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Laser Pointer Dump A Day When Dad's Try To Raise Their Little Girls - 32 Pics Source – Engledow Art Photography Dumpaday's Funny T-Shirts» 112 GRIPES ABOUT THE FRENCH - Paris, 1945 - full text 71CbY.jpg PIN number analysis Ian’s messages made me chuckle. Then, later the same day, I read this XKCD cartoon. The merging of these two humorous topics created the seed for this article. What is the least common PIN number? If you had to make predication about what the least commonly used 4-digit PIN is, what would be your guess? This tangentially relates to the XKCD cartoon. This article is not intended to be a hacker bible, or to be used as a utility, resource, or tool to help would-be thieves perform nefarious actions. Source Obviously, I don’t have access to a credit card PIN number database. Soap Box – Password Database Exposures Bottom line Security strengthens with layers, and the simple application of encryption on your database table can help protect your customer’s data if this table is exposed. Back to the data Given that users have a free choice for their password, if users select a four digit password to their online account, it’s not a stretch to use this as a proxy for four digit PIN codes. articles.

UhGC5 untitled You might also like my other projects: info-beamer, a Raspberry PI signage player or Miners Movies A zoomable visualization of xkcd - Click and Drag. Visualization created by dividuum using Leaflet UgvZB (Not BBQ) Fetching Component Images of xkcd Comic 1110 This post is not about barbecue. If you come here for those posts, thanks! But this isn't one of those. The xkcd comic today is amazing. It also inspired me to "get excited and make things" (oh wait, I'm mixing Wil Wheaton up with Randall Munroe), so here is a Python script to download all the component images of the comic and stitch them together in (very) scaled-down single image file. Once you run this (and it should take a while to complete) you'll have the comic pieces at full resolution (PNG files) and a 10M-ish JPEG file with at 1/16th resolution of the whole comic. Your could fool with this script to make the assembled image higher-res if you like. I release this script under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. Please don't use this to abuse the terms of the CC-BY-NC license under which xkcd is published. facebook twitter email sharethis pinterest

QbHcO 1110: Click and Drag This comic is a take on how vast and rich the world is, and on the thrill of exploring it. The world can be described as sad, as well as it can be described as wonderful, even if this seems a bit contradictory, just because there are so many different things happening in it. Cueball comments about this, and the title text invites the reader to, with their mouse, click and drag the inside of the last panel, and by dragging and dragging, explore what is hidden outside that panel. The fact that we only see a small part of the landscape at once refers to the idea that we cannot in real life comprehend the whole world altogether, but only what is around us and/or in the range of our understanding at the time. This transcript will only cover the first 3 panels. Though you can download the full view, the easiest way to browse it is through a Zooming user interface. The 225 existing tiles are sorted by columns from West to East and from North to South in each column. This is great! [Expand] Hi,

akatsuki chibi lined by bluestarhedgehog