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Academy of Management Online

Academy of Management Online
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Southwest Academy of Management ISAGA - International Simulation and Gaming Association Midwest Academy of Management Home ASQ MBA - Management & Business Academy 10 Free Leadership Video Sites Once upon a time, in the “old days” of management development (it wasn’t even called leadership development), management training videos were often used in our programs. While some of them were good (classics like Meetings Bloody Meetings, The Abilene Paradox, Joel Barker’s Paradigms, anything Tom Peters, and of course the Muppet’s meeting openers), most of them were absolutely horrible. The worst ones were the cheesy HR or OSHA compliance videos (i.e., harassment, office safety) featuring bad actors and completely unrealistic scenarios. They were also quite expensive, and still are. Fast forward the wild and wacky world of Web 2.0 and free content. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. While I wouldn’t recommend any of these for a date night, they’re a great way to kill a little time at work, expand your own leadership horizons, or train and coach others. Are there others that you would recommend? Articles - Talent Management magazine The Business of Talent Management AHRD AIMS - Association Internationale de Management Strategique ABCDs of tuition reimbursement Carl Jones works at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. in Boulder, Colo., but he wants to be an astronaut. What will his employer think? Actually, Jones' employer not only supports his lofty ambitions, but pays for Jones to follow his star. Ball fully reimburses Jones' school expenses as he studies for a master's of science in aerospace engineering, with a focus in bioastronautics. "They just take small amounts out of your paycheck for a number of pay periods that you designate," Jones says. After the necessary paperwork is filed, Ball places the refund directly into Jones's bank account. "Since my company is basically paying for my education, it takes the financial stress off of me and allows me to further my education and my skills," Jones says. "I get a great engineering education and a really good school that I don't have to pay for. Many people think only big companies offer tuition-reimbursement plans, but smaller businesses also get staff into school. Know the basics

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