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Online Song Quizzes For ESL Learners - Teacher's Notes

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Pop music quiz: Name these recent Billboard hits by their first second. The first few seconds of a song have to set a tone and hook the listener. In those precious moments when your attention is fresh, you can usually register a song’s mood, grasp its tempo, and perhaps recognize the artist or the song itself. But what about a song’s very first second? Take Our Other Pop Quizzes: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s 50 Great Teachers: Socrates, The Ancient World's Teaching Superstar : NPR Ed Today, NPR Ed kicks off a yearlong series: 50 Great Teachers. We're starting this celebration of teaching with Socrates, the superstar teacher of the ancient world. He was sentenced to death more than 2,400 years ago for "impiety" and "corrupting" the minds of the youth of Athens. But Socrates' ideas helped form the foundation of Western philosophy and the scientific method of inquiry. I went to Oakland Technical High School in California to see it in action. It's the first period of the morning, and student Annelise Eeckman is sparring with teacher Maryann Wolfe about Social Security. "It's not influencing me," Wolfe says. "You're not retired currently," Eeckman counters. "But I have stock," Wolfe says. "And what if tomorrow it dips?" "Well, yeah, but you depend on one day?" In this 12th-grade Advanced Placement American government class, students are not just encouraged, they're expected to question the teacher — and each other. itoggle caption Elissa Nadworny/NPR Elissa Nadworny/NPR

Lyrical English | Free Song Based Lesson Plans ImageQuiz Lyric :: What does that song mean? OED birthday word generator: which words originated in your birth year Do you know which words entered the English language around the same time you entered the world? Use our OED birthday word generator to find out! We’ve scoured the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) to find words with a first known usage for each year from 1900 to 2004. Simply select the relevant decade and click on your birth year to discover a word which entered the English language that year. Please note that the dates given for these words refer to the current first known usage of the word. If you are a subscriber or have access to the OED, visit our guide to learn how to find your own personal OED birthday word. Click on your birth year in the left-hand column to discover your OED birthday word. Words originating in the 1900s include: barfly, n. do-gooder, n. dramedy, n. ailurophobe, n. car boot, n. wassup, int. radio, n. wiretap, n. Words originating in the 1910s include: pastiche, v. headstand, n. rubber-stamping, adj. environmentalism, n. ad-lib, v. record player, n. roomie, n. 1900s

A Five-Minute Activity to Bring Music into the Classroom Wouldn’t you like to be listening to the latest hit on the radio and find out that you are able to understand the lyrics?Wow!!! Don’t you, every now and then, sing along even though you can only remember some of the words from the chorus and you don’t have the slightest clue about what it means? I’m sure you do! We have all been there! But time flies and the course is short and even though I feel listening to a song can be as good as doing a traditional listening comprehension exercise the truth is that dedicating 20 minutes to a song never seems to fit into my lesson plan . The idea is to bring music into the class as often as possible but without this activity taking too much time off my lessons. In this song , we focus on the verb “to try” ♥Orally introduce the word you want students to learn by giving examples and asking them to infer the meaning. ♥Choose a song that contains the word or words you want to teach ♥ Third time: students sing along; yes, why not? My Fill in the Blanks

Create Quizzes Now Quiz also available for your favorite device with HTML5 This activity consists of a group of questions that are asked sequentially. The user that creates the Quiz must decide the number of possible questions to be shown in each Quiz. You can create a Quiz with a higher number of questions than the number of questions prompted to the user, so these questions are shown randomly. This feature implies that the users have the feeling that they are doing a different Quiz each time. Each question can be configured to ask for the answer in any of the following methods: In a written form.By selecting one answer from various options.By selecting several answers from various options. It is also possible to indicate for each question whether the answer is mandatory or not. Another interesting feature of the Quizzes is that the creator can set a minimum percentage of answers the users have to guess in order to be considered as a passed activity. Do you like "Quiz" activities?

Do Not Touch 50 awesome posters that encourage to read This list includes most wonderful posters that are serving one simple task: they encourage to read. Everyone agrees not enough is being done to encourage people to read. Those who can read don’t realize how lucky they are, having in mind that almost 20% of world population is still illiterate. Sometimes, a little reminder can do wonders to make someone put away the computer and reach for the e-reader or a printed book. We list most beautiful wonder-making artworks below. Such posters are not only suitable for classrooms or public libraries. We’ve made visualizations to make you see how the poster would look like on the wall. Some of the artwork can be also downloaded digitally so that you can print it for yourself. There are many sources of read posters on the web. Read posters – recommended sites There are tons of posters that relate to books and reading. Etsy – a great destination if you want to gift something unique in style. Thanks a lot for dropping by. Certified Book Addict. Books.

subtittled songs Testmoz - The Test Generator Song Meanings Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) Song Meaning: The song was written by Jörgen Elofsson, Ali Tamposi, David Gamson in September 2010 at the latter’s studio in Long Beach. Tamposi was in a really bad mood as a friend had told her they’d seen him out with another girl and he wasn’t answering her calls. The young songsmith had been up all night with her mom being hysterical and didn’t want to do the session. When Tamposi got to the studio Gamson started playing some chords and Elofsson asked her “What’s your concept?’” (Source: