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Mindjet iPhone We’re excited to announce the official iPhone™ and iPod™ touch app from Mindjet! Mindjet for iPhone (& iPod touch) works with MindManager for PC, Mac, and Web providing access to your maps everywhere you go. It’s fast and easy to use! Check out the highlights… Expand and collapse topicsCut, copy, past, move and merge topicsAdd icons and change topic colorsFormat topic shapesAttach topic notesAlign and arrange topicsZoom and scroll in both landscape and portrait modesUse as a stand-alone app or upload & download maps from MindManager Mac, Windows, or Web.Email maps as attachmentsBuild maps in any iPhone supported language Buy Mindjet for iPhone in the iTunes Store

Projects for iPhone You can easily share a Project with colleagues. You can send a project as an email attachment using the native Projects format PJ1. This can be opened from the Email App and imported into Projects. (Note: Importing PJ1 from an email attachment requires iOS 4.0 or higher) Several other file formats are supported for export when you need to send data to computers or other applications. Awesome Chart on " Pedagogy Vs Andragogy " Adult learning is a vast area of educational research and probably one of the most complicated. Adults learn differently and have different strategies in learning. Adults Learning Theory and Principles explain in details these strategies and sheds more light on how adults cultivate knowledge. Talking about adult learning brings us to the concept of Andragogy. According to the article Malcolm Knowles an American practitioner and theorist of adult education, defined andragogy as “the art and science of helping adults learn”.

Fetchnotes Launches A Simple, Cloud-Based Note-Taking Service (That Twitter Users Will Love) Fetchnotes is a promising, lightweight note-taking app for list makers and idea-havers which looks deceptively simple. But that simplicity is actually one of Fetchnotes’ key selling points. It’s meant to be fast and easy to use. And although there are a ton of apps for taking notes, from robust offerings like Evernote to more limited mobile apps like the Notes app that ships on the iPhone, Fetchnotes has an interesting idea about how note-taking apps should work - that is, they should work more like our own minds do. Thoughts come to us unbidden and we jot them down. That’s it.

Simtech SimTech Systems, makers of MindMapper software (, is readying for the influx of mobile devices into the mainstream market. SimTech is preparing to enter the Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod markets in the near future. These screenshots show an alpha version of the MindMapper viewer running on an Android platform. This image shows a list of mind maps stored in your local device. This image shows a sample mind map shown in the viewer. This image shows a list of mind maps stored on our online server. Top iPhone Productivity Apps – October 2009 « User Interface Exp If you’re like me then you lead a very, very busy life. I wouldn’t be able to keep track of it all as easily as I do without my iPhone. Here are some of my favourite productivity apps that keep my life in order. The Basics If you are recording more than one video, decide on a standard set of options for your organization. For example, will your videos highlight the cursor? Should your videos all be the same size ? Will you record with a caption or system stamp? Write! People really like the original Write app. It’s powerful, it’s simple, and it’s only 99 cents. But for more advanced writing experience, we introduce you to Write 2 and Write 2 Lite, the ultimate on-the-go writing, note-taking, and markdown editing app for iPhone,iPod Touch, and iPad with Auto Sync to Dropbox.

JotNot Turns Your iPhone's Camera Into A Document Scanner We’ve all tried to use our camera phones to capture whiteboard notes, doodles, and other documents, but oftentimes poor image quality and odd perspectives can make them illegible. JotNot (iTunes Link) is a nifty new application that just went live on Apple’s App Store that allows users to take photographs of documents using their phones and runs them through an advanced filter that makes them much easier to read. The application is available on the App Store for $3.99, and the first ten TechCrunch readers to send a request to will be given access codes to download the app for free. Using the application is simple: first, you take a photograph of the whiteboard, receipt, or document that you’d like to store as a photo (you can also import photos that you’ve previously taken). The application presents a blue box with four corner markers, which you drag to the corresponding corners of the document in question.

OCRTOOL International:[Japanese page] [ Version 2.3 feature ] - For iOS 4, The recognition process can be in back ground. When the recognition finished, it inform App badge icon. Minimizing OmniFocus for iPhone's startup & sync time The single biggest thing that folks can do to speed up their syncs is make sure that all of their devices are syncing regularly - like once a week or so. On one of your Macs, open up OmniFocus's sync preferences and press the "Show Clients" button. OmniFocus has kept all the individual changes you've made to your database since the oldest date you see in the "Latest Sync" column.