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Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up!

Fantastic Foldable Freebies Link Up!
How can you transform almost any assignment into an adventure? Use foldables! Foldables are so much fun to make, and when students create their own, they seem to take more pride in their work. Note-taking Foldables Foldables are terrific for note-taking assignments based on informational text. Below you'll find directions for making this rain forsest foldable. How to Make a Rain Forest Foldable: Give each student a large sheet of white construction paper - 12" x 18" was used in the examples above. Not only are foldables a terrific way to actively engage students, they're also great because kids can store them and refer to them later when studying for a test or completing an assignment. (Linkup closed)

montessorimaterial - Movement With Lines This is a great project that uses only a couple of supplies (and a bit of patience) to create a piece that transforms from "ho-hum" into "WOW!" This is a great way to illustrate how various lines can show movement. Horizontal lines are sleepy and calm. Vertical lines are strong and stand still, but diagonal lines seem to slide and move, bringing our eye from one side of the page to the other and then "whoosh!" Movement With Lines Supplies Needed: One sheet of white construction paper, 9"x12"One sheet of black construction paper, 12"x18"RulerPencil and eraserMarkers, assorted colorsGlue sticks Directions: 1. 2. 3. Now, this is where it gets a little bit tricky. 4. 5. 7. 8. It is OK if the ends of the strips continue off the edge of the page. This project is good for the older child since they may be more tolerant of cuting up their artwork and transforming it into something else. Enjoy!

Name kaleidoscope art - Grade 4/5/6 Here's a great lesson that I saw over on teach kids art. It's quite simple, very relaxing, and would be great to leave with a supply teacher (I left explicit directions below, which could be printed up and handed to a supply!) I love how my kids did with this one! It took probably 2 hour long periods. Here's the step by step. Each kid will need one of these folded papers for themselves as well (do the same thing as the first two steps) Using the triangles from earlier, they will make their tracers: Then,decide what letter will be in the middle, and trace the name (use pencil first) flipping the triangle over as you go to make sure the same letter is in the center. Then, color it all in!