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Mantell UFO incident Locations of Fort Knox and Franklin, Kentucky The Mantell UFO incident was among the most publicized early UFO reports. The incident resulted in the crash and death of 25-year-old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, on 7 January 1948, while in pursuit of a UFO. Three giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012? UFO encounters became especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century, when it became impossible to disregard incidents of UFO sightings anymore. Special services started establishing special departments for air defense troops, secret laboratories were organized to study the phenomenon. It is not ruled out, that secret services have already had chances to study fragments of alien spaceships or even aliens themselves. It is about time science should say its word regarding the problem, and it did.

PROJECT CAMELOT: AN INTERVIEW WITH CARMEN BOULTER I traveled with Dr. Carmen Boulter on her group tour of Egypt for the special meditation inside the Great Pyramid and at the foot of the Sphinx on 10-10-2010. This interview was done in view of the pyramids where at the end of the tour we had a chance to sit down and talk about Amarna, Nefertiti and Akhenaten and what really happened in those days.

Universal Races by Jelaila Starr from NibiruanCouncil Website Spanish version Real Alien Videos, Movies, Pictures, and Sightings Area 51 Alien Autopsy Runtime: 16 min 41 sec -No Sound- Embed Video The autopsy video from the famous crash site at Area 51 located in southern Nevada in Lincon County. In this black and white video from July, 1947 you get to see a real alien being examined by a group of U.S. scientists. The story of Area 51 has never been confirmed, but the evidence of the UFO crash landing is nothing less than outstanding. Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting On June 26, 1947, the Chicago Sun coverage of the story may have been the first use ever of the term "flying saucer". The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24, 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted a string of nine, shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier at then unheard of supersonic speeds that Arnold clocked at a minimum of 1,200 miles an hour (1,932 km/hr). This was the first post-War sighting in the United States that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings, including numerous reported sightings over the next two to three weeks. Arnold's description of the objects also led to the press quickly coining the terms flying saucer and flying disc as popular descriptive terms for UFOs. Sighting[edit]

Japanese Navy Releases First Photo Of Downed UFO Off The Coast Of Okinawa Photo of crashed UFO released by Japanese Navy OKINAWA, JAPAN- Japanese Navy officials have released the first ever photo of the UFO that crashed off the coast of Okinawa yesterday. The photo appears grainy and somewhat unclear since the vessel is submerged underwater but clearly shows a power source still glowing brightly atop the aircraft’s dome. Radio bursts from space reveal strange mathematical pattern E.T. file photo from pre-opening preview of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan March 30, 2001. (U.S. REUTERS/Eriko Sugita) File photo - an undated Hubble image shows NGC 1566, a galaxy located about 40 million light-years away in the constellation of Dorado (The Dolphinfish).

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Alright let's stop fucking around people ... The proof is more than here. We need to get past our current state, and that means admitting we are holding ourselves back. Let's demand access to all the information humans have aquired and understood. We need to move beyond fossil fuels and nuclear energy. It's technology that's well known. Let's make this happen!! by hapkido690 Jun 7

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