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How to Write a Press Release, Press Releases, Sample Press Release Template

How to Write a Press Release, Press Releases, Sample Press Release Template
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How to take a screenshot Facebook dalla A alla Z digg L’interesse che mi avete dimostrato, soprattutto voi, cari nuovi lettori, per il Manuale sull’uso di Twitter mi ha fatto capire una cosa. In un blog che parla di social media un tutorial e dei pratici consigli d’uso non possono mancare. “Ormai risulta indispensabile per un’azienda o per un freelancer avere una pagina Facebook in cui promuovere i propri prodotti e i propri servizi. In questo articolo vedremo come creare una pagina fan di Facebook che ti possa permettere di promuoverti online! Registrazione della pagina La prima cosa da fare è registrare la pagina. Impostazione grafica e compilazione campi profilo Ora che hai creato la tua pagina è importante inserire tutte le informazioni sulla tua azienda: compila i campi contatti, missione e descrizione inserendo tutte le notizie che potrebbero interessare al cliente. Ma non ho ancora nessun fan! Nessun contenuto, cosa posso scrivere? Grazie Michele, post elementare ma utilissimo per partire da zero col piede giusto. Alla prossima

10 Premium jQuery Slider Plugins jQuery sliders enhance the user interface for websites, by providing a convenient way to display important information, images or video while reducing the amount of space required to display the content. This results in cleaner looking websites, as well as a more usable website. Awhile back, we posted a roundup of 30 jQuery Slider Plugins, and it was a big success. So, this time, we collected up 10 premium jQuery slider plugin files that you can download from various sites. If you need more free jQuery plugins, check out these posts: li jQuery Slider liJQuery Image Slider is carefully crafted slider/image rotator, full of features, easy to install and customize. SlideDeck SlideDeck is a powerful slider plugin made for web designers. Advanced Slider – jQuery XML slider Advanced Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create XML -driven sliders, which are much easier to setup and maintain than sliders that use HTML markup. Sexy Slider Slider Pack: 2 Featured Sliders DDSlider

Welcome to the 1Password extension! | 1Password 3 User Guide Since you’re reading this, you have successfully installed the 1Password extension. Nice work! Here’s a quick introduction to the basics of using it. Getting started with 1Password is easy! You can: Press the 1Password key in your browser’s toolbar and enter your Master Password to check things out If you already have Logins saved for some sites, you can visit the site and click the 1Password key button to use one of your Logins or press Command-\ Ctrl-\ to log in a little faster To work even faster, click the 1Password key button and start typing to find one of your existing Logins, then hit Return to open its site in a new tab and automatically login! But if you’re brand new to 1Password, here’s a brief walk-through to get you going! If you already have a username and password for a site, it’s really easy to save them into 1Password as a Login, which you can use to get into the site later much more quickly. 1. So far so good, right? 2. Just click Save and you’re done! 3. 1. 2.

How To Advertise On Pinterest [GUIDE] As Pinterest continues its rapid growth, quadrupling from 9 to 40 million users in 2012, many businesses and marketers are struggling to maximize their brands’ potential on the site. And with consumer pins and repins climbing into the hundreds of millions, the opportunity for advertisers to reach new audiences is enormous. Pinterest by the Numbers Pinterest’s traffic increased by a staggering 5,124% from 2011 to 2012! What also has advertisers foaming at the mouth is that Pinterest buyers tend to spend more and purchase at greater frequencies than users from the other top 5 major social sites. And traffic from Pinterest produces 4x the revenue-per click than Twitter. Optimize Your Account Pinterest also recently added a new feature to allow businesses to create accounts rather than just personal profiles. Know Your Audience The key to success on Pinterest is to cater your content to the site’s user base. Formulate a Strategy Do you have a strategy for Pinterest? Pin it to Win it Organize it

List of XML and HTML character entity references Although in popular usage character references are often called "entity references" or even "entities", this usage is wrong.[citation needed] A character reference is a reference to a character, not to an entity. Entity reference refers to the content of a named entity. Character reference overview[edit] A numeric character reference refers to a character by its Universal Character Set/Unicode code point, and uses the format &#nnnn; or &#xhhhh; where nnnn is the code point in decimal form, and hhhh is the code point in hexadecimal form. In contrast, a character entity reference refers to a character by the name of an entity which has the desired character as its replacement text. &name; where name is the case-sensitive name of the entity. Standard public entity sets for characters[edit] ISO Entity Sets: SGML supplied a comprehensive set of entity declarations for characters widely used in Western technical and reference publishing, for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. Notes: See also[edit]

A Checklist for Content Work In content strategy, there is no playbook of generic strategies you can pick from to assemble a plan for your client or project. Instead, our discipline rests on a series of core principles about what makes content effective—what makes it work, what makes it good. Content may need to have other qualities to work within a particular project, but this list is limited to qualities shared across all sorts of content. If this looks like theory, don’t be fooled. It’s really entirely practical: if we consciously refer to principles like these as we go about our work as info-nerds of various kinds, we’ll have an easier time making good, useful content, and explaining our priorities when we’re called to do so. Good content is appropriate#section1 Publish content that is right for the user and for the business There’s really only one central principle of good content: it should be appropriate for your business, for your users, and for its context. Right for the user (and context)#section2 Fig. 1.

Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten mobiler Apps im Textilhandel image Erlebnis im Handel – Auch online alle Sinne ansprechen?! Neue Studie des ECC Köln in Zusammenarbeit mit CoreMedia, IBM und T-Systems Multimedia Solutions untersucht die Anforderungen an die Erlebnisvermittlung im deutschen Handel. /images/SliderStartseite/Startseite_ErlebnisimHandel_598x287px.jpg /News/Erlebnis-Einkauf-%E2%80%93-Kanal%C3%BCbergreifende-Erlebnisvermittlung-als-Herausforderung-f%C3%BCr-den-Handel-der-Zukunft _top Kölner Handelsrunde: eBay, Amazon & Co. und die Auswirkungen auf den deutschen Handel – 26.05.2014 Das IFH Köln lädt ein zur Kölner Handelsrunde. /images/SliderStartseite/Startseite_KlnerHandelsrunde_598x287.jpg /News/K%C3%B6lner-Handelsrunde%3A-eBay%2C-Amazon-%26-Co. Digitalisierung des Point of Sale – Auf den Kundennutzen kommt es an ECC Köln und Demandware zeigen in einer Studie, welche digitalen Services am Point of Sale echte Mehrwerte liefern und bei Konsumenten auf Interesse stoßen /images/SliderStartseite/DigitalisierungdesPoS_598x287px.png