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Ou acheter ce composant électronique : fournisseurs

Ou acheter ce composant électronique : fournisseurs

KARDW - Solarbotics Ardweeny « Products « Solarbotics We love Arduino. Those Italians know how to design an microcontroller platform and share it with the world. And Mr. Kimio Kosaka's " One-Chip-Arduino " project inspired us to develop the ; the smallest Arduino you can solder yourself with through-hole components! And folks this is a kit so some assembly is required and batteries are not included :). We've designed a backpack printed-circuit board the fits on top of an Atmel ATmega328P straddling it. Fit this little guy pretty much anywhere, just add 2.7V-5.5V for power and you are on your way. Fully Arduino-compatible! Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included) Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself! Features Pin-13 LED and reset button - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB! Ideal for breadboard applications Accessory Backpacks available! Requires external USB-to-TTL FTDI-type cable or adapter, like the Solarbotics TTLyFTDI or we also have the SparkFun Simple FTDI Adapter (parts 50512 or 50510) available as well.

SuperDroid Robots - Robotics, Robot Kits, Parts & More! At SuperDroid Robots we provide a wide range of robot kits. Our specialty is building custom robots and robot related projects. We also provide you with all the parts and accessories you need to build your own robot. Robot Design, Kits, and Related Items... Custom Robots We provide many custom robots to a wide variety of customers. Programmable Robots With our programmable robots, you can write code to have your robot perform a wide array of tasks including autonomous features. Complete Robot Packages These robot packages include everything you need for the task at hand whether its remote presence or surveillance. Pre-assembled Custom Robots These robot kits are assembled custom robots that are ready to go. Treaded Robot Kits These robot kits have tracks or treads instead of wheels. All Terrain Robot Kits These 4WD and 6WD robots are used as great low cost platforms for your robot projects. Tamiya Educational Series Robots Another new line of robots and parts. Vectoring Robot Kits Electronics

FLORIS.CC World Maker Faire Heading for World Maker Faire! We don't ship orders placed after 27 September until 3 October! Welcome, Log in Cart: product products (empty) Your Account Categories Arduino Books Fun Netduino Parts Raspberry Pi Seeedstudio Kits Services Shields Starter kits Teensy Tools Wearables - LilyPad Search +1 this website Information Delivery Terms and conditions of use About us Links Blog Oomlout Design House Adafruit Sparkfun Electronics Arduino Home We don't ship orders placed after 27 September until 3 October! Want your order to ship direct? Arduino is an awesome tool for physical computing -- it's an open source microcontroller board including a free software development environment. follow me --> Cart products product (empty) No products Shipping 0,00 € Total 0,00 € Cart Check out New products RFbee V1.1 - Wireless arduino compatible node The RFBee is a RF module providing easy and... Bluetooth Bee Bluetooth Bee is an easy to use... Grove - 433MHz Simple RF link kit This kit is used for one way...

Realisations Electronique > Réalisations Dernière mise à jour : 07/04/2019 Dernière page ajoutée ou mise à jour : Régulation simple pour moteur 001 Feuille de route - Avertissements - Droit à l'erreur ? Mélangeurs audio Préamplificateurs audio (ligne, guitare, micro, cellule MD, ...) Préampli ligne 001 - Entrée symétrique, sortie symétrique, gain de quelques dB.Préampli ligne 002 - Stéréo, entrée asymétrique, sortie asymétrique, gain de quelques dB.Préampli guitare 001 - Simple, basé sur un AOP, et sans correction de tonalité (pour débutants)Préampli guitare 002 - Un peu plus évolué, possédant deux sorties symétriques indépendantes (pour débutants avertis). Amplificateurs audio Transport / Commutation / Interphonie / Réglages audio Distributeur audio 001 - Distributeur audio stéréo 1 entrée, 3 sorties, asymétrique. Correcteurs, compresseurs, filtres, limiteurs audio Correcteurs de tonalité Filtres Compresseurs et limiteurs Effets audio, Bypass, câbles Mesure / traitement température Sondes / Mesures BF et HF