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Brico avec des éléments naturels

Brico avec des éléments naturels
Това е резултатът от последната ни разходка в Борисовата градина:) Предлагаме ви няколко лесни и забавни модела за изпълнение с кестени, жълъди и пластилин. Не се налага да се пробивате нито кестените, нито каквото и да е било, което е невъзможно дете да направи… гъбки нещо като бухалче пеперуда буболечка гъсеница Вижте още идеи за ЕСЕНТА от КРОКОТАК: Идеи от природни материали:

Exploring Gas with Balloons, Baking Soda & Vinegar Pin It The Lil Divas LOVED, LOVED, LOVED they also adore balloons (I always have to keep some on hand) so I knew they would get a kick out of this one! Exploring Gas w/Balloons, Baking Soda & Vinegar What You Need: baking soda vinegar plastic bottle balloon funnels (we used 2) What To Do: 1. You only need to fill about 1/3 of the bottle. 2. Fill the balloon approx. 1/2 way. 3. Make sure you don't let the baking soda spill into the bottle prematurely. 4. 5. 6. 7. It was lots of fun for the Lil Divas to watch the ingredients combine and form a reaction that was so visual - blowing up the balloon. The science behind it - Baking soda and the vinegar create an ACID-BASE reaction. ** Due to lots of comments left below I feel the need to add (for clarity) that this does NOT produce helium. Go ahead have fun inflating some balloons! Bern

Make a Disc Golf Target Welcome to another outstanding Instructable from Kentucky Bum! In this Instructable I will show you how to build a kick-ass disc golf target. I have seen numerous plans (and even some for sale) but I didn’t care for any of them; too hooky, too flimsy, not robust enough, not weather-proof enough or just poorly designed. None of the parts in most any of these plans are ‘cheap’ by any standard, but if you are going to put something up outside, leave it there and expect to survive against the weather and a never-ending assault of hard, plastic discs it has to have some mass to it. If it has mass, it’s gonna cost you (KB axiom #28). A commercial ‘portable’ target that fits in bag cost $120, a commercial semi-permanent one (all metal with a 4-legged base) will cost $175 and a pro version is gonna cost you about $400. Here is a picture of my second basket which I put up last weekend.

Spider web for Halloween This is a well known classical disentanglement puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to free the ring. I made only a graphical arrangement for this puzzle. How to make your own spider web First you can start by cutting a square wood piece. The template (Drawing 2) is for 60x60 mm square. And third drawing show rope arrangement. I used a small wooden ring. Solution Take the loop 1, pass it from the hole 2 and after over the bead 3. If you like mechanical puzzles and looking for more puzzle craft projects, you can visit my non commercial blog "diypuzzles"

The BEST Play-Dough Recipe Have you ever made play dough and it just fell apart?? Well… not this time. This recipe will make play dough that is seriously the closest thing to store-bought you’ll ever make. No falling apart or drying out (as long as stored in a sealed container). It will last up to 6 months.The secret to this recipe?? Ready to make it? Ingredients: 1 C Flour 1 C Water 1/4 C Salt 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil 2 tsp Cream of Tarter Food Coloring (actual coloring or a kool-aid packet will do) Sparkles (If you wanna be a fun mom!) Pour in all ingredients. Stir until everything is mixed well. Once the mixture is (mostly) clump free. Stir. Stir, Stir Stir.Just keep stirring until the Play Dough is formed. Remove from heat, and knead by hand. Once cooled it’s ready to go. Or grab your cookie cutters, plastic scissors, rolling pin, etc.. and let your toddler go to town. What a fun thing to do on a rainy day! # kristanlynn xoxo I’ve linked up here, here, here and here UPDATE- answering your questions:

atelier peinture papillon avec une assiette en carton réalisé par Soline Pour fêter le retour du printemps Soline 4 ans a réalisé un très beau papillon avec une assiette en carton qui est fixé sur une baguette comme ça elle peut le faire voler, il peut avoir aussi une belle place dans un jardin. Peindre en rouge une assiette en carton, coupez la en 2 et découpez y la forme des ailes, coller les sur une feuille jaune en laissant un morceau au centre pour la forme du corps, ensuite couper l'arrondi pour la tête, décorer les ailes avec des grosses fleurs de papier et des gommettes, réaliser les antennes avec 2 morceaux de cures pipes, ajouter les yeux le nez et dessiner la bouche, coller le papillon sur une baguette ajouter des bandelettes colorées. Poisson réalisé par ANNALISA en mosaïque et en coloriage Joli poisson réalisé par ANNALISA en mosaïque et en coloriage, activité très simple pour des petits. poisson à imprimer : .ici. Petit dinosaure de Gaspard avec rouleau de papier wc Imprimer le gabarit :.ici.

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime When I came across this glow-in-the-dark slime recipe at I knew I had to make some for Hudson! It is the perfect Halloween craft for boys! It would also be great for kids Halloween party favors or gifts to give to your little one's friends. Ingredients: 1 - 4oz bottle of clear or blue gel Elmer's glue1 cup of warm water2-3 tablespoons of glow-in-the-dark paintGreen Neon Food Coloring2 teaspoons of Borax1/3 cup of warm water I altered the recipe a bit from the original recipe at, but it came out great! This recipe can make 2 small half jar fulls of slime or your could package a smaller amount of slime into favor baggies. TIPS: You can find glow-in-dark-paint at craft stores in the paint isles, and borax can be found at most grocery stores along side the laundry detergents.

Hand Shadows by Henry Bursill Originally published by Griffith and Farran in 1859. I need not explain how these Shadows were suggested, to any one who has seen WILKIE'S picture, "The Rabbit on the Wall." But by what pains they were invented can never be revealed; for it is known to my tortured digits alone, and they, luckily for me, are dumb. Of course the Shadows are not to be reproduced perfectly, on "one trial only"; but I believe that in each case I have drawn the due position of the fingers with such care, that the most difficult subject may be accomplished after a few minutes; nor need ingenious youth or parental fondness confine their endeavours to the sketches contained in this book. Other Books of Shadows have been published; but it will be seen at a glance that mine bears affinity to none. December, 1858 .

Easy Parachute Man I was surprised by how much excitement this little wire paratrooper got. Apparently being able to pose it is a big plus for kids. A good feature about the hands is that when the man gets tangled up in the risers, you can easily remove the cord for an easy untangling. Start by wrapping a section of wire twice around a socket. Next straiten one of the ends directly away from the head while bending the other one perpendicular for an arm. Place the bent wire right up to where the other arm is. Now all that’s left is to shape the hands and feet. File off any sharp edges for safety’s sake.