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Bienvenue - Notre mémoire en ligne
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1759 Archives Canada In homes, schools and libraries across Canada, people are looking for evidence of what it means to be a Canadian. Archives Canada is a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across Canada--it's your gateway to Canada's collective memory! Through Archives Canada you can: Search archival holdings across Canada Access Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks View digitized photographs, maps, documents and online exhibits developed around Canada's history Browse digital projects produced through the Archival Community Digitization Program Find contact information for repositories where these resources are held. Archival descriptions and digitized products are added regularly. Archives Canada is an official archival portal maintained by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), and is a joint initiative of CCA, the Provincial ? We welcome your feedback.

Balthazar - Formations et conférences corporatives, publiques et scolaires Library & Archives Canada: Ancestors Search Databases Consult the online help page of each database to learn more about the records, the database and how to consult the records. Directory of Resources Births, Marriages and Deaths Census and Enumerations Immigration and Citizenship Land Military People Other Databases Published sources such as books and newspapers are catalogued in this database. ArchiviaNet Many archival records can be searched using this online research tool. CAIN [] The Canadian Archival Information Network (CAIN) provides access to holdings of more than 800 archival institutions across Canada. Le début d'un temps nouveau

Automated Genealogy: Census, Etc. Découvrez mon cahier d'Europe Le ministère chargé de l’éducation nationale renouvelle en 2012 l'édition des cahiers d'Europe. Cette opération propose une découverte des pays de l'Union européenne à travers trois cahiers, déclinés par groupes d'âge : 7-9 ans, 10-12 ans et 13-15 ans. Près de 500 000 cahiers d'Europe vont être proposés aux élèves. Les 500 000 cahiers d'Europe vont être mis à la disposition des élèves et de leurs enseignants par le biais des CRDP / CDDP. Le cahier des 7 à 9 ans Julius et Julia sont frère et sœur. Aide-les dans cette aventure ! Télécharger le cahier d'Europe des 7 à 9 ans - édition 2012 Feuilleter le cahier d'Europe des 7 à 9 ans - édition 2012 Le cahier des 10 à 12 ans Maël et Maëva ont appris qu’un musée européen pourrait ouvrir prochainement à Strasbourg. Télécharger le cahier d'Europe des 10 à 12 ans - édition 2012 Feuilleter le cahier d'Europe des 10 à 12 ans - édition 2012 Le cahier des 13 à 15 ans Télécharger le cahier d'Europe des 13 à 15 ans - édition 2012

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections Most people enjoy treasure hunts, especially genealogists and family historians. Librarians love to help people seeking information, and seeking to learn. Reference librarians are getting adept at pointing family history researchers to a range of free online databases. Put these together and you get the Vancouver Public Library's just completed genealogy contest. More than 100 people sent in answers and the VPL gave a book prize, Finding Your Canadian Ancestors by Sherry Irvine and Dave Obee, to five people drawn from the 75 fully correct entries. Here's the VPL's contest. Answer the questions below using the following FREE Canadian genealogy databases. Automated B.C. British Columbia City Directories, Canadian Naturalization (1915-1932) Census of Canada, 1881 Daniel F. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Série "Fiches-pays" Principalement destinées aux élèves des 2e et 3e cycles du primaire, cette série offre 10 fiches pédagogiques ciblant un pays en développement. Attrayante pour les jeunes, chacune de ces fiches comprend notamment des informations factuelles sur le pays abordé (description du pays, population, histoire, culture, etc.), des projets de solidarité et de développement qui y sont mis en oeuvre par des ONG québécoises, un glossaire, des photos, des cartes géographiques, des références supplémentaires et un jeu original à réaliser en classe. *** Guide de l'enseignant(e) pour l'utilisation des fiches-pays Bénin Cameroun Cuba Haïti Honduras Mali Nicaragua Rwanda Sénégal Vietnam Canadian Genealogy Index 1600s-1900s This database contains over two million records referencing individuals from all regions of Canada, as well as early Alaska. The vast majority of the records fall between 1600 and the mid-to-late 1900s, although some records date before the 1500s. Gleaned during twenty years of research from over one thousand different sources - including city directories, marriage records, land records, census records, and more - this collection of names represents one of the most complete indexes to historical Canadian records available. This index helps you locate a particular individual in a specific time and place. Information that may be found in this database for each individual includes their name; year and place of the event or recording of the individual; province and county where the source is located; source title; and volume/page number where the individual can be found in the source. Canada, like the United States, is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation.

These collections contain over 80,000 rare books, magazines and government publications from the 1600s to the 1940s. by marylenegoulet Sep 28