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Zibb. The Global business search engine.

Zibb. The Global business search engine.
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Global - Find search engines from across the world with Search Engine Colossus Internet Search Engines Search Engines Directory Internet search engines are categorized by topic in our searchable directory of general and specialty search engines. Also listed are resources and tools for exploring the deep web, performing advanced research, and for learning about using search engine tools and technology. Find topical search engines by category. Add Site Search Engine Tools & Technology Search Engine Software There are three types of search engine software covered on this page. Deep Web Links | .onion hidden service urls list The Labyrinth KnowEm Username Search: Social Media, Domains and Trademarks Craig McKie Yacy - The Peer To Peer Search Engine

Pause Google: 8 Alternative Search Engines To Find What Google Can't On the information superhighway, we are at the helm of piloting a browser through the lanes and alleys of the web. To be a good driver, you need to be a master at the wheel. Would it be an apt metaphor to describe Google Search as that wheel which steers us from one lode of information to the next? With the power of advanced search operators at our command, we can navigate the strands of the web with a bit of Boolean logic. Yes, if you really want to go into those little hidden lanes of the web you need to keep a roster of alternative search engines close by. Attrakt Curate your favorite links and search through them. Attrakt works on two levels – it helps you search the web and collect your favorite links in one centralized location. CompletePlanet A search engine for the Deep Web. We have talked about the Invisible Web before. Quixey Describe your need and get the app you want. Quixey is one of those search tools you need desperately by your side. Shodan FindZebra Find The Best Ohmygodlol

15 Top Search Engines For Research After hours spent scrolling through Google and pulling up endless clickbait results, you’re frustrated with the internet. You have a paper to write, homework to do and things to learn. You know you won’t get away with citing Wikipedia or Buzzfeed in your research paper. Even the big news engines aren’t scholarly enough. You need reputable sources for your homework, and you need them now. With so many resources online, it’s hard to narrow it down and find ones that are not only reliable and useful, but also free for students. 15 scholarly search engines every student should bookmark 1. Google Scholar was created as a tool to congregate scholarly literature on the web. 2. Google Books allows web users to browse an index of thousands of books, from popular titles to old, to find pages that include your search terms. 3. Operated by the company that brings you Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Microsoft Academic is a reliable, comprehensive research tool. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Populated by the U.S. 9.

Recherche dans le Web profond - AYA Il n'y a pas que Google dans la vie… Sans aucune prétention d'exhaustivité, je vous propose quelques très efficaces liens vers des moteurs et outils de recherche alternatifs. Si Google ne trouve pas ce que vous cherchez, si les forums sont vides de réponses, pas de panique : il y a toujours des solutions de secours. Pour effectuer une recherche “alternative”, donc, ou plutôt “en profondeur”, nous allons nous tourner vers des outils qui iront piocher leurs informations dans des zones de l'Internet que Google indexe mal ou pas du tout. Ce que l'on nomme le “deep web” représente en effet toute la partie immergée de l'iceberg, la partie invisible du Web et du Net, qui représente ,tout comme son analogue, environ… 90% ! Evidemment il est impossible de savoir réellement ce que Google n'indexe pas, mais il est évident, pour des raisons techniques, que le bras armé de l'entreprise la plus puissante du monde ne fait qu'effleurer la surface des choses. Rien que ça ! Essayez, c'est étonnant. Exemples :

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