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Video SparkNotes: Orwell's 1984 Summary

Video SparkNotes: Orwell's 1984 Summary
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Sales of George Orwell's 1984 surge after Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts' | Books Sales of George Orwell’s dystopian drama 1984 have soared after Kellyanne Conway, adviser to the reality-TV-star-turned-president, Donald Trump, used the phrase “alternative facts” in an interview. As of Tuesday, the book was the sixth best-selling book on Amazon. Comparisons were made with the term “newspeak” used in the 1949 novel, which was used to signal a fictional language that aims at eliminating personal thought and also “doublethink”. The connection was initially made on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Conway’s use of the term was in reference to White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s comments about last week’s inauguration attracting “the largest audience ever”. In 1984, a superstate wields extreme control over the people and persecutes any form of independent thought.

UK security agencies unlawfully collected data for decade | World news The UK’s security agencies have secretly and unlawfully collected massive volumes of confidential personal data, including financial information, on British citizens for more than a decade, top judges have ruled. The investigatory powers tribunal, which is the only court that hears complaints against MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, has ruled that the security services operated secret regimes to collect vast amounts of personal communications data tracking individual phone and web use and large datasets of confidential personal information without adequate safeguards or supervision for more than 10 years. The IPT ruling includes the disclosure from an unpublished 2010 MI5 policy statement that the “bulk personal datasets” include material on the nation’s personal financial activities. “The fact that the service holds bulk financial, albeit anonymised, data is assessed to be a high corporate risk, since there is no public expectation that the service will hold or have access to this data in bulk.

History - Historic Figures: George Orwell (1903 - 1950) Samsung Says You Shouldn't Be Worried About Its TVs Recording And Transmitting Your Voice Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security | US news US and British intelligence agencies have successfully cracked much of the online encryption relied upon by hundreds of millions of people to protect the privacy of their personal data, online transactions and emails, according to top-secret documents revealed by former contractor Edward Snowden. The files show that the National Security Agency and its UK counterpart GCHQ have broadly compromised the guarantees that internet companies have given consumers to reassure them that their communications, online banking and medical records would be indecipherable to criminals or governments. The agencies, the documents reveal, have adopted a battery of methods in their systematic and ongoing assault on what they see as one of the biggest threats to their ability to access huge swathes of internet traffic – "the use of ubiquitous encryption across the internet". But security experts accused them of attacking the internet itself and the privacy of all users.

Welcome to dystopia – George Orwell experts on Donald Trump | The panel Jean Seaton: The seeds were sown during the George W Bush era Reading George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four again, now, hurts. And I’m not the only one to be revisiting it: sales of the book have soared in the past week. What you had previously thought you read at a cool, intellectual distance (a great book about “over there”, somewhere in the past or future) now feels intimate, bitter and shocking. Orwell is writing of now when he writes, “Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.” Of course, we all have to keep our heads (especially we have to keep our heads). The post-truth era certainly shares aspects of the dystopian world of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Then there is privacy – Orwell puts the diary and the private self at the heart of his writing. But this new world has been a while coming. Yet these are the obvious big lies. Trump is not O’Brien. Tim Crook: Trump takes doublethink to a new extreme Orwell never set foot in America.

Utopian and dystopian fiction Genres of literature that explore social and political structures Utopian and dystopian fiction are genres of speculative fiction that explore social and political structures. Utopian fiction portrays a setting that agrees with the author's ethos, having various attributes of another reality intended to appeal to readers. More than 400 utopian works in the English language were published prior to the year 1900, with more than a thousand others appearing during the 20th century.[2] This increase is partially associated with the rise in popularity of genre fiction, science fiction and young adult fiction more generally, but also larger scale social change that brought awareness of larger societal or global issues, such as technology, climate change, and growing human population. Subgenres[edit] Utopian fiction[edit] Dystopian fiction[edit] Dystopias usually extrapolate elements of contemporary society, and thus can be read as political warnings. Examples[edit] Combinations[edit] See also[edit]

How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is arising, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offense. Last December, Jeannie Suk wrote in an online article for The New Yorker about law students asking her fellow professors at Harvard not to teach rape law—or, in one case, even use the word violate (as in “that violates the law”) lest it cause students distress. In February, Laura Kipnis, a professor at Northwestern University, wrote an essay in The Chronicle of Higher Education describing a new campus politics of sexual paranoia—and was then subjected to a long investigation after students who were offended by the article and by a tweet she’d sent filed Title IX complaints against her. In June, a professor protecting himself with a pseudonym wrote an essay for Vox describing how gingerly he now has to teach. How Did We Get Here? The Thinking Cure 1. 2. 3.

Revealed: Rio Tinto's plan to use drones to monitor workers' private lives | World news In the remote Australian outback, multinational companies are embarking on a secretive new kind of mining expedition. Rio Tinto has long mined the Pilbara region of Western Australia for iron ore riches but now the company is seeking to extract a rather different kind of resource – its own employees, for data. Thousands of Rio Tinto personnel live in company-run mining camps, spending not just work hours but leisure and home time in space controlled by their employer – which in this emerging era of smart infrastructure presents the opportunity to hoover up every detail of their lives. Rio Tinto is no stranger to using technology to improve efficiency, having replaced human-operated vehicles with automated haul trucks and trains controlled out of a central operations centre in Perth. The company is embarking on an attempt to manage its remaining human workers in the same way, and privacy advocates fear it could set a precedent that extends well beyond the mining industry.

Big Brother Trump

who: George Orwell, the hypothetical government

where: In England, London

when: wrote in the late 1940s but the story take place in 1984

what: 1984 is a book about a common city, London, which is under a totalitarian regime. The city is dilapidated, food is often missing or disgusting so life in there is not enjoyable. The government is ubiquitous, and it is shown by it pyramid rising above the city. This government is also monitoring everybody, everywhere, in streets, in houses (thanks to the TVs' screens) because it hid cameras and microphone in every places. The government control both what people say and what people think and manipulate the population with propaganda. by jadots.sai Nov 8

who: george orwell and the governement
where: in london, in england, in a really poor city
when: in 1984 but the story is writing in 1940
what:the video is about the totalitarism polotical who watch and control every one.Every body have to respect a lot of rules like always have to turn on the tv, dont have sex, dont have close friends, dont love,...
In this society is really dificult to think because of propagandia made by the governement and big brother (the leader).Every body is this socity is depresing and manipulating and they all want something esle but they can't. by hemelsdal.sai Nov 8

Who : George Orwell ,
Winston smith , Julia , O Brian , Big brother ( the gouvernement)

Where : In dystopian London

When : In 1940 George Orwell write the book , the story is in 1984.

What : with 1983 George Orwell want to describe London if the government was totalitarian, like the URS S, and the Nazi Germany, when he write the book.
The story take place in London in 1984, London in the book is a depressing place except the pyramid but nobody know what is inside.
The population is watched by big brother , the governments, the camera and microphone is everywhere, so you are being filmed everywhere even in your home .
You don’t have a liberty, there is a lots of propaganda in TV.
Winston Smith work for the government , but he write oh, match, he hate this society.
O’Brian is the boss of of Winston .
Julia love, Winston , but you can’t love who you want in this society, but she still do it.
Julia Winston, and O’Brian are rebel, so O’Brian give to Winston a rebellion book.
After reading this book, Winston and Julia have being arrested by the police and the couple was being tortured by the police and the government.
Winston have being brain washed by the government, so at the end of the book he love, big brother. by olivettir.sai2022 Nov 8

who:George orwell and totalitarian government
where:London which is poor
when:in 1984. and written in 1948
what:george orwell denounced in his book the fact that someone (big brother) this distopya is talking about the life of someone who live and work in that system. by curbillol.sai Nov 7

Who: George Orwell and the gouvernement
Where: London, England
When: 1984 written in the late 1940's
What: everyone is being watched by the gouvernement, there are hidden cameras everywhere even in your house. There are rules that everyone needs to follow like you can't have any close friends and you can't be in love but you have to watch the gouvernement programing on TV and you have to attend pep rallies. All you can think about is propaganda.
This book was written to see what it would be like if England was being controlled by the gouvernement instead of being a free country by hyvrardpe2.sai Nov 7

who : George Orwell and totalitarian government
where : In London a depressing and poor place
when : "1984" in the late 1940'
what : This vidéo is about the totalitarian government. In this book George Orwell discribes London and this totalitarism society. He discribes London like poor and depressing society. The whole population is monitored as well as the press, the media and the minds. They are always under the eyes of the "Big Brother". by rochereat.sai Nov 7

Who: George Orwell and the government
Where: London, England
When: George Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940s
What : It’s about gouvernement control everything and everyone. There are camera in the city to making sure the city. The population have to respect the rules that government made. The government has so much power and it’s not normal he can see everyone and everything by mercierm.sai Nov 7

Who: George Orwell and the Government.
Where: London, England.
When: George Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940s
what: The book is about totalism and how the government controls the entire population. People are not allowed to try to do something. They must respect the laws and if they do not do it such as not liking a person, going out or playing jazz with anyone. They will be sent to forced work camps like German concentration camps in WWII. There is everything to monitor in the city (cameras, microphone ...) . This shows how the government has a great capacity to control minds. by marota.sai Nov 6

good job but a few mistakes:

The novel was writTEN In THE 1940's about the year 1984.

WHAT It's a video about the novel "1984" of George Orwell that IS about a totalitarian goverNment who tries to control everythinG: THE Media, opinions, minds, actions ... The goverment watchES everytime everythinG and useS the sentence " Big Brother is watching you ". If the people break the law they will be arrested and senT to a horrible labor camp. by gilliersev Nov 6

There are so many mistakes that your text is not always clear

who: Georges Orwell who WROTE about totalitarian gouvernement (NB: WHO= the main characters in the story)
when :in 1984
what: George Orwell WROTE a nOvel TO denounce O totalitarian governmentS .this government wantS to control every aspect of the dystopian future "Book London" (???) is depressing ,the good (FOOD???) is disgusting except for this giant shaped government buildings (THIS SENTENCE MAKES NO SENSE).the woRst things is that THE government IS watching everythinG people do.if you don't FOLLOW the rules of society the police WILL take you and throw you in A labor camp . by gilliersev Nov 6

Who : "Totalitarian" government and George Orwell

where : in London , people are poor while the government flaunts its wealth with the luxurious pyramid.

when : George Orwell wrote the novel "1984" in the late 1950s.

What : george wants to show us the dangers of totalitarianism in England (developed countries). he imagines lots of rules and in particular the CCTV camera by aubryh.sai Nov 6

who: Georges Orwell who talk about totalitarian gouvernement
when :in 1984
what: George Orwell whrite a nouvel for denounce the totalitarian government .this government want to control every aspect of the dystopian future Book London is depressing ,the good is disgusting except for this giant shaped government buildings .the wost things is that government watching everythings people do.if you don't do the rules of society the police take you and throw you in labor camp . by balikcia.sai Nov 6

Who:Totalitarian government and George Orwell.

Where: London in England.

When: The novel “1984” written in the late 1940s.

What: This video talks about the novel “1984”. In this novel, George Orwell imagines that England will be a totalitarian government. In the novel, the government tries to control what people do and think and if they break the rules, the police take them to a horrible labor camp. by lestouxa.sai Nov 6

WHO : Georges Orwell / wiston Smith / Julia / O’brien
WHERE : The story takes place in London which is a drepressing place / there is never enough to eat and the food is disgusting / there is the giant pyramid shaped government building rise above the landscape
WHEN : in 1984 (the book was written in the late 1940’s)
WHAT : the video is about totalitarianism, At first he explains what is it (the government controls what people do and think even in private). Secondly the video deals with a book which shows how London would be if it was under totalitarian rules. In the story the government is always watching everything people do, there are hidden cameras everywhere, the government can watch you at home through your TV screen and you are not allowed to turn off your TV. And there are a lot of things that you can’t do like have friends or be in love. And if you do those things you have to go in labor camp. People can’t think by themselves because of propaganda and it’s really hard for them to have time to think there own thoughts because the government is constantly brainwashing them. The video was made for aware people of that sort of society and to push people to think by themselves and to not believe everything they hear. by ginett.sai Nov 6

Who: George Orwell and the gouvernement
Where: London, England
When: 1984 written in the late 1940’s
What: everyone is being watched by the gouvernement, there are hidden cameras everywhere even in your house. There are rules that everyone needs to follow like you can’t have any close friends and you can’t be in love but you have to watch the gouvernement programing on TV and you have to attend pep rallies. All you can think about is propaganda. This book was written to see what it would be like if England was being controlled by the gouvernement instead of being a free country by cashern.sai Nov 6

who : George Orwell and a totalitarian government

when : George Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940s

where : in London, which is in the vision of George Orwell a depressing place

what : The video describes the George Orwell’s book. In this novel, he imagines that a free country like England will be a totalitarian government like Germany or Soviet Union. In the novel, the gouvernement try to control what people think, how people spend every minute of their time, and some others totalitarian actions. by bonneviea.sai Nov 6

WHO The writer of "1984", George Orwell and a totalitarian goverment.

WHERE It's in London, which is a depressing and poor place except for the goverment.

WHEN The novel was write on 1940's about the year 1984.

WHAT It's a video about the novel "1984" of George Orwell that talk about a totalitarian goverment who tries to control everythings: Media, opinions, minds, actions ... The goverment watch everytime everythings and use the sentence " Big Brother is watching you ". If the people break the law they will be arrested and send to a horrible labor camp. by audrana.sai Nov 6

Who : a totalitarian government and about of George Orwell
Where: In London, a depressing and poor place whereas, a considerable pyramid controled by the government.
When : In 1984 the late 1940’s
What: this video talks about, totalitarism, government, this video denounce what life will be like if the country were under totalitarism rule. The government watching every things and people suppose to do. George Orwell, imagine a lot of situations like people can’t have a friends and they always being watched by “the big brother”. by assasl.sai Nov 6

Be careful: some mistakes make the text difficult to understand (correction in capital letters)
WHAT: The video is about O A totalitarian government which controlS the population so IT is about O totalitarianism.In the book of George Orwell, he describeS London as a totalitarian society .As a maTter of fact,he says that THERE IS A LACK OF food, clothes and theRE ARE rockets which fall everywhere.
He wants to show people WHAT HAPPENS when a government keeps control of everything and who threatens liberty.
It means making propaganda by controlling TV programs,what people think, WHAT they believe IN, and monitoring private, public life with hidden cameraS. by gilliersev Nov 6

very good but "its" VS "it's" + it denounceS by gilliersev Nov 6