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PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative Beautiful web-based timeline software Téléchargeur YouTube : une seule extension pour télécharger gratuitement des vidéos Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion Un bouton apparaîtra sur la page de la vidéo que vous regardez pour vous permettre de l'enregistrer dans la qualité souhaitée. Essayez-le, vous découvrirez qu'il s'agit du téléchargeur YouTube le plus pratique vous n'ayez jamais essayé ! Vous pouvez télécharger directement les vidéos des lecteurs YouTube intégrés. Passez simplement votre curseur sur le lecteur et un bouton "Télécharger" apparaîtra. Un bouton apparaîtra sur la page de la vidéo que vous regardez pour vous permettre de l'enregistrer dans la qualité souhaitée. Essayez-le, vous découvrirez qu'il s'agit du téléchargeur YouTube le plus pratique vous n'ayez jamais essayé ! Vous pouvez télécharger directement les vidéos des lecteurs YouTube intégrés.

Helppo työkalu piirrosanimaatioiden tekoon – PicsArt Animator Gif & Video Tämä kirjoitus on avaus kirjoituksille animaatiosovelluksista. Aion tutkia ja kokeilla mitkä sovellukset ovat helpoimmat käytössä. Tarkoituksena olisi löytää ulkoasultaan ja käytettävyydeltään lapsiystävällisimmät sovellukset. Perehdyn hieman yksinkertaisen piirrosanimaation tekoon tabletin avulla. Kyseessä on PicsArt Animator -sovellus ja se sopii erinomaisesti myös pienille lapsille (on testattu omalla 3-vuotiaalla lapsukaisella). Näkymä App Store -kaupasta. Näkymä Play Google -kaupasta. Animaation historiasta ja animaation lajeista löytyy paljon tietoa. Mielestäni haastavinta animaation tekemisessä on ymmärtää liikkeen ja ajan suhdetta. Ensimmäisessä animaatiossa jokaisesta ruudusta on otettu kopio ja sen nopeus on 23 kuvaa sekunnissa. Toisessa esimerkissä ruutuja ei ole kopioitu ja nopeus on sama. Kolmannessa esimerkissä käytin edellistä animaatiota, mutta hidastin liikerataa 12 ruutuun sekunnissa. Vinkit animaation tekoon: Ohessa on esimerkki. 1Save Moovly & Explee : créez des vidéos qui donnent de l’impact à vos idées ! | Edutopies Ce qui est super avec ces logiciels, c’est surtout la main qui dessine et qui écrit. Plus besoin de dessiner sur un tableau velleda et de se filmer ! Cependant, s’il y a quand même pas mal de dessins disponibles dans la banque d’images, le mieux selon moi c’est d’insérer nos propres dessins pour avoir plus de liberté ! Dans Moovly, les dessins (de notre création) que l’on importe ne peuvent pas avoir l’animation « drawing », c’est-à-dire que l’on ne peut pas les faire dessiner par la main. C’est un avantage pour Explee mais Moovly rattrape ce défaut en proposant une possibilité d’animation beaucoup plus flexible : en effet, dans Moovly on peut presque tout faire faire à un visuel, y compris lui attribuer plusieurs animations (le faire amener par la main sur le canevas, le faire dessiner, zoomer, déplacer etc.).

TWT: Productivity Tools In addition to word processors, spreadsheets, and databases, technology tools for schools may include graphing software, desktop publishing systems, Internet browsers, and video production (recording, digitizing, and editing) equipment. Productivity tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, and databases can provide students with support for performing the academic tasks of writing, editing, analyzing, and locating information. By using computers, productivity can be increased. Word processing and database management applications help students organize their thoughts and information. Productivity tools allow students to present their findings in a number of different ways and support their creation of meaningful artifacts. Presentation Tools If students need to explain a concept, they can create a multimedia presentation using the Internet or a CD-ROMs. Curriculum Specific Software Electronic Appearances E-mail International keypal projects enable students to connect globally.

Online Form Creation and Reporting Features Wufoo provides the tools for anyone to easily build and design online forms with our intuitive drag ‘n drop interface. Create beautiful, elegant, customizable forms on the web with our theme designer, add your own logo and colors, or choose from our professionally-designed color palette. Our rule builder allows you to create dynamic forms that follow advanced logic you've specified to perform certain actions like showing and hiding fields, skipping certain pages, or emailing specific individuals based on form field selections. Hosting online forms is easy—our code manager provides a number of copy-and-paste code snippets to help you embed your form into your website, blog post, email newsletter, and Facebook page. In addition to dynamic, customizable form performance reports, our form analytics get you crucial metrics like submissions, bounce rate, time spent on submissions, and more.

Must Have Audio and Video Freeware Utilities for College Students If you're a college student, you want the best software and apps you can get your hands on without spending a ton of your hard-earned cash. Fortunately, there are dozens of freeware utilities that offer exceptional functionality for all your needs and tutorials to help you improve your scores, studying habits and research skills. Tutorials Whether you're just prepping to go to college and looking for some tips on transitioning to college life or you're a few years into your higher education and seeking some tutorials to help you improve your grades in specific subject areas, the Internet is packed with hundreds—if not thousands—of free tutorials to suit practically every need. Media College Video Editing Tutorials Want to create and edit your own videos? Google Developers University Consortium Get access to dozens of resources via the Google Developers University Consortium, a project initiated by Google to help developers master Google's many APIs, widgets and applications. Key Features:

4 Online Infographics Generators Let’s face it, the infographics industry is exploding and now we’re seeing some new tools to help us easily create or generate simple infographics. Currently, infographics agencies charge between $2k and $5k to research, design and promote a fantastic infographic. The following tools, which was compiled by Douglas Karr, will make development of your infographics a lot less costly, easier to design and publish, and some include reporting modules to see how well the infographics are distributed and promoted. – create and share visual ideas online. Venngage – Venngage helps you create and publish custom infographics, engage your viewers, and track your results. Infogram – We work with marvelous designers to bring you the best components and themes for your infographics. Piktochart – Piktochart is among the first online web applications to autonomize the creation of infographics. Do you know of any other online infographics creators or generators which are not included in the list?

200+ Infographic Resumes, an escalating trend Pinterest Board of Infographic Resumes Back in January of 2010, I posted 16 Infographic Resumes, A Visual Trend that highlighted the start of the trend of infographics and data visualization moving into resumes. Why 16? Because that’s how many good examples I could find at the time on the Internet to showcase the concept. Two and a half years later, that post continues to be one of the most viewed blog posts on Cool Infographics with an average of 3,500 views every month. A 2.5 year-old blog post! Since then, the idea of infographic visual resumes has exploded. The Cinderella Story example is the Chris Spurlock resume shown below. I haven’t made any distintion between good and bad designs on the Pinterest board, because all of the designs can give you good ideas about types of data visualizations you can include in your own design. It’s definitely worth mentioning that there are a whole bunch of new online sites launching to capitalize on this growing trend.