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Dream big

Dream big
Art & Design For his artwork Dream Big Peter Fecteau used 4.242 Rubik's Cubes to make a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. Related:  interesting / boredom cures

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin First: watch the video. Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. The fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer, the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature, similar to the function of a 3D printer. I really enjoy the rich depth of the pieces and the optical illusion aspect, it’s such an odd process that results in something that’s both a painting and sculptural. Wonderful. Planet Streetpainting's 3D Lego army - the making Posted on November 9, 2011 in Bizarre If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post (1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5) Loading ... So... Check this out on our Partner Network

Top 10 Ways to Save Money in a Recession @lordgarion51470: I'm on a great T-Mobile plan that's not really advertised. Note: Chicago market, so YMMV Check your local T-Mobile office to see if this plan is offered in your area. My plan is 3000 anytime minutes plus the unlimited text option for $65/mo all in. Now, it's only a local plan, and my "home area" is the greater Chicago area, but for me (and maybe for others) it's the perfect plan. Pros: -3000 anytime minutes -Unlimited text -Unlimited email via MMS (my phone has another email option though I've never set it up.) -IM on my phone (though I've never used it-I use Jott/Dial2Do) -Free wireless internet (not a data plan) anywhere there is an open connection (with my Windows Mobile Phone) Cons (for some): -No long distance (I have an all distance package on my home phone so I don't need it. -Roaming out of your local home area (However, I have used the phone all over the world for work and the charges have never been outrageous.

Absolut Repurposing: 17 Uses for Vodka Wise Bread Picks In college, I studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia. Household Cleaning Did your in-laws just call giving you a 10-minute warning that they're on their way over — and you're all out of cleaning supplies? 1. Porcelain, glass, chrome, stainless steel, and most metals can be polished with the help of vodka. 2. Whether it's on your bathtub, shower, sink, or faucet, soap scum can be easily removed with vodka. 3. You know the pink mildew that builds up on your bathroom caulk? 4. Vodka works wonders in removing everything from toothpaste to hairspray from your mirrors and things like kids' fingerprints and dog-nose prints from your windows. 5. When the price tag glue on your newest purchase stubbornly refuses to budge, dab a bit of vodka on it and let sit for a few minutes before rubbing off with a wet washcloth. Plants and Pets Vodka is useful for cleaning and killing problems caused by plants and pets. 6. Dandelions can be killed with the help of vodka. 7. 8. Laundry 9. 10.

Playful three are best friends | Animalfwd By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Rare sighting: An endangered De Brazza's monkey plays with one of the two Jack Russell Terriers at Barnley's Guesthouse in Kitale, Kenya It was a moment of horror for wildlife photographers Vicki and Adam Scott Kennedy as they witnessed a rare De Brazza's monkey being 'attacked' by two Jack Russell terriers in Kenya. But that horror soon turned to joy as they realised that, in fact, the animals were only playing and the couple were witnessing a unique spectacle. For no sooner had the two dogs released the monkey from their grip, than the monkey turned the tables and chased them around the gardens of Barnley's Guesthouse near Kitale in northwest Kenya. Surprise: The Kennedys had heard that a lone De Brazza's Monkey, an endangered species in Kenya, had been seen occasionally in and around the gardens of the guesthouse A tennis ball seemed to be the hub of the commotion and the monkey was seen stealing it from the dogs and running away with it. source: dailymail

Watch TV Shows and Series Online for Free! Who Lived in Your House in 1940? Here’s a splendid diversion if you’re a data nerd, a history buff, or even just like good detective work: Tell the story of the family that lived in your house in 1940. A bit more background. If you are in the United States, you probably remember participating in the Decennial Census in 2010. These forms are kept confidential for 72 years—roughly an average American’s life span. My friend Sue Dynarski alerted me to all this, and issued the 1940 Census Challenge. It took me a while, but I found my house. The three families provide an interesting snapshot of Depression-era Philadelphia. First, the Chisom’s, who had moved to Philadelphia from Blackville, South Carolina. Second, were Paul and Lillian Evans (age 33 and 32), who were also from Blackville. Third, Samuel and Lullu Rose (aged 39 and 37) were somewhat more educated, as they had completed the seventh and fourth grades, respectively. Take a look through the archives for yourself.

4 strategies for getting manufacturer coupons Manufacturer coupons are amazing because everyone from chain stores to local grocers accept them. You can often combine them with coupons individual stores have published in their fliers or Web site. Here are four sources, including one secret source, for manufacturer coupons. 1. 2. The awesome thing about buying coupons is that you can purchase multiples of coupons, instead of just getting one from the newspaper (or two if you subscribe to multiple papers). The drawbacks of buying coupons online are that you have to watch expiration dates carefully because it takes about a week for your coupons to arrive. 3. Here is a huge list of manufacturer Web sites and phone numbers, courtesy of a blog called GroceryCouponGuide. 4.