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JONETSU IN REAL WEDDINGS MAGAZINE : MELISSA & TRAELACH ALBUM Fresh on the news stands is Real Weddings featuring Melissa & Traelach’s incredibly elegant, fun and touching wedding at Terminal City Club. One of our first weddings ever published was in Real Weddings back in 2002. The local feel and beautiful story telling continues with M&T’s inspiring write-up. We’ve really got a great bunch of fantastic Canadian Wedding publications for brides and grooms these days. Here is their lovely spread: (As always, the publishers make the final decision on the images that get published and the complete layout.) To see & feel the complete joy of Melisa & Traelach’s wedding, view their JONETSU Bespoke wedding album slideshow here (turn the music up!)

AMGmedia Free Stock Photos for you to use... All these digital photos (taken with Nikon Coolpix) are 72dpi. Click on the thumbnails below to see the larger version for use on your website. Photo Contest, Photography Contests, Photo Competitions 2009, 20 Be sure to visit the PHOTOGRAPHY CONTESTS WITH DEADLINES section. You will see prize packages of up to $100,000. Monthly Photo Contests A Faludi Ferenc Akadémia meghirdeti XV. tematikus nemzetközi filmszemléjét és hozzá kapcsolódó fotópályázatát. A nevezők a remény témáját film vagy fotó formájában, a nevezési feltételekben részletezettek szerint dolgozhatják fel. Beadási határidő: szept 12. Az intézet olyan szakmailag igényes alkotásokat vár, amelyek alkalmasak arra, hogy a kép nyelvén fórumot teremtsenek különböző nézőpontok és vélemények dialógusához. Kapaszkodunk mindenbe, ami elénk kerül, ugyanakkor nagyívben elkerüljük az örömöt, a fájdalmat, a szembenézést - az életet.

归来的休斯顿 一丝淬火的耳语,将我青丝烙成白头 倾城之韵还未落下,已将万物点为朱砂 如果时光决堤,泽了你容颜 请在我舟头睡去,莫道今生太短 人生若只如初相见 出镜:周雯雯&唐牧 造型:jerry 摄影&后期:houston 成都樱花开的美丽 希望日本的樱花也灿烂依旧 照片是我刚随手拍的,开始只是觉得美,随即想到樱花之国的日本现在经受灾害的,我曾在512地震第一时间到地震现场当自愿者,知道哪个惨状。灾难面前不论种族,人都是无助和值得怜悯的,所以需要更多的人关心和祝福 希望不管在盈江还是日本的人们都平安! Seven Levels of Photography Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact The Seven Levels of Photographers I summarize this into 2 levels here. © 2005~2012 Also in French Italian German Spanish Dutch Portuguese Czech Polish Russian Hungarian Ukrainian Turkish Thai Chinese Photojojo - The best photo tips, DIY projects, and gear in the w

Start your daily photo journal today! · 365 Project 22 Incredible Photos of Faraway Places Thailand Chances are you already know Steve McCurry as the man who took one of the most iconic photos of our time. It was of a 12-year-old Afghan refugee girl who's piercing green eyes told us her harrowing story. The image itself was named "the most recognized photograph" in the history of the National Geographic magazine and her face became famous as the cover photograph on their June 1985 issue.

60+ Tools To Enhance Your Flickr Experience Being a popular online image platform, Flickr has enabled Internet users to manage and share digital photos easily as long as there’s an Internet connection. Flickr is a revolution for photo sharing and management plus it has a huge community of photographers who provide great photos there for the world to see. However, speaking of its graphics user interface, it seems not really user-friendly in term of viewing and searching photos on Flickr. Flickr is more than a normal image management website. It’s a source of creativity, a pilgrimage of natural beauty, a fun and interesting place for inspiration too (at least for us).

Top Tips on Getting Stunning Travel Photos Going somewhere nice? Here are some of the best tips from Andrew Hoyle on how to come back with fantastic pictures! Get to know your kit The Exposure Triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO explained The Exposure Triangle sounds like the name of a complex spy novel, but in reality this is the term used for the three fundamental elements of exposure: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Our latest photography cheat sheet illustrates the Exposure Triangle and how it affects your camera settings. Click on the infographic to see the larger version