el país del continente que más ha padecido las consecuencias negativas de la guerra a las drogas, altos índices de violencia, corrupción de las instituciones, aumento del poder de la delincuencia organizada. Al igual que en otros países de la región, la aplicación de la ley de drogas ha tenido el efecto adverso de aumentar el número de personas encarceladas por delitos menores de drogas. Para las últimas noticias sobre la reforma de la legislación sobre drogas en México haga clic aquí. 1. Amplios sectores de la sociedad civil, opinión pública y altos exfuncionarios de Gobierno han propuesto abiertamente en México la legalización de las drogas. Leer más sobre avances en el debate sobre la marihuana en la Ciudad de México. No obstante la opinión pública es bastante conservadora en materia de legalización. Al mismo tiempo está cambiando el panorama de la lucha contra los carteles de drogas. Regresar arriba 2. 3. 2013. 4. 5. 6.

The Cannabis Cafe: Medical marijuana patients gather at 'Cheers'-like bar in Portland to ease their pain | Medical Marijuana Marijuana Blog Lights dim. A white-haired man of perhaps 50 approaches the stage. He's wearing a blue suit jacket, open-neck shirt, black leather loafers and sunglasses, indoors, at night. Then, the voice, a rich baritone, sweeps over the audience of a couple dozen glazed and grinning pot smokers. "Day and night, night and daaaaay," he croons the Sinatra standard into a mic in his right hand. "Dum dum, dum dum de-doo-dee-dum." The audience yelps and coos in appreciation. This is karaoke night at Portland's Cannabis Cafe, a combination of the bar from Cheers and a street-side pot palace in Amsterdam. There are cancer patients, AIDS patients and sufferers of smashed vertebrae and pinched nerves. Since the medical marijuana law's passage in 1998, nearly 40,000 patients have gotten access. The pot in the cafe is brought in by patients or donated by growers. The cafe has farmer's markets of donated weed-laden goodies, a weekly comedy show and even an employees' night.

The Traveller’s Medicine Cabinet: 5 Essential Drugs for the Road While out roving you aren’t always (or even often) anywhere near a hospital or pharmacy. But, if you pack these nutritional supplements and natural medications wherever you go, you’ll be able to cope just fine. #1: Kratom The Situation You’re hiking the Appalachian trail in the dead of winter. Suddenly the worst happens; your boot gets caught between two rocks, you lose your footing and tumble to the ground, wrenching your ankle in the process. © Miserlou What It Is A leafy green plant grown mainly in Southeast Asia. Uses First and foremost, Kratom is a powerful painkiller similar to Morphine or Opium. Side-Effects Kratom is mildly addictive, about on par with caffeine. Forms Kratom can be purchased in dried leafy form, as an extract, a resin, or in pill form. Legality Kratom is legal in most of the developed world. #2: Kava Kava Kava Kava A leafy green plant grown throughout the Pacific islands. Kava can help to treat social anxiety or stress, and also works as a powerful relaxant. Oil of Oregano

Drung Slang Conoce tu sustancia psicoactiva (INFOGRÁFICO) (clic en la imagen para verla en tamaño completo) La organización civil Espolea A.C. es de las pocas en México que se ha dedicado al trabajo en investigación y difusión de nuevas políticas de drogas, entre las que se incluye la Reducción de Daños (Harm Reduction en inglés), enfoque surgido a mediados de los años 80’s como una alternativa al prohibicionismo de drogas, o el enfoque clásico, cuyas campañas de prevención se concentran en la censura sobre cualquier tipo de información respecto a las tipologías y efectos de las drogas consideradas ilegales, así como en la distribución masiva de información visual y slogans que depositan en la imagen de las drogas una suerte de “espíritu maligno” capaz de pervertir los valores de la sociedad. En la punta de cada pico encontramos a las sustancias cuyos efectos son más representativos de cada familia. Al final de la gráfica podemos encontrar una breve descripción de todas las drogas citadas en la imagen, acomodadas también por sus efectos.

Rasta/Patois Dictionary "Me come yah fi drink milk, me no come yah fi count cow!" (Deliver that which you promised, don't just talk about it!) (15) stay out of trouble or gossip. Means I came here to (whatever you came for) not get involved in politics or gossip. (29) "Carry Go Bring Come" (gossip) (12) "A so im tan" (that is what he is like) "tan deh!" Bunks Mi Res (catch my rest, take a nap) (5) "yu dam Lagga head bud" (stupid) (14) "What sweet nanny goat a go run him belly" is a cautionary Jamaican proverb which translated means: What tastes good to a goat will ruin his belly. "tek smadi mek poppy-show", which means to make fun of someone or shame them, making them look ridiculous. (5) "You too red eye" (meaning, you're too envious) (14) Ya No See It? "the gal come wine up on me," it would mean that the girl came and was dancing up on me. (17) "Fire de a Mus Mus tail, him tink a cool breeze". "Me bleach hard lass night" i partied straight through the night. (20) "A promise is a comfort to a fool". (4)

Esto es lo que tu cerebro con drogas realmente se parece This actually raises several questions... 1. Where did they get the drugs to begin with? And how do you go about getting "permission" from the government (which I assume they had) to conduct these experiments? 2. 3. In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to synthehol, regardless of Scotty's opinion of it, assuming it does what Data claims—like alcohol, but no deleterious side effects, like hangovers (anyone else remember Scotty's—and everyone else's—hangover from Undiscovered Country?)

How To Make a Kief Press Of course, first you must understand what kief is and why you’d want to press it…! If you’re looking for what I call the “goodies” (THC, CBD, and the other cannabinoids) from the cannabis plant, the most concentrated amount of them are on the tiny, stalk-like trichomes or resin glands found on the flowers. These trichomes are effectively filled with the goodies, so they are very strong, and when collected, they are called kief (when compressed greatly, it’s called hashish). Cannabis trichomes You can collect kief in large commercial quantities by using a combination of cold temperatures (which makes the trichomes brittle) and solvent (butane or alcohol) or very cold water and “bubble bags” . when grinding your cannabis. The problem with loose kief is that basically the only way of using it is to sprinkle it on something, such as some cannabis you’re going to smoke or vaporize, or perhaps into some milk for instant canna creamer. How To Make a Kief Press (in pictures)