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Rough Guides Photo Gallery Zoologist, committed conservationist, award-winning writer and bestselling author, TV and radio presenter, prolific wildlife photographer and expedition leader, Mark Carwardine is a hard man to pigeonhole. One thing, however, is for sure – his passion for the natural world is all-consuming. Here we get a flavour of the spine-tingling wildlife encounters that are the stuff of Mark’s extraordinary day job… What is the first thing you do when arriving in a new destination, and why? The flippant answer is that I sleep: the older I get the more I seem to suffer from jet lag. Which one thing do you always pack when you embark on a journey? I’d love to be able to say that I travel light and, in fact, I could say that – if it weren’t for my camera equipment. How have you seen travel – and the places you’ve visited – change over your career? Wildlife tourism has changed beyond all recognition in the years I have been travelling. The biggest change I’ve seen was probably in Madagascar.

Rolf Hicker Photography Hubble Gallery Wallpaper Videos See the universe come to life via animations, scientific visualizations, expert commentary, and more. Abandoned Places High Resolution HD Wallpapers for Nerds Welcome to an absolutely massive collection of HD backgrounds. 777 of them. All hand picked - by a few nerds and myself - to ensure only the most artistic, impressive, and badass wallpapers are included. In this collection, my nerd friends and I have mined some of the best sources of wallpaper (InterfaceLift, Deviant Art, and others). How to setup a daily wallpaper rotation With this near infinite supply of HD wallpapers you'll have the benefit of a fresh new desktop every day. Windows With the introduction of Windows 7, Microsoft finally gave users a more robust way to organize wallpapers. Ubuntu Ubuntu doesn't have a built-in wallpaper rotation feature out of the box (although KDE does). Mac OS On a Mac, it's very simple. The HD wallpapers Although some are direct links, the majority of the wallpapers in this collection will link to the source page. A Trip to Elsewhere 1900 x 1200 from Desktopography Absorb 1900 x 1200 from Desktopography Confused by Nature 1900 x 1200 from Desktopography