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Autism Apps

This study examined the impact of computers on the vocabulary acquisition of young children with autism. Children's attention, motivation, and learning of words was compared in a behavioral program and an educational software program. The educational software program was designed to parallel the behavioral program, but it added perceptually salient qualities such as interesting sounds and object movement. Children with autism were more attentive, more motivated, and learned more vocabulary in the computer than in the behavioral program.

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A Revolutionary Education App Worth Talking About I work in a department that makes accommodations for students. That doesn’t mean hotel reservations or making their bed. It means helping students succeed in the classroom despite any mental or physical problem they may have. It is truly remarkable the amount of hard work that goes into making sure these students are treated equally and given the same chances as everyone else. iPads in the Special Education Classroom A number of built-in accessibility features, tools, and add-ons are helping to prompt Apple's iPad into the classroom. Now, the push to get textbooks accessed through this device to get rid of all those heavy books, ah, it is happening!! With a text reader and highlighter, this will really be something worth talking about. Students learn in different ways.

Best free sites for learning how to write code Not so long ago, typing was for secretaries, journalists, and would-be authors. Now we're all tapping away at keyboards and screens from morning until night. The number of people who spend their workday coding continues to soar. In the not-too-distant future, writing code may be as commonplace as typing and other forms of text-keying are today. Learning how to code has never been easier. Whether you're a programming newbie or an old hand looking to learn a new skill or two, these four free services have you covered. OJ's Blogge, EDIT 24/04/14: Whoah, this is still getting... EDIT 24/04/14: Whoah, this is still getting reblogged a year on :) few people have asked me if they can use the images in things. Yep, everyone has permission to repost and reuse this wherever. Just provide a link back to the post (URL shortener links are fine) This post is some personal observations I have made about people’s perceptions of The Autism Spectrum. When I refer to “people”, I don’t mean “all people”, I just mean the people I’ve encountered personally, whether in real life or talking to online. When people first learn about autism, it’s because their new friend [be it a real person or a fictional character] has been described as “having autism”.

10 Photo Apps That Enhance Instagram Amanda MacArthur is an author, professional blogger, and speaker specializing in business marketing, technology, small business management and restaurant development. She is a founding partner at BuzzFarmers, an audience development company in Providence, RI. You can find her on Twitter at @amaaanda and read her blog on Using the iPad in Special Education At the Manhattan Children’s Center on the Upper West Side, Christopher, 9, sits at a desk in front of his teacher and an iPad. Diagnosed with autism, Christopher has difficulty communicating. He makes high-pitched sounds, almost like crying, to get his feelings across to his teacher. But today, with the iPad and an application for special education called Proloquo2Go, Christopher may finally have a voice.

Math Benchmark Tracking **Stopping by from Pinterest? This is my most popular pin. I would like to invite you to look around at my other posts and at the blogs I follow. You can also check out my followers. How to Use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) by Jacky G. Image source: What Is It? The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a system to assist people in communication who are unable to do so through speech. The system uses picture cards for communication. It is one method that a child with a severe speech disorder can use to indicate his basic needs and wants.

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