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World's Best Survivalism HowTo's « How-To News

World's Best Survivalism HowTo's « How-To News

Howstuffworks "How to Survive a Grizzly Bear Attack" A grizzly bear is probably the scariest thing you can imagine encountering when you're hiking or camping in the woods. Respect your fear -- a grizzly attack would likely kill you or leave you severely maimed or scarred. The most famous recent grizzly attack was probably the attack on Timothy Treadwell, a grizzly bear activist who spent time living among the bears in Alaska. In October 2006, Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were fatally attacked by one of the bears they'd come to love, documented in the Warner Herzog film "Grizzly Man." Grizzly attack stories date back through the ages. The stories of Timothy Treadwell and Hugh Glass seem almost unbelievable. Although there are no formal statistics on bear attacks, collected news reports show at least 24 fatal attacks during the current decade in the United States and Canada [source: Black Bear Heaven]. An encounter with a grizzly doesn't always have to end in bloodshed -- that's your blood or the bear's.

Tantric Yoga Technique to Raise Sex Energy EmailShare Sat Kriya – Kundalini Tantra Yoga Technique Sexual energy, according to Kundalini Tantra Yoga, is considered the most concentrated form of biochemical energy in the human body. In addition, it is also considered the one form of energy that can be used, not only for physical wellbeing, but also for the evolution of consciousness. One of the core techniques in Kundalini Tantra, which is designed specifically for raising the vibration of sexual energy and stimulating kundalini directly, is Sat Kriya. Here is a video demonstration of Sat Kriya, showing you exactly how to practice this wonderful technique. Tantra Yoga Technique – Video Demonstration of Sat Kriya YouTube Link –> Tantra Yoga Video for Sexual Health Design of Sat Kriya – Tantric Yoga Technique to Raise Sexual Energy: Sat Kriya is very powerful exercise for the transmutation of sexual energy and the stimulation of kundalini shakti (energy). Benefits of Sat Kriya – Tantric Yoga Technique to Raise Sexual Energy:

I Will Knot! Survival Topics - Your Online Survival Kit How to Start a Fire Without a Match" If you have a fireplace in your home, chances are you have a gas line that helps you get it going. If you don't, you probably have some nifty long matches, a lighter and a stack of newspaper on the hearth. But what if you got lost in the wintry woods without a match or lighter? What if you washed ashore on a deserted island, soaked to the bone? Along with shelter and water, fire is the most important thing you need to survive in the wilderness. Warmth in cold conditionsA means to purify water or sterilize toolsHeat to dry wet clothesA cooking flameA sense of security and comfortSmoke for rescue signalsHeat to melt snow and ice for drinking waterA means to scare away dangerous animalsLight for your shelter or for torchesSmoke to help repel insects There are many methods you can use to start a­ fire without a match. In this article, we'll look ­at the various methods you can use to start a fire without a match.

Survival Sanitation: How to Deal with Human Waste This is the second post in a three-part series on survival sanitation. In a SHTF situation, proper sanitation is of utmost importance if you want to keep your family from getting seriously sick. When you add to that a lack of medical facilities due to grid-down issues, staying healthy becomes even more crucial. In this series I discuss the skills you need to avoid getting and spreading disease, and how to deal with waste and trash when your town and city services are no longer working. When the grid goes down it doesn’t take long for serious sanitation problems to erupt. In 1998, Auckland suffered a 5-week long power outage that halted water supplies, causing a large part of the city’s apartment dwellers and office workers to lose the ability to flush. Here are two accounts of that time (please see footnotes for full articles): Since water and sewage rely on electrically-driven pumps to get them into office blocks and towers, these services often aren’t available either. Here’s how: s Homemade Soap Recipe by Robert Wayne Atkins Grandpappy's Homemade Soap Recipe Copyright © 2007,2008 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All rights reserved and all rights protected under international copyright law. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article. Introduction During hard times sooner or later everyone runs out of soap. To make soap you only need three things: rainwater,cold ashes from any hardwood fire, andanimal fat from almost any type of animal, such as a cow, pig, goat, sheep, bear, beaver, raccoon, opossum, groundhog, etc. Soap is not difficult to make and it does not require any special equipment. Soap is a "perfect consumer product" for the following five reasons: Soap is a legal product.Everyone everywhere uses soap.Soap is completely used up in a short period of time.When people run out of soap they want to buy more.Soap is relatively low in price so almost everyone can afford it. There are three major differences between homemade soap and commercial quality soap: Basic Soap Making Equipment

A Guide to Leatherworking Tools and supplies for Would our Guide to Essential Leatherworking Tools be of any help? Quick navigation: A B C D E G H K L N O P R S W Awls Clicker's Awl Straight, tapered and round in cross-section, this is a general purpose tool used for marking out or stabbing holes in leather.The Clicker was the skilled worker in shoe manufacturing who cut the leather from patterns. Scratch Awl As above but thicker in the shaft. Harness or Bridle Awl A diamond-shaped blade and handle used to make holes in leather prior to stitching. Stabbing Awl A straight blade of round cross-section with a very fine taper and sharp point. Burnishers - These smooth, shaped pieces of wood or bone are used to rub down the surfaces of natural leathers to produce a shine and seal the grain. Chisel punches - These come with oval or pointed profiled cutting faces and are used on strap ends to give a rounded or pointed symmetrical end. Cork Block - For use when butt stitching. Creasing tools - Single Crease Double Crease Screw Crease Crew Punches Edge Shave

A Practical Guide to Antibiotics and Their Usage for Survival Preparing for Biological and Chemical Terrorism: A Practical Guide to Antibiotics and Their Usage for Survival by Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. Tetrahedron, LLC Sandpoint, Idaho Disclaimer and Background This information is for educational purposes only. The author, publisher, and distributors of this work accept no responsibility for people using or misusing the potentially life-saving information in this text. Individuals suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should, as Hippocrates prescribed, "learn to derive benefit from the illness." The antibiotic applications against germ warfare discussed herein are not well-established medical practices. Furthermore, though certain antibiotics are customarily prescribed to kill certain strains of bacteria, germ warfare presents unique challenges. Near the beginning of a widespread biological attack, it may be extremely difficult to determine precisely the causative agent, and thereby select the proper antibiotic. Ampicillin

PassageMaker - Fyne Boat Kits Product Description The Passagemaker Dinghy is easy to build but looks great and performs beautifully while carrying up to three large adults. A smooth glide when rowing, spirited performance when sailing, and steady handling with an outboard mark this build-it-yourself boat kit. I like just about everything about this design... Robert H Perry, Sailing Magazine. This is the perfect dinghy for those with larger boats. If you have a long harbour to cross, a 2, 3, or 4 horsepower outboard will drive the Passagemaker to harbour speed limits and beyond. While many Passagemaker builders will be using their boat as a tender to a yacht even more people will be drawn to the design as a fun boat for messing about in. There is also a take-apart version of the PassageMaker, which can nest to take up less space when stored on the deck of a yacht or in the garage. The Passagemaker Dinghy is well within the reach of first-time boatbuilders. The rowing hull kit includes: What is in a boat kit. Study Manual

Deodorant Recipe Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs. Please subscribe and you'll get great simple living tips and how-to articles delivered to your inbox, for free! In the DIY world of home health and beauty products, deodorant seems to be the the most feared replacement. Stinking is NOT OKAY in our culture, right? But aluminum crammed in your pores cannot be good for you, and it seems in recent years that store-bought deodorant is becoming less and less effective anyway. This deodorant uses a natural moisture absorber (cornstarch), a natural deodorizer (baking soda), and a natural anti-bacteria/fungal oil (tea tree oil) to keep any stink from developing in the first place. So, here’s what I suggest….make this stuff ahead and use it on SATURDAY, or a sick day, or any day you aren’t going to see anyone special, so you’ll feel secure and not look like a nut obsessively sniffing your underarms all day. Homemade Stick Deodorant 1. 2. 3. 4.

Leather Hide / Half Butt / Cowhide Shoulder / Cow Hide / J Wood Leathers Ltd On this page you will find useful information about cowhide leather and answers to frequently asked questions. As leather is a natural animal product, the thickness, texture and quality of the leather will vary between hides. The Back - this is one piece that includes the butt and shoulder areas, but not the belly. The Butt - it is the thickest and strongest part of the hide, and considered the best cut for firmer items such as belts. The Side - this is hide cut in half down the middle, and will include the belly areas. The Belly - This is a stretchy softer leather of varying thickness. The Shoulder - This is a softer area of the hide, often used for making bags. Cow Hide Sizes Metric to US thickness conversion Chrome tan leather: uses chrome in the tanning process. Veg tan leather: the original way to tan leather using natural plant material.